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For some reason, this is the one crucial aspect of physiology that 80/10/10 relies on yet I rarely see any science on it showing that it works. 


Here are some studies on how dietary fat effects blood sugar




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That's true.  It's pretty rare to see scientific literature that backs up one of the main tenets of 811, which is that increased dietary fat has direct effect on blood sugar and insulin sensitivity.  These 3  abstracts don't really back it up either.  One focuses in on how certain types of dietary fat lower insulin sensitivity while other types raise it,  one talks about body fat affecting insulin resistance but links dietary fat to insulin resistance only by association and not causation, and one talks about fat in the context of a hyperenergetic diet.


Not to say that the tenet is incorrect, but yeah, it doesn't seem to be explored much in scientific literature.

Does Dr. Graham reference any sources in 80/10/10?  I'll have a look later, thought someone might have it handy.

He references The Pritikin Program for Diet and Exercise but he does not refer to any peer reviewed studies.

The connection between high fat diets and insulin resistance/diabetes has been known about for a long time (80+ years) in the scientific literature:

I also wrote about a study describing the mechanism behind the development of insulin resistance in skeletal muscle cells, which in conjunction with a number of other factors (high fat/refined carb diet, sedentary lifestyle, obesity) would lead to type II diabetes:

I found one: 

(5 common food myths for people with diabetes debunked)

4. People with diabetes do not have to worry about eating fat because it doesn't have much of an effect on blood glucose.

Fat, found in margarine, oils and salad dressings, has little immediate effect on blood glucose levels. However, eating a fatty meal can slow down digestion and make it harder for your insulin to work, causing a possible high blood glucose level hours after your meal. Some fats can raise blood cholesterol, increasing your risk for heart attack or stroke. These fats are called saturated fat and trans fat and should be limited as much as possible. Sources of saturated fat include: butter, shortening, red meat, cheese and whole milk. Trans fat is found in some margarines, snack foods and fast foods. 

source: Joslin Diabetes Center

Isn't this issue dealt with in The China Study?  Not so much the biochemical aspect as it is written for the layperson, but in practical effect across large groups of populations, the effect of high-fat or animal product-containing diets, are clearly shown to have a damaging effect on both the insulin response of diagnosed diabetics, and the initial development of diabetes.

and in high carb diets like yours and mine, even low amounts of fat can have detrimental effects - especially for a half-asian like me. Why doesn't anybody understand? 



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