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Alright so I'm just curious to see if any of you experience what I call "sugar freeze"

Say I'm drinking a massive green banana smoothie. As I'm drinking it I can actually feel the sugar going to my brain. It starts to feel like a inner-body experience... I have to concentrate harder to be aware of my surroundings and I feel like everything slows down. Then it passes, after I don't know... 30 seconds or so. Happens when I eat 10+ medjools at once too.

I'm thinking I eat it too fast? Haha I know a lot of you rave about thinking clearly and getting rid of brain fog on this lifestyle, but I'm yet to experience that. Then I get these short sugar freezes that fog everything up so intensly I'm left wondering what the hell is going on.

I do have a history of blanking out and I love that I can zone out. Thinking of nothing is quite relaxing. But I was hoping a sharper mind would come with this way of eating too!

Has anyone experienced anything similar?
I suppose it's no big deal anyway, but I want to know what your experiences were in this whole clear thinking aspect of 801010!

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I always say I can feel daterade going to my brain lol. its like the best feeling ever. I notice it most in the morning and I eat dateorade 4 breakfast. its like my brain is hazy then I feel all the sugar go to my brain n feels like it turns on. its almost like I feel hungry in my brain and instead of trying to fill my stomach I fuel my brain. I like it. kinda like figuring out how to scratch that itch I could never get b4.

hey... how you do the dateorade? i hear a lot of people talking about it. let me know 

i use 5 medjool dates and 1 1/4 cups water and blend for a few minutes then thro in a hand full of ice cubes. blend it very smooth like a smoothie. : )

haha dates are so good! it's an interesting way to look at it, I suppose I am just feeding my brain ;)

I totally agree, high blood sugar,

You will not have the same reaction after a hard workout.

If you feel the need to get more and more bananas and dates day after day to get the same buzz be careful, you can end up with adrenal fatigue.

Thank you,
I feel this happen after just kale/banana smoothies too so no dates involved.

Good tips though, and yes it must be a spike! Now that I think about it I do feel it more after going a good few hours without eating

Hello Jon,

I wonder if fat is also blocking the absorption of amino-acides, minerals ect. We never hear about that.

If fat blocks something as transportable as oxygen and glucose then you can be sure minerals, amino acids etc will be hindered as well. 

I've been eating LFRV for about 2 months, and I rarely add overts... just the occasional avo here and there, so I'm not too sure. I know for a fact I've this this 'sugar freeze' without any overts for a few days prior.
I can't tell you a typical %... I got a bit lazy tracking cals & nutrients after the first two weeks!

Ive found that if I don't eat a good breakfast and then eat late at the day then you go from fasting mode to eating mode and sometimes the transition doesnt feel peak. Eat early. Get to bed by 8-9pm ideally ike nature intended.

Doing this gives us a template to work with. Then you can tweak it to suit.

Thank you both,

I have to admit that sometimes restriction is follow by compulsion.

I really have to try the waking up early thing.

Good advice, thank you! On reflection it does happen more on an empty stomach. And I've been trying so hard to get to bed earlier, just hasn't happened as yet... but I'm working on it!



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