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Focus on the big health picture. What's your favorite food groups out of the sunfood triangle and in what order, and then list your top favorite 3 foods for that food groups. and what's your interpretation of that food group i.e. "makes me feel good, or maybe constipated, sugared out, or..."


Choices are...  Sugary Fruits (Bananas, Apples, Pears, Dates, Raisans, Grapes etc.), Fatty Fruits (Avocados, nuts, durian, olives, coconut, nut butters), and Salty Leafy Greens (Kale, collards, lettuce, brussels sprouts, parsley etc)


Mine is...


1. Salty Leafy Greens % 90

a) Kale b) Collard c) Brussels Sprouts / Spinach

...regulates my blood sugar, feels natural, feels good, no side effects.

2. Sugary Fruits % 10

a) Little as Possible b) Bananas c) Pears / Berries

...strings me out, can only tolerate if i eat leafy greens before hand.

3. Fatty Fruits % 0

a) None b) Avocado c) Coconut Meat

...makes me feel dead inside, constipated and start over sleeping.


Overall how do you feel about your diet and it's effect on your body, how much work on your diet do you have left to do, and what does your end diet look like?  i feel my diet is % 90 done, and i have but only a few small addictions to get rid of (sugary bananas and fatty avocados) and then my body will be in near perfect shape. my end diet looks like an alkaline folivore with source spring water.


What' Yours? This will be interesting

(try to use the same format, to make it easier)




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lol, i feel like i'm being attacked, but i appreciate the energy though. i was just looking for other personal dietary observations of self honesty.


yeah, 27 pounds of spinach a day, that's funny but way unrealistic. I'll clarify that; I kinda meant generally, as in my goal is to favor leafy greens 90% of the time, and favor sugary fruits % 10 of the time, and well since my fatarian (nothing but fatty fruits) experimentation, my favor for fatty fruits dropped mentally to 0%


Presently, for my morning, i drink 2 glasses of tap water with a couple raw lemon drips. Then I'll have about 2 rather large bunches of raw organic kale, then some 10-15 Brussels sprouts. Then maybe a couple hours later, I'll munch on maybe another large bunch of kale, and then I'll usually have 5-6 bananas when I ride my bike. Then at night, I'll usually have another bunch of kale, half a bunch of spinach, and then 1-2 bananas, and then another 10-15 brussels sprouts. (I haven't mentally had an avocado for a couple days now)


My ideal morning, would be to drink 2 glasses of source spring water. Then would be to have 2-4 large bunches of raw organic kale, then some 20-25 brussels sprouts. Then maybe a couple hours later another 2-4 large bunches of kale, and don't hate me, but 0 bananas and half a bunch of collards when i ride my bike. Then at night, I'd would have 2 bunches of kale, a bunch of spinach, and then another 20-25 brussels sprouts.


Does that clarify? Thanks for the energy, guys.




yes, I agree with you. I like this forum because of "low-fat" and of course "raw vegan". It's helping me transition off overt fats the raw vegan way.

I did a high greens diet for about 2 years straight. The only reason someone should do that is to lose weight in my opinion. A person is going to be in ketosis most of the time on that kind of diet if you are being honest about it. A person is able to work an average 8 hour day doing that but you're not going to have much energy to do much else.


I have a lot, LOT of experience on that. Most people I knew who were doing it were having raw cacao treats in the afternoon and evening- the ones who were running round having "fun". They were "supplementing" on an average of 600 calories a day of coconut oil and agave cacao treats that usually had some kind of nuts added.


If you are having a salad 3 times a day it is really easy to add 600 calories of oil or nut based dressing. The way I lost 100 lbs was by eating a large salad in the middle of the day with some nuts on it and that is it. Barely any fruit- and agave and cacao when I was really exhausted and needed to push through the day. But that was far less cacao than the average person doing that diet.


The only person I saw who didnt use oil or a nut based dressing on their salad was a girl who looked anorexic to me. And all she ate was a huge lettuce salad everyday with seaweed on it- and that was it.


You need to make up the difference somewhere if you want to maintain weight. People would buy manna bread, eat a jar of honey or agave a week easily, have me drive them to tucson or nogales to get a burrito, fruit, or other supplies because it just wasnt doable. Suvine can verify what I am saying because she and I went to the same place at different times and saw what was going on.


What you need to add to that to make it doable is flax bread, sprouted wheat essene bread, sprouted beans like garbanzo, mung, adzuki, sunflower, clover, etc.


People can live on that way of eating for a pretty long period of time. I have seen girls do green juice fasts for 3 months and they were a little chubby to begin with and by the end of the time were average weight- didnt look anorexic at all. So it is really amazing how long a person can go without food and on green juice only for months and months. This is why people dont realize how unsustainable the low glycemic diet it. Not to mention the kind of all over your face acne that a lot of people get from all of the oils.



i agree you cannot be addicted to bananas and can you really eat 90% greens...

That's funny, mentioning david wolfe. i watched this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me8W5nOzUDg, he says he lives on nut butters. So I tried a cashew nut butter fast, and what was funny, was that, I quickly started to embody, david wolfe's personality, which was, not my ideal personality. You know how david wolfe gets, he can lash out sometimes, and is yes, overweight. 




For someone to live on nut butters theyd have to eat 2 12 oz jars of almond butter a day to get 2000 calories. That is a whole hell of a lot!


Its more likely that david is averaging 4 tbs of coconut oil in each one of his cacao treats and nibs have a lot of oil, and he uses brown sugar to sweeten his treats and uses agave or honey in his smoothies. THere is a massive amount of fat combined with refined sugars.


Durian rider says people binge on nut butters if they are low carb. If you eat a jar of nut butter that is the same carbs as appx 2 bananas. It seems to me eating that much fat on a continuous basis is going to stress someones pancreas and gallbladder to the point of an attack.


I have seen people eat a good amount of kale but eating it straight the way you are talking almost never happens. People can do massaged kale salads and eat 2 heads- but usually they will have green juice or a light raw soup for dinner. Its hard to keep that amount of green eating up unless you have some help like blending it down into smoothies, or juicing it. It takes a lot of stomach energy and most people get nauseas after a few days of doing that hard core and have to back off.


I've tried eating nothing but nuts for one or two days at a time, a nut 'fast' if you will or just simply a crazy trip to nutty island @/@

And they're pure hell ... to expel!! - cashews are the worst!! B(


DIZZY posts - doing 811 with style!!!

"He says he lives on nut butters" Oh yeah? That was last week, this week it's gotta be something else!! 

"You know how david wolfe gets"   Exactly, you just never can tell from ONE MINUTE TO THE NEXT with him, depends on what he's pushing I suppose =(

DIZZY posts - because the answers aren't always black and white

Is this a joke? LOL

Yes, your correct, when i fasted on cashew nut butters, david wolfe's main food; I was irritable, confused, constipated, and unhappy. 

Yes, cashews in there raw state are very toxic; my body won't tolerate nuts anymore. And yes, I'm having trouble staying awake. Yes, my goal is to be polyphasic (napping 30 minutes every 6 hours).



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