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I am dealing with paralyzing anxiety and I would love to know if those of you successful with 811 have had some relief from panic/ anxiety. I am constantly being told by others to calm down and I find I shake and sweat in situations most would have no problems with. I have also recently started a very stressful job and am having a very difficult time thinking clearly and managing the stress.

Any hope?

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i also never get stressed out about stuff anymore, if something bad happens i just deal with it calmly and move on =)

Great video Harley! :0)


what helped me (after 8 years of debilitating panic attacks, phobias, and anxiety):


accepting that there's no quick fix. accepting that anxiety is real (even if DR denies it). accepting that it's okay to feel anxious. and accepting that there are ways to help you overcome anxiety should you want to. 


going lfrv. energy, exercise, connection to my body, mental clarity, and confidence were all so helpful. 


getting my b12 up helped a lot. i was skeptical about this one at first though. 


moving away from my family helped. 


finding a therapist i felt comfortable around helped. 


seeking friends and community that I felt comfortable being honest with. i really had to push my own comfort level with honesty. 


making decisions to move forward and confront fear and not looking back. this doesn't mean you can't have help along the way, including back up plans for those out-of-the-blue panic attacks. but I did have to make some tough decisions in order to push my boundaries. 


feel free to pm me if you want to talk more, or hear more about my history with anxiety. no i'm not all better. 

raw foods helped me a lot to feel much much better especially regarding anxiety. I was no way near what you describe though. Magnesium- calcium - C - vit Bs type raw foods helped me most I think. I was making smoothies maybe 20 big dates blended with maybe 300g of celeri and I was good for 3-4 hours without stress. I think my anxiety was mostly physical due to mercury fillings. 13 of them in my mouth.  When I was chewing on a salad for a few minutes or more the stress increased after that. I never understood why until this year when I found so many of this type testimonial. Last month I finally got my wits together and got them removed. Wow, what a change in my life. While removing them I made sure to have the best disgestion/pooping system :) so that the residues of the removal would have minimum impact on my organs. And took huge amount of anti-oxidant type foods and I feel a million time better regarding anxiety. I'm chewing on a huuuge salads as I write this. I could never do this without stressing before the mercury removal.



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