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I'm interested in hearing from those of you who participate in strength sports. By my definition these would include powerlifting, weightlifting, armwrestling, strongman, throwing, sprinting, gymnastics, grappling; and to a degree bouldering and cheerleading (as a solo base). Can you thrive in these sports as a LFRV? Has anyone noticed a difference in absolute strength, speed-strength, or quickness between LFRV and other diets?


I know that LFRV does wonders for endurance and I have experienced that. I would love to get more into endurance sports, but I don't want to sacrifice too much strength or speed. I was disappointed to read the below thread of the mma guy who thinks LFRV is making him less explosive. Does anyone have any positive experiences in strength sports with this diet?

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Check out some of our athelete here: 811 Gladiators

Discussion:  Spring Into Action! Log your training here :)


The Runners

Your Body Is Your Gym

Peace, PK

I love 811, hygienic frugal die, LFRV whatever u want to call it, but after 4 years and a half, my experience is that i didnt grow muscle, although i continue to lift constantly and didnt gained strenght, only maintained. Where is the MMA fighter that said that?


Btw, i love to be healthy and prefer health then getting bigger but felling the consequences of eating unhealthy.

Talk to Jared here: http://www.30bananasaday.com/profile/JaredSix


He's packed on a peck of mass in his LFRV journey thus far.


And see:


Thanks for the replies all. Only I'm not really concerned with size or mass. It's quite possible for many people to lose a lot of weight, yet gain a lot of strength at the same time. I'm really interested to learn how people are performing in strength sports such as the ones I mentioned, and whether they have noticed a difference on this diet. So far I've only seen one correlation and it was a negative one. I just hope to discover that it is not consistent with the majority of experiences. Here is the thread I'm talking about:



I'm the MMA guy that made the "less explosive" post. I didnt imply that LFV itself has made me less explosive, but that I was questioning if I may not be getting the right nutrient/mineral from a fruit/veg that I may not be eating.  DR brought up a good point in that I need to adjust my sleep cycle, and to sleep more.  I seem to agree that that may be the solution I need.  It makes sense, if my body is not well rested then It will not fire/explode/perform at its best.


In LFV ive noticed very good endurance gains.  My weights that Im able to lift have somewhat stagnated.  However there are many different variables that I need to look at.  B4 I would blame LFV I would first have to hypothesize that I need MORE REST first and foremost.  I have so MUCH MORE ENERGY NOW that I may be overdoing it for the current amount of sleep/rest that I am currently getting. 


Recovery: Ive also found that my muscles are not as sore as b4 and that I am able to train longer (aerobically)

I guess I wrote that wrong. Just meant to say that you saw a drop in explosiveness since going lfv, which is what you wrote. Obviously your experience does not make a definitive case against lfv for strength or explosiveness, especially since you were taking pre-workout stimulants before lfv.


I was just hoping to get a general feel from the board about who was into strength sports and how they felt about performance before and after LFRV. So far you are the only guy I've noticed discussing explosiveness or any strength related performance. Otherwise most the discussions seem to relate to endurance sports or bodybuilding.

Im surprised there hasnt been more activity on this subject.

Most "powerlifters, weightlifters, strongmen" are automatically repelled by this diet and even veganism in general so it's no surprise there is a shortage of them here. They used to say vegans couldn't do it; now we're starting to have such vegan athletes. Might take a while to see some conclusive results from various people in regards to LFRV.

Thank you for this wonderful post. You definitely look strong, and it sounds like your strength has improved on this diet. The PR's you mention are strength PR's? Is the 100lb curl a PR?


I'll just say again that I'm not concerned with mass. There are plenty of 130 pound girls that could outlift many 300 pound men.


As victor hits on, strength is more a function of CNS efficiency than muscle size.

you look awesome. And man that is some salad. What is in your salad that makes you want to each that much and it taste good?

Do you use alot of smoothies to eat all your fruit? would be cool if you could show us how day looks like :)


Thanks for your posts, Victor - very inspiring!
Hmpf, I took DR up on his recomendation and went to sleep earlier last night. I slept for 11 hours, lol.  Anyways I went and set a pb of 315lb deadlift (proper form, no rounding of back) Its not alot of weight to powerlifters, however, I weigh 195lb and thats more weight than I bet 99% of humans can lift.



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