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I am dealing with paralyzing anxiety and I would love to know if those of you successful with 811 have had some relief from panic/ anxiety. I am constantly being told by others to calm down and I find I shake and sweat in situations most would have no problems with. I have also recently started a very stressful job and am having a very difficult time thinking clearly and managing the stress.

Any hope?

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This is very encouraging. Getting out from under this would change my life.

Thanks. ;)

i have pretty bad anxiety as well. i am a bit ashamed becuse i keep relapsing into cooked food. so i fee like i am detoxing all over including emotionally and mentally. however when i was lfrv for many months at a time i felt calmer, my moods more balanced, my hormones not as up and down, with more confidence and more positive outlook. so i think that t does help a lot. also i should probably tell you that ive many mental issues revolving around anxiety since i was in 6th grade (i.e. dabilitating OCD, anorexia, bulimia, exercise bulimia, depression, add, etc.) all diagnosed by doctors and therapists. everything seemed better on an lfrv diet

You would think knowing that we could feel better would keep us lfrv but I fall off too!

You dont have anxiety problems you just THINK you do. I know a guy that wont even be in the same room as a computer.


You just need a few months of early nights, high carb cals, sport etc. Start the day with a liter of water and then start your 1000cal+ breakfast and go from there.


Get a round of b12 shots too. High stress sapps the b12 stores. You probably just fried your levels and need a top up. I gave another non vegan friend a b12 shot today. 

Mainly caused by thoughts which you control.


Put things in perspective and don't eat junk food and stimulants.


Walk barefoot on the ground on grass.


Get rid of the stressful job unless it is paying you 1,000,000 a year not worth it.


Take Car,


Is your anxiety pre-existing?


If so... a few suggestions I've found quite helpful.


Look into EFT (http://www.emofree.com/) it sounds weird, but it's very helpful.


Take up meditation (it really reduces anxiety... a lot).

I came to lfrv during a very stressful time in my life in mid 2009. Though I didn't know what they were until later, I had started to have anxiety attacks that were getting worse over a couple month period. It got to the point where I felt like I was living in an anxiety attack. The worst was the night before I changed my diet. I went to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack... Well, long story short, I had plenty of experience with the benefits of healthy eating/living in the past and had just been severely neglecting myself. I decided that night in the ER while strapped up to their machines, that I'd had enough of SAD living. I went raw the next day and got off coffee cold turkey (ouch) and only had a couple more mild attacks the first week. Since then I've never had another anxiety attack. When the stress does come, I deal with it better than ever before.
Caffeine and other central nervous stimulants can increase anxiety as well.  Drink plenty of water as well.  take deep breaths as well when u start to fell that rush coming.  Has your anxiety come from out of no where or is there something in your life that has triggered it> new social situation? drugs? alcohol?

Hi Sarah Beth,


I agree that it is super important to be off caffeine or other stimulants. And doing 811 correctly should be hugely helpful as you are alkalizing and hydrating your system, also getting plenty of carbs and calories.

I am finding hydration to be such a major component of health and balance!!! A few times when I awaken at night I have felt an older symptom--heart racing etc which I associate with an ongoing aspect of when I had almost complete adrenal exhaustion. During that time, I had trained myself to immediately begin focusing on a thought or image that resonated peace or joy or gratitude for me rather than letting my mind dash about and attach to issues or people in my life that were distressful or could be perceived as negative.

This happened a few nights ago and I automatically selected an image of joy and began focusing, but this was interrupted by a loud inner message saying, "I need water!". I actually didn't feel like sitting up (I know, pretty lame) so thought I would continue with joy, but the message came again so I sat up and drank a bunch. And my body finally said Great and settled down.

I have, for a long time, wondered,  how often we translate what our bodies are feeling into emotions that we can usually make fit into our lives. If my body needed more hydration asap, why wouldn't a sense of panic be communicated? Especially since i have been more responsive to those signals--my body would speak loudly and expect me to comply.

There are so many levels on which we can interpret things; intellectually, emotionally and so on. Certainly being as receptive And responsive as possible to our self-communication is of major importance. !

All of that being said, it might be valuable for you to take the saliva tests and determine your levels of hormonal health? Or simply doing 811 AND releasing as many distressful situations from your life as possible may yield amazing results.

Also: deep breathing of fresh air! Oxygenation and Hydration are two of our very best friends.

wishing you very well!


LFRV helps alot with anxiety. 


I noticed I have been handling some of the hardest situations of my entire life with ease and calm, so much to the point that I'm so thankful they didn't happen until I was LFRV because I don't know how I would have reacted otherwise, but I have an idea, and it wouldn't have been good at all.

i used to have pretty bad anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings  and depression and i have noticed a huge difference since eating 811.  i feel like a new person, very stable and balanced and not afraid to meet and talk to people. occasionally i eat some cooked food, usually steamed vegies/potato and i feel like crap the next day. as long as i eat a minimum of 3000 calories a day i feel great :)



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