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Hi guys!! 

I'm probably studying in Sydney, Australia between January and May. I was wondering if anyone had any advice/warning/resources they could provide. Maybe how much I should expect to spend on fruit, what I'll be able to find etc. Also if you live there I'd love to find meet ups or just meet you in general! 

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I'm doing an internship with an international organization/ngo because my major is international relations, but mainly I'm trying to avoid the Boston winter :)

I'm not sure when I'll be back in Atlanta, but I should be at some point between now and when I leave in January. I'll let ya know when I am so we can meet up! 

Hi, I'm in sydney. It's a big city so the fruit and vege will will vary a lot depending where you are.

Here's an idea of the prices near me at the moment (in aussie dollars)

apples - supermarket $4-6 kg - organic $5-8 kg

bananas - supermarket $1.50 kg organic $4 kg

organic dates $22 kg

oranges - supermarket $3 for 3 kg - organic $6 for 3kg

cos romaine lettuce - supermarket $3 organic $3

kale bunch - supermarket $5 organic $4.50 (in season i guess)

tomatoes  - supermarket $4 kg organic $18 kg (not in season :(

avocados - $3 each

mangos - $3-5 each

There are some organic markets on each week http://www.organicfoodmarkets.com.au/markets.php

One is very close to me which I'm really happy about. I haven't been to any meetups

Thanks so much! You said you haven't been to any meetups, but is there a HCRV meet up group in Sydney? I'll be in downtown near Darling Harbour 

Hey Britney:) Do you know what area of Sydney you'll be staying in?

There are farmers markets in most areas on weekends. Flemington Markets in the Homebush (west of city) probably has the biggest range of fruit and veg and you can buy by the box. Cabramatta is a great area for Asian tropical fruit like durian, jackfruit, mangosteen etc. Taste Organics at Crows Nest (north shore area) has great fresh organic produce. There's also a couple of raw food (but gourmet/high fat) cafes, one is Earth to Table at Bondi Junction, another is Sadhana (or Sadyana or something? though I think it recently changed its name) at Newtown. There's a good, popular little vegan (low fat and high raw options) restaurant called Nourishing Quarter near Redfern. A few things to get you started...:)

Wow! Thank you so much for your detailed response Beth :) I'll be on the edge of downtown near Darling Harbour. I've never been to Sydney, so I'm not entirely sure where that is. 

Darling Harbour is pretty much in the center of the city. You will be able to get a train or bus fairly easily to the places Beth mentioned. 

Also Chinatown is walking distance and might have some good fruit and veges.



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