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Student Nurse being forced to take flu vaccines for class

I am currently at a cross road in my life. I am a sophomore in college studying nursing. Although I do not agree with western medicine and the western diet, I want to pursue a nursing career so I could work with plastic surgeons to help people with deformities from accidents, car crashes, burns, etc. However, my problem is that my nursing program requires me to take a series of flu vaccinations each semester (twice a school year). I am completely and 100% against this and I do not know what to do. Do I suck it up for the rest of the time I am in school and take the shots? Do I quit nursing? OR is there a way around getting these vaccinations and still be a nursing student? I'm feeling pretty hopeless at the moment because I have to make my decision within a month.   

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greetings mel! and welcome to 30bad!

i don't know the laws in your area, but from what i recall about similar things, you can't legally be forced to be vaccinated. for instance, if you claim you are a jehovah's witness, it would be a violation of your freedom of choice to force vaccination.

i don't know if such a violation necessarily applies in a local situation such as your particular nursing school. however, imho you can certainly make a case about it. i would consult a human rights lawyer and see whether you have an opportunity to create a personal exception or even turn this into a major issue.

frankly, i have no idea why nursing school would require vaccination unless they were worried that their students would contract anything and thus they are 'protecting' themselves. if that's what they are worried about, then it may be possible for you to sign a waver freeing them from all responsibility. this is the sort of thing a lawyer or some other person knowledgeable about anti-vaccination matters can guide you on.

as far as quitting nursing, i don't think you should without a fight (or finding a suitable alternate). in fact, that fight/alternate may end up being more worthwhile than the nursing program. i had a similar difficulty when i moved out to BC back in 1995. i was substitute teaching at the local highschool board and they insisted all teachers get a tb test. of course, i wasn't going to do that and substitute taught for the local community college for a bit instead. then my son hired me to homeschool him from gr1 till he was 20.

i didn't really fight it because i had the freedom to choose alternate paths and may be you do as well. there are alternate healing systems you can study in.

imho, it is better to be true to one's values rather than 'suck it up' even though the temptations can  sometimes be very strong. in 1991, i had a bicycle crash by running over railway tracks the wrong way. i got back on and rode with one arm (the other seemed unoperable) to the hospital. i had separated my shoulder in addition to being rather badly cut in various places. the cuts were what caused them to salivate the most and they insisted on giving me the tetanus shot. for a brief moment, i thought, why not let these people take care of me now, i can always go back to my anti-vacc way after i heal. however, it was a very brief moment and i refused not only the shot, but also the taxi they insisted i go home in (may be i figured they'd pay the taxi driver extra to give me the shot?) anyway, the next day i went to see dr cridland (who btw eventually took over dr mcdougall's practice and who we'd been taking our son to because he was very natural hygiene in his ways). he started to laugh at the hospital's efforts and told me that a lot of his patients who get vaccinated end up with the very disease the shot is supposed to be protecting against.

anyway the moral is don't go against your morals because it appears to be the convenient thing to do. if your principle is worthwhile, in practically all situations you should stick to it.

in friendship,


Thank you so much for the advice!

You're in USA right? In the US you're legally allowed to claim "religious reasons" to exempt you from taking vaccines. Take this to your school board immediately if someone tries to refute this. Know your rights girl. 

Yes Im from the U.S. And I will keep researching to know my rights. Thank you!

I was in a similar dilemma, but you always (to my knowledge) have the option to wear a face mask when in the hospital instead of getting the vaccine. This is the choice they gave me when I was volunteering at a hospital.

In Australia next year, there will be no religious or any other exemptions allowed. Vaccination will be mandatory. How utterly disgusting is that!?! They are gonna have to hold me down at gun point...and even then it won't be easy for them! Stuff of nightmares...

Mandatory vaccinations are nothing new. For example, many occupations have required this for some time. Compulsory, adult population-wide enforcement isn't on the horizon just yet and if that situation ever materialises there will remain options.

It's becoming increasingly clear that vaccines aren't what they once were. As with so many pharmaceuticals there appears to have been what can only be a deliberate weaponisation at some point. Autism statistics are staggering compared to what they once were and there exist some compelling correlations/circumstantial evidence linking this to vaccine enforcement.   

What was once a beneficial medical tool has been transformed into something much more sinister.

To the OP .... by all means pursue the nursing career and do everything in your power to avoid the vaccinations. It is possible you may receive exemption on religious or other legal/ethical grounds but please note that occupations requiring vaccination compliance ultimately reserve the right to employ you at their discretion based upon this criteria. They are not legally obligated to do so and unfortunately there are already numerous legal precedents in existence to support this. Although not impossible to find 'legal loopholes' to avoid the shots it may not be a straightforward process.

greetings ambam! and welcome (or is it welcome back?) to 30bad!

i like your contributions to this thread as well as some things on your profile.

we dropped the vacc issue back in the early 90s because there was sufficient clear nonsense about the process to ensure we never did it. we've also worked directly with individuals who were brain damaged by vacc. also since we ignore doctors (we never get sick), we also ignored their silly recommendations.

we live in a place where medical insurance is mandatory (which is ok because i think we should all contribute something to the system since some people do require emergency treatment), but you have the choice as to how deep you want to 'benefit' from this bizarre profession.

however, i didn't realize just how perverted the vacc thing had become over the years. pharma should be called farma since it treats people just like commodities.

in friendship,


I will deffinatly look for loopholes !

Thats so horrible im so sorry to hear that! And I was even thinking of working abroad in Aus one day. What a bummer :(

Caroline, I'm sorry to scare you but the activated charcoal won't get all of the horrible things they put into the vaccines out of your body. Your brain is a super receiver for heavy metals. Think of your pineal gland as being nearly "magnetic" for these times of toxins. It goes RIGHT to your brain, sticks there like superglue, and we all know how extremely difficult it is to detox the brain (it usually comes last.) Just thought you should know this. If you're in the USA, flex your rights to claim "religious reasons" to exempt. 

Toxic vaccine adjuvants such as heavy metals are the not the worst aspect of contemporary 'vaccines' and pale in comparison to the DNA modification potential the newer generation shots are capable of.

Avoid these shots like the proverbial plague.



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