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I normally have a full bowel movement every morning, but for the past week my digestion seems to have pretty much stopped. I've had a couple small movements, but that's really it. I thought it was because I worked a lot more hours than normal last week and that maybe the change of schedule threw things off, but today is my third day off of work and it still has not sorted itself out. 

I'm not sure what could be causing it. I've been making sure to stay extra hydrated (about 4L) for the past couple of days in the hopes that it might move things along, but it hasn't helped at all.

I pretty much eat the same thing every day:

Breakfast: 9 banana smoothie (with very spotted bananas)

Snack: 20-30 deglet noor dates

Lunch: 2 pounds of grapes, 4 mangoes, or another 9 banana smoothie

Dinner: 4-6 cups of cooked white rice, a ton of steamed broccoli, and a head of romaine

I normally end up somewhere around 3500 calories.

I don't do any overt fats, I don't do any added salt, and I do an hour of intense exercise 6 days a week in addition to a decent amount of walking. On days that I work, I don't finish dinner until around 7:30 but on days that I'm off, I try to be done with eating by 5:30. I'm pretty much always in bed by 9:30 and I wake up at 7, but my sleep has always been pretty broken and I wake up throughout the night.

I'm really not sure what to try changing. It's getting frustrating. I feel like I'm carrying this massive weight around my stomach and I'm having a hard time getting enough food in because I feel so full and bloated.

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Rebecca, I know that what works good for me is to plan my runs first thing in the morning or after a lot of fruit in the day and before dinner.  I flush out good in the morning if I run.  Sometimes I have to find a fast place to go and yes, it has been in the alley at times.  Also, I run after teaching all day and after my breakfast and lunch fruit meals have digested.  I need to find a bathroom then too.  I have had constipation in the past too but running helps.  It makes the fiber move through.

sometimes I'm constipated sometimes I'm not. Not really sure what it is but I'm thinking it could be because of bananas and dates. Try eating more water rich fruits like grapes or mangoes as u mentioned. I think apples or pears should help too.

The exact same thing happened to me! 2 months into this lifestlye I had constipation for over a month!! Now it's normalised but even these past couple of days my digestion was abnormal again! There is 2 reasons for this is: 1) My digestion system needed intense healing. I was anorexic for 5 years and would go weeks and weeks without bowel movements. Thus, I have found I have to eat completely raw personally because my digestion system has been through such turmoil that it needs foods that are super easy to digest. 2) STRESS! My constipation arrived once I took on a new job and even though I actually really enjoy it, I know it was down to the worry that I wouldn't perform well or something. Also, the reason my digestion was abnormal just a couple of days ago was because I was caught work very late, and it takes me 1.5 hours to get home thus horrible journey and eating late and lack of sleep just messed up my natural routine and made me annoyed and stress messes up your system like nothing else. 

Luckily, I went to a beautiful raw vegan mezze night with my friends and I think the restoration of calmness just made my body balance out. So yes, fully raw and relaxation really helped me. I didn't need more food, I needed to relax so just experiment! Another thing, it didn't improve overnight when I went completely raw it took about a week so make sure you test things for at least 2 weeks! Good luck.

The funny thing is that I wouldn't be surprised if the stress from things not moving is, in turn, making things not move. I think it originally started because of the stress from working more hours but now I'm so stressed bloated and gross I feel that it's just making the problem worse. Might do some relaxing yoga tonight and then do an all fruit day tomorrow to get things back on track, thanks :)

When that happens to me, i know/feel my body needs a break from high cooked starches. 

So i go fully raw + water.. and 2-3 days later im better.

It works for me that way!

I might try this doing just fruit tomorrow and see if that helps. I haven't had a completely raw day for a little while so I'm sure it couldn't hurt. I just don't understand why the cooked food would suddenly cause problems when I've been eating like this for 3 months without an issue

Yeah i know! Believe me, been there!

Thats why im telling you what i did, after figuring and testing and trying!

It really does help.

But FULLY RAW! try fully raw... I generally go 100% first day.. and the 2 a liiiiitle bit of cooked, but just a little!

And 3rd day i am already ok, but just to clean a little more... i do 80% raw...

This isn't all that helpful but I watched a video from (is Tara her name? ) forty below fruity on YouTube and she didn't poop for 40 days! If I remember correctly it was because of stress and not enough sleep.
Just a thought.

You could try the squatting technique when you poop. That really helped me. I had a similar experience. My work and school hours changed and I think it put my body out of balance and suddenly I got blocked up. Eventually I tried squatting and OMG IT ALL CAME OUT!! You don't have to buy a special stand, you can just lift the seat and balance on the porcelain. Yes, it's a bit awkward but well worth trying :)



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Rock replied to Victoria's discussion Info on the death of my fellow faster?? anyone know any details?
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