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Do you know the exact diet and caloric intake of Storm Talifero?

He is over 60 years old and he has a wonderful appearance! Do you agree?

You all know the sentence that often appears in this forum, that is something like this one: "Modelling yourself on  people who get the results you want!"

Storm has gotten the results I want, because he seems to be in a vibrant health, after over 40 years on a raw vegan diet!

On its website Storm talks a little about his diet, calling it “a balanced raw diet”, but he doesn’t give very detailed information.

So I hope that someone here, could tell me more about Storm raw diet!

Thanks in advance!


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Nate, thank you for that link.  This is one raw source I had never heard of.  I bookmarked this site.  Very appreciated! 

Yes, Storm and his entire family are incredible examples of living a raw life.  They have a website that you can get all the information on regarding his lifestyle.  He is NOT an 811.  The do use overt fats in their eating program.  But from what I can tell he is truly a remarkable man and one I also admire. 


They offer some classes you can purchase on their particular raw path.  I follow 811 because it works for me.  It is also what I teach my mentoring students after they clean up their eating and their bodies start detoxing. 

he gave his whole story and method on rawplaooza interview

In the interview Nate posted, Storm says he struggles with cooked food cravings EVERY DAY!  He thinks it's inescapable.  That's not a result I'll be aspiring to. 

I've always wondered about Storm and Jinjee and how much of their success can be attributed to genetics rather than diet - specifically Storm's youthful appearance and Jinjee's resilient baby machine body.  I definitely admire them both, regardless.

Certainly genes are important! In addition, individuals of African origin tend to have better skin. However, I have to admit that I have never seen a 62 years old man, who, without having undergone cosmetic surgery, seems to be in his 30's! It 's really amazing how he looks!
I don’t want to open a discussion on the appearance of D. Graham - which has been widely spoken of – but however, one must admit that Storm, who is 5 years older than Doug, seems much much younger! Or am I wrong?
So it’s interesting to know exactly how he eats!

he says how exactly on Rawpalooza

but it is not about wrong or right or a competition, more like each individual reaching their own potential recognizing the shared needs of life.

I lived with them for a while. So I saw first hand what they eat.

and that would be?...

i remember watching a documentary about him and his family a while ago, they were eating lots of oranges and gourmet raw food. they seem really fit and healthy though

The family as a whole ate Lots of oranges ( or mandarins, etc) that was their staple...they would buy cases at a time. All sorts of fruits and veggies. Lots of raw local honey. Avocados, tomatoes, greens and herbs like cilantro, parsley. Sprouted garbanzos. Lots of nuts and nut butters, young coconuts, seaweed, some dried fruits like raisins occasionally, Celtic salt and spices. Keeping in mind they had 5 little kids they were feeding...they worked very hard at making sure their children ate enough and were really aware of changing things up if anyone started getting too skinny and making recipes that the kids liked (berry cobbler, raw tacos, tabouli,). Everything was fresh and organic...every so often they would get food at a raw restaurant.

Storm himself ate a much more restrictive diet than the kids. He seemed to usually only drink some orange juice during the day, and didn't really eat the more complicated dishes he made for the kids (fruit and nut combos etc). He drank an herb tea he made that had some sort of herbal stimulant in it (maybe guarana or something...it was a combo of stuff) and he would make awesome dishes that he would "cook" in the sun. He didn't eat a ton and often said how the older and farther along in raw he got the less he had to eat. He always ate some sort of meal later in the day with green herbs and "protein" (sprouted garbanzos, or nuts/ seeds, coconut). Trying to remember what else...
Storm worked out at least to some degree every day...weight lifting, hiking, jump roping. He obviously thrived. Jinjee seemed to struggle emotionally and wasn't thriving as much physically, in my opinion. Although they both seemed to have some "artistic blues" from time to time. The kids are some of the most emotionally stable kids I've taken care of...they were a total joy. Hardly any fighting or fits at all. A couple of them were a little puny though, and while they definitely all had lots of energy and were thriving, I sometimes just got the gut feeling they needed a lil sumpin' sumpin' they weren't getting somewhere and were a bit lacking somewhere. But hey, isn't everyone?

All in all great people, although I'm not in touch with them any more, as we parted awkwardly. (Loooooong story...)
Oh yeah also olives and olive oil. And Jinjee ate carob powder. But they didn't make "gourmet" nut based dishes really, it was all really simple fresh stuff.



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