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Ok, here's my situation - I'm a "housewife." I care for my 6 month old (I breastfeed) and my boyfriend never really cared for me to get a job, as he makes enough money to support us. BUT when I explained my concern about my health to him (I have hypothyroidism that I feel is getting worse & GERD; it all runs in my family.) ..I basically just said I needed to detoxify my body, not completely changing my lifestyle. I guess I feel bad for not making my own money to eat the way I want? I definitely don't want to get a job, though. I love being able to be with my daughter. And I am trying to find the "cheaper" way of being on this lifestyle, but it's SO HARD because I'm allllllllllllllwwwwwwwaaayyyss hungry due to breastfeeding!
I guess I'm looking for tips or maybe advice on how to go raw while breastfeeding?

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"I guess I feel bad for not making my own money to eat the way I want? I definitely don't want to get a job, though."  These two kinda contradict each other, no? :P

Maybe a side job wouldn't hurt, if finances are your issue, because if you want to do HCRV right, it's going to cost a bit more than the standard American diet...I won't pretend it doesn't.  BUT, of course you can cut costs wherever possible:

1) Buy whatever fruit is on sale, in bulk.

2) Buy whatever leafy greens are on sale, in bulk.

3) Get a water filter at home if your water is impure/loaded with chemicals.  Most municipalities are.

4) Think "bananas"...the name of this site!  Bananas are high-calorie and thus will fill you up faster.  Sick of bananas?  I get sick of bananas sometimes, too...lol.  But it's all good, because other fruits like grapes, kiwis, peaches, mangos, etc. are pretty high-calorie and often go on sale, depending where you live.  Dates are great, but in most areas they're not cheap.  If you're in a big city, you might be able to get them cheap at some sort of Mediterranean market. 

5) Skip anything prepackaged.  Any of those fancy raw desserty things at Whole Foods you can probably make yourself...

6) Look where you can cut costs in other related areas.  You probably won't spend as much on restaurants.  Try making your own household cleaners.  Etc. 

Source: I once was a college student, and I did these things. 


Dates are expensive by the pound, but they are calorie dense.  Calories per dollar they are actually a good deal.


I second the shop whole sale I get my stuff from a distributer and its laughable how much cheaper this diet is for me then a diet consisting of ramen noodles and rice. Heck I couldnt eat cardboard boxes cheaper!. I'm paying a bout 5 dollars for a 40lb box of bananas Everything else i toss in is just like for fun!.

will you please share who's your distributer? ordering online?  I could use a few of those cheap banana boxes~!

Hmmm, wholesalers sound awesome. I was looking into going to farms to "pick my own" fruit but I've never done it before so I wouldn't know if it would be cheaper or not.

& I am a member of Kristina's co-op & it's definitely cheaper than buying from grocery stores, but it still is rather costly. My boyfriend only likes to shell out $50 every 2 weeks on the co-op & that is not enough fruit lol.
I was looking up jobs I could do from home last night for when my daughter is a bit older. I think it gave me some peace of mind. I would hate to have to leave my daughter in the hands of a stranger while I weent to work. Ewh & the idea of public schools.... dont even get me started lol

Thank you everyone for your advice (:

I think you can do this for about ten bucks a day.  Your in Huston check out Kristina's food co-op.  I really doesn't need to break the bank, I'm sure you can find great deals on great food in your area.

I find this lifestyle to be cheaper than the SAD diet we used to eat. I spend a bit more on groceries but save on everything else. I don't need the meds I used to, were expensive. And I don't need a lot of other things: Lotions, makeup, hair dye, etc.

I've found the key to making it affordable is to make your staples out of affordable things and then add the more expensive fruits when you can. For me most of my calories comes from bananas which are really cheap. Then I add organic berries to smoothies since those are more expensive. I spend less than $100 a week and I eat around 4000 calories.

I'm proud of you for breastfeeding and eating hcrv, you're giving your babe the very best start.    

High cal fruits like bananas and bulk dates can be your staples and then whatever is on sale for the rest.  Do you do smoothies?  That's a quick way for a busy mama to get some calories in i.e. 8 bananas, handful of frozen berries or a mango or peaches, some greens in there too.  I stay at home with three kids, though older now, no babies, but I eat two 8-banana smoothies per day plus dates and whatever fruit i can lay my hands on.    Bananas are pretty cheap, and high in cals.  

I used to refuse to shop at wal-mart, but guess what, I can save about 1/3 on my fruit bill by going there and buying what's on sale, I can't always make it but I try.

are you hcrv, and do you kids eat the exact same things that you do?

I am hcrv, my kids are vegan high carb cooked & raw, except oldest kid sometimes has cheese pizza/ice cream when at friends' house/birthday party.   My kids eat fruit at every meal.  'Fruit first is the rule'.  When citrus is good I can get them to eat fruit meals but none of them eat bananas or dates.



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