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Hey, guys! Got a question for my cooked dinner:

Is it ok (good for me?) to use Sugar (organic coconut sugar or cane sugar) in my dinner instead of salt to add flavor to my dinner? 

For example in homemade tomato sauce or other sauces to top my rice/pasta/potato ... ?

Or even on my sweet potato with some fresh lemon juice?

Just not sure if this is ok on cooked food.



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In a typical day I eat as much fruit as I care for until 18-19h (I'm usually at work 9-18h),
this includes bananas and some dates in the morning in a smoothie, during the day I snack on all types of fruits and ofcours some more bananas.

For my dinner I love to eat sweet potato, I think it tastes good even without any added flavor,
but when I eat rice or pasta I just need something to add.

I like to mix chickpeas, corn and tomatos to make a sauce from it but I try to eat 
low fat low salt high carbs and I'm afraid chickpeas have alot of salt and corn is ''fat''?
Well I'm not afraid to eat it ofcours but I wouldn't eat it everyday.

Any advice?


On the whole, sounds like you doing great, don't you agree?

What advice do you need?

"I'm afraid chickpeas have alot of salt and corn is ''fat''"

Why do you say chickpeas have a lot of slat? And baring in mind, you eat only relative small proportion, even if they did, not the end of the world. The rest of your diet very low in salt. What is your issue with focussing/worrying so much about salt?

tinned chickpeas http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/legumes-and-legume-products/4327/2

better option, prepare your own chcikpeas http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/legumes-and-legume-products/4327/2 (if you don't add salt, NO salt). Fantastic food IMO. I personally would add a touch of Himalayan salt.

Corn - again, fat? What do you mean? Not sure where you get your info from. Corn http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-produc... is in the region of 80,10,10, like chickpeas, a great food. for me, corn can be eaten raw in salads, eaten directly as a mono meal, added to soups, stews, great food.

Chickpeas, corn, tomatos is for me a great combo. I also add butter beans, and lentils and green peas, lovely.

Are you feeling good on this diet?

How about green leaves, salad? Celery? A salad portion daily, is great. One whole head of dark green leaf, plus celery, cucumber, raw carrot, tomato etc.

I'm feeling really good yes! But I've noticed that I need to keep my sugar intake (fruits) almost ''constant'' because otherwise I lose the energetic feeling and get somewhat sleepy during work. This is probably normal?

I'm not going to worry about a bit of salt in my dinner no more :) I use a bit of seasalt, or do you think Himalayan is way better?

About the green salad, I need to work on this, I used to eat it alot with olive oil and liked to, but since this isn't recommended by the rt4 page I'm avoiding olive oil, think I'm just going to snack on one of those raw vegetables every night before dinner or something. And tomatos I already eat every day

1st sentence - most people get sleepy at work, no matter their diet. So if you can avoid this, that is really testament to your diet. Work, even when it's cool, for most people gets tiresome, and mentally challenging, so diet alone may not prevent 'boredom/sleepiness'.

2nd - Himalayan is sea salt. The ocean/sea has just moved away from the area hundreds of millions of years ago, from when it was deposited. This is one of the reasons it so revered. It is very ancient sea salt, preserved, unlike modern sea salt which some say contains modern pollutants. The colour of pink Himalayan is beautiful too, another reason to buy it, and it's compound mixture some say is perfectly aligned to us as humans. Not sure about the last statement, but the first two reasons are why I but it rather than modern sea salt.

3rd - this is the most important thing for me. A good bowl of dark green leaves in my mind is essential, not optional. Celery will add naturally produced sodium too, perhaps reducing your wants to add refined salt. Just a thought. If I could suggest as a minimum you have one entire head of dark green lettuce and one celery stalk per night, that would be a great foundation, and tick quite a few mineral requirements.

Happy munching. :)

Thanks Edd , you're very helpful! :)

I don't think sugar is significantly better or worse than salt.  Add some salt or sugar to make a sauce taste good but just try to keep both within reason. McDougall says they're ok to season on healthy foods but shouldn't be excessive. Just my opinion though. The more active you are the more you can get away with sugar but if you're sedentary (which in itself isn't healthy) you don't need to add a cup of sugar to a bowl of rice and veggies; however a few teaspoons to make some teriyaki sauce can do wonders

Hahahahah why not? :D

As long as you feel good, high carb low fat low sodium, then poof you're on your way to vegan heaven~



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