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I have been raw till 4 high carb  80/10/10 for about 6-7 months....i do occasionally check my sugar and i am beginning to notice that may fasting and after eating is getting a bit high.....i really dont wanna give up on this way but not sure what to do ...any thoughts??....

do u all check your sugar occasionally or just assume its fine?

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What are your levels and what were they in years previous?

What blood sugar testing protocol are you following?

Do you know not to touch the ends of the strips and test over a similar time frame day to day?

Do some daily diet and lifestyle vlogs. Nothing like seeing someone in action to help decide what can be improved. :)

well my fasting is 100-110 now for the past week ...im 5'8 150 in good shape weight train during week and cycle a couple times a week and on weekends    ....when i first started this my fasting was the same as this then with the raw till four 811 it was religiously in the low 80's thou spiking to 160 1-2 hrs after a meal......  Some places claim spiking to 160 is ok others say over 140 is no good. I wasnt concerned because it dropped back to the 80's in under 3hrs.....im afraid to look at what its spiking to now :)  I'm afraid of eating the way i normally do  ;/  (which is date/banana smoothies etc)  i'm sticking to the 80/10/10 so i cant figure out what the issue is...if u want ill give u my login to cronometer thou i dont always log the exercise in

Stay away from the cooked carbs when trying to heal. As long as your dealing with monosaccharides (simple sugars/fruit) you won't run into sugar metabolism problems. But starches wreak havoc on your system in terms of sugar metabolism. An apple will taste sweeter than refined white rice, but the sugar content of the rice is much higher, the difference is that the sugar is in the form of polysaccharide (complex sugars). It's problematic because we cannot taste the sweetness of complex sugars, we are not designed for starches.

It's not efficient to dump huge loads of complex sugars into our system, diabetics know this as they are hit the worst, their blood glucose levels will go soaring with starch. And while a diabetic might initially experience spikes on raw fruits, it will be temporary, as the fruit will actually allow the body to heal.

On top of that, we actually have problems consuming starches unless they are heated. If you eat unprocessed raw rice it will pop out undigested when you take a dump...

It's a comfort food, better than much of what the western world eats, but stay away while you're trying to improve health.

is there any timeframe on how long a diabetic would experience high counts on raw fruits? I have been attempting to find information on this so i can get my dad eating more fruits and less cooked foods. He is diabetic as a result of losing 2/3 of his pancreas and not immediately adjusting his diet. It took about 1-2 years after losing it to become diabetic. 

I had him switch to a vegan diet about 14 months ago and it did wonders. He has used insulin about 20% of the time since making the switch.

I know that if I present him with good information he will try to do more raw fruit but when he checks his levels and they are up past 200 he is concerned. He has almost passed multiple times before because of lose judgement and not listening to his body.

Also, would it work for him to use insulin while testing this out, or would this mess with things (other than what insulin always messes with)

Any answers will be very much appreciated. Not sure of your education level so I am not expecting perfect answers :)

I can relate, my own dad had type 2 diabetes for 22 years. He was on 6 pills throughout the day, Metformin etc. It took my dad 2 and a half months of intense detoxification before his blood glucose levels were no longer affected by the fruit, that is, on zero pills. Our allopathic doctor was amazed and referred to the situation as "weird". 

If he sticks to raw fruits only he will surely, with time, improve his condition. However, as he improves, it is crucial that he tapers off of the medication/insulin accordingly. If my dad were to stay on the 6 pills as he improved he would have ended up in a hypoglycemic coma. 

I would strongly suggest you start listening to what Dr. Morse has to say about diabetes. My dad took serious steps toward health because of Dr. Morse. 


I would suggest you join the "Fans of Dr. Robert Morse N.D" Facebook group and ask all your question there. There is a lot of qualified people in that group. 

And finally, I say this for you and your dad and not to offend Durianrider, seriously:

Durianrider's message is not the optimal approach for healing diseases. Healing is not in focus at Durianriders domain, fitness is. And that's fine, but fitness ≠ health. And with the introduction of RawTill4 and comfort foods, this is certainly not the best place to look for healing.

I hope your dad reaches health, i truly do. I've been there, and it's not pleasant to be worrying about a family member non stop. 

great info thx!!  

Thanks so much for the information. Greatly helps out. Allowing himself time to detox is probably the most difficult thing. He is used to working 6-7 days a week for the past 35-40 years, no joke. He broke a few toes a couple months ago and continued working with the cast deal on (wasn't an actual cast since it was only 2 or 3 toes) The working all the time is actually an issue that my brother and I have been working on moving past with him for a few years now. He is making progress. 

He is not on any diabetic pills anymore, just insulin when he has to. This information i am gathering via you and Dr. morse is the final pieces of the puzzle! :)

I agree on that last paragraph, especially when it comes to heavy health issues such as diabetes or cancer.

Thanks again! I am glad to be connected to you!

well i just wanted to let u guys know something i stumbled on......the same time my sugar was raised slightly i was also getting hit with an allergy......I took my zyrtec and my sugars came back down to normal!!!!! i did a quick google and did indeed find an allergy can indeed raise blood sugar! something about raising cortisol levels or some crap...just wanted to share!

Thanks for the info! Very handy to know



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