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I suffer from bulimia. I eat enough kcal but become too full! wheres the limit??

Okay.. so I have no problems eating 2500 kcal everyday, but around 5pm I can eat so much salad because its so good even though I've had a 1000 kcal breakfast and lunch! BUT I become so full i feel like exploding from salad.. and then i just want to binge even more and purge... Anyone else felt like this? how do I deal with the full feeling? How do you learn your limit. Please help i really try but i don't know how to do it. 

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First of all, I think this urge to binge is because you nutrient deficient.  If you keep getting those carbs (up to and more than 3500/day is totally reasonable for me), you'll eventually have enough nutrients and the urge will go away.

I have the same problem with large salads.  For me I don't think it stems from purging, although I did have eating disorders in the past but not for years.  I think it's just the sheer volume of the greens that I'm trying to get in!  So instead of trying to cram all my greens into one meal at dinner, I eat greens in smoothies during my breakfast or lunch meal and then have a salad with less greens and lots of nonsweet fruits for dinner (tomatoes, cucs, bell peppers, etc).  I find I can eat just as much nonsweet fruits as I can bananas, mangoes etc without going past my "full" limit, but when I add in a lot of greens I go from just getting full to super uncomfortably full too quickly.  I know the feeling of being so full you can't move even though you didn't eat a lot calorie-wise, and it's not fun.  I think filling up on the delicious salad fruits will still help you feel like you ate enough and are satisfied without reaching that sickeningly full level.

Mentally you just need to HTFU! Seriously, go to a refugee camp in Africa and tell them your troubles.

Tactically, ONLY eat salad as your LAST meal of the day. Otherwise you fill up but will want to keep eating cos you didnt get enough carb cals. Better yet, drink green smoothies instead and you can skip salads.

Mentally you just need to HTFU! Seriously, go to a refugee camp in Africa and tell them your troubles.

So here is what's messed up about thinking and saying something like that.  Unfortunately bulimia is an actual mental illness, which can be assuaged over time by a strong person and often with the help and support of therapy and/or a medical team.  Relapse rates for EDs are among the highest of mental disorders and the fight to recover is just that- a fight, every second of every day.  And when someone like the OP is seeking advice, because they realize their eating disorder shouldn't be a problem in their life, and because they want to focus on more important "real life" things, and then someone shoots them down and essentially tells them to get a life, it seems pretty likely that they may avoid seeking help to try to get better in the future and suffer in silence.  EDs are often about self-worth, and if someone tells you your problems are stupid and meaningless, then you might feel bad about even asking for help, or think that you "deserve" to live with it since "it's not a real problem." You have no idea what else is going on in another person's life.  Maybe they are rescuing stray kittens, mentoring children, starting a vegan meet-up in their town, or a billion other things.  You have no way of knowing from a few comments on a thread.  Obviously you can say whatever you want, since you kinda run the place.  I just find this disturbing and counter-productive, and I don't think anyone else is going to call you on it.  I do hope maybe this will make you think slightly differently and consider the big picture, as well as the repercussions of your words, in the future.

My issue with this comment was very different. Since coming to this lifestyle and finding how quickly my own mental illness was cured by something as ridiculously simple as getting some sugar into me, I've actually come to at least understand and respect your HTFU approach.

However, my issue with your comment was that I have heard you speak about the Biology of Human Starvation multiple times within your vlogs. Therefore, I know that you understand that binging and eating disorder behaviors are not simply something that you can HTFU from. These are symptoms that occur in someone that is starving or that has been starving for a very long time. They are inevitable biological responses that take time to heal. The men in the study were not able to HTFU and stop binging or body obsessing or self mutilating right away because their brain chemistry was so damaged from calorie restriction. It took months for some of them to get back to normal.

So when you tell someone to just get over it and get real problems, it confuses me because you so obviously know that this is not the case. There is certainly an aspect of hardening up and choosing to no longer wallow in sickness that is involved in recovery but many symptoms do take time to heal.

So perhaps you read and interpreted this post differently than I did, but I see nothing here that goes against what would biologically be expected. Telling people to HTFU from a biological survival-driven response seems unhelpful and even somewhat harmful because it simply cannot be done. Telling them to CTFU and eat more calories, though? That's totally helpful advice.

I also came from an extremely heavy bulimia background and I found that I had to just let myself "binge" in order for it to stop. For the first few weeks when I started this lifestyle, I also had a problem with eating huge dinners and then throwing them up. Eventually I realized that this was getting me nowhere and I was so desperate to get out that I ended up having to resign myself to just letting myself eat in truly unrestricted quantities. I would make huge pots of rice and vegetables for dinner and I'd eat until I was hunched over in pain. There were definitely some days in there when I was hitting 6000+ calories. I'd have to go outside for walks afterward because I would be freaking out so badly and wanting to purge. But, honestly, it was so worth it and I don't even think it took even two weeks for the urges to go away once I gave in. And it was incredible once they were gone. I had never experienced that kind of freedom before. But letting myself "binge", for me, was a necessary step. My body was starved for fuel and nourishment and those needs had to be met before my brain could relax. Of course, if you can do it without being in pain, that's probably much better but my point is that eating less and trying to restrict yourself is not the way to go. Just let yourself eat. It will only make things worse if you try to limit yourself. If anything, I would suggest changing the salad to something with more calories because your body sounds like it is still starving. 2500 is the bare minimum. I eat 3500+ and I've found that I can't get by on less without starting to run into problems both mentally and physically. The ONLY time I have any urges to b/p any more is if I've eaten too few calories.

But I just wanted to say that bulimia can totally be conquered on this lifestyle. I struggled with chronic anorexia and bulimia for 10 years, had multiple hospitalizations and inpatient stays, but this has worked better than anything I could have imagined. I thought I was a lost cause but I no longer have any symptoms whatsoever. At one point I was using symptoms many, many times a day and I have now been symptom-free for at least 6 months and I really don't even think about it any more. I would really encourage you to stick with this because it honestly works and I can't even begin to express how incredible it is when this enormous weight is finally taken off you and you can just breathe and relax and not stress out.

This answer was so helpful! thank you so much...I just wanted to tell you that it has helped me a lot and I let my binge mode "go free" and as you said the urge is decreasing everyday. Even though its not perfect yet and I still have some struggles committing.
How long did it take for you to loose the weight or see the weight come of? every other day I panic and fall back because I'm so afraid of the weight and what my mom would say ( she knows i have the eating disorder but yet she comments every time i see her on my low weight or that i gained weight in a bad way)

I was sick for a while and barely ate for a couple weeks (which I haven't done in years!!!). i usually eat 3500 calories. Last week was my first week back to normal eating and I found myself ravenous but my stomach felt as if it had shrunk.

So i've been making sure to have smoothies and to drink them slowly, chewing them to help digestion and every day adding like 100 calories more. I'm up to 3500 again and actually feel i need more even though I can't be active right now.

Being mineral or vitamin deficient can make you crave weird stuff and make you want to binge and purge if you're already in the habit.

Do your best to have regular meals and for sure try green smoothies instead of salad for now. You need nourishment and carbs most likely :)

Wish you a quick and happy recovery! :)



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