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Suggestions for exercise for a mom of 3? I'm tired of looking like i eat SAD.

So, i am pretty fit - have a lot of muscle and great core strength. When i was pregnant w/my first, i was TOTALLY *SAD* and went from 120 to 200! I have the stretch marks to prove it - on my legs. So, i have been working it and can't seem to get rid of that flubby stuff that lines my upper thighs near my underwear line - yeah, way up there... AND my belly. The flubby saggy tummy skin. I work too hard and eat too well to look like that when i'm naked. Cause - when i throw on my outfit - you'd have no clue my legs and tummy look the way they do. (which helps) but i want to get into spring and summer, get into my swimsuit and be proud! right???
So, throw it at me! Durianrider, put me in my place!!! ;D

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My suggestion: go crazy on a rebounder, and your little one will join you!
I used to do that all the time - my muscles surrounding my scapula tend to spasm out when i do that - but i'll try it... maybe the new 811 will help? :)

Rebounder, huh? i'll look at that - i know i have to wait for more space; we are moving to a bigger house in march.... hmmmm
little update: i've been doing the sun salutations, dancing w/ the kids, and running whenever i can. It just ends up being short distances....
Sometimes loose skin can't be fixed. I think as we get older our skin can loose some of its elasticity. Trying to spot reduce fat/loose skin is pretty tough. Maybe stay away from any dryish type fruit like dates that pack a real calorie punch and get as lean as you can, and make sure your muscles are all toned so they don't look fattish. On the bright side, I bet your husband thinks you look fine.
uh two words nip/tuck...lol no seriously woman take a number..I had 3 kids too adn workoed out ever single day for 22 years. Now what? Only surgery could help me now sista! I don't know what eles could possibly do the trick. I guess stay 811 and have very little overt fats...? your guess is as good as mine. Good luck and when you find out..please let us know. And DR can't really tell you b/c he did not give birth to 3 kids and we have had our badges of honor as a reminder that we have.
wow! that was really helpful! .....and encouraging! Mine isn't that bad after all! ;) now i feel inspired to have us start a 'post pregnancy belly photo' thread! ;) Who's in?? ;)
You have to post an updated picture! :) I think your tummy looks great in both pics, btw. I always feel proud when the massage therapists says, oh I see you have children, it IS a badge of honor. I thought my grandmothers looked awesome in their suits as 80 year olds, and you know they didn't get their saggy skin overnight, it's a gradual process, you have to be patient. ;) Still it is amazing to watch the skin tighten up while eating raw and I am especially interested in our bodies' ability to heal scar tissue. My son and I have scar tissue in our lungs which effects our ability to breathe, so I am hopeful from people's stories of scars on their skin healing that we can heal our lungs. Sarah, I thank you again for posting your beautiful pictures! I can't believe more people haven't posted their tummies and Via, if you do have before and after boobs, you could do it anonymously somehow, lol, only joking, but wouldn't that be cool to see, maybe someone will.
All the exercise advice people have given is great! :)

Let me mention something else, also on the natural spectrum of approaches. If you have issues with sagging skin, one of things that is the "underground rage" right now, even among people who eat SAD and take non-natural approaches to skin care, are massages that tighten the skin. I haven't had kids, but lymphatic and kneading massage and massage type tools have been getting great results for me and lots of people. The idea is that massage increases circulation to the skin and encourages the body's skin repair processes.

Here are something relatively inexpensive things you might want to look into for skin tightening:

* "No Lipo Lipo", a knuckle massage for skin tightening and cellulite reduction, available from http://www.facercise.com/store/videos.shtml

* Vacu-lifter, a tool with delivers a suction-like, cupping and massage effect to the skin, available from http://www.ncnproskincare.com

* Vital Chi Dry Skin Brushing, a dry skin brushing system based on optimizing lymph flow, available from here

* Google lymphatic massage

* Google petrissage

* Or you can just experiment by moderately vigoriously massaging the area yourself

I hope this helps! :)
WONDERFUL HELP! Thanks! That'll be fun to look up~ :)
P.S. Also, a lot of the advanced "technological" approaches to cellulite reduction involve deep tissue massage, e.g., endermologie, but you can do it for a fraction of the cost at home, just by doing moderately vigorous tissue massage :)
gymnasticbodies.com can maybe give you ideas of really great gymnastic type exercises that you can, for the most part, do around the house.



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