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Hellow there ladies and gentelmen,

here is a question I've been willing to ask for a long tim and it's all in the title:

are we storing fat on the face while going high carb ? Is this fat that was stored in the past but which is somewhat rearranging, reallocating on the face ?

I'm really concerned,
 ^^ it's interesting to see meanwhile,

but what is your experience ? Any contribution or guidance welcomed :)

Have a nice day,

Rebecca fat on face :)

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When I started I gained everywhere. Especially in my face. But I'm losing it now. How long have you been on this lifestyle? 

Hello Hollyann! Thank's for taking the time to make a note of your experience ! it's conforting to hear you've been through that kind of change in the past and are now turning ok ! :)) To answer your question I'm high carb since august 2014 but not fully raw. It really depends on what I have time to pack or cook or even get from the stores here in France, which depends a lot on the prices higher for fruit in winter
The "fat" on the face seems to get better for me too even though the size of my chicks for instance goes up and down during the week. I see a change with how round-faced I was in september after I started and now, where it's not permanent anymore

How long did it take you to lose weight Hollyann? I watched your video, I am also gaining weight (first 4 months). Keeping calm but sometimes I freak out lol

Are you eating RT4??? Biggest culprit would be..SALT. 100% raw would be best. You need only water rich, whole fresh ripe fruits and greens.

A much more unlikely, but serious possibility would be a kidney problem. 

Woww, the thing you mention about the kidney is interesting...: what would be the connection with rounder face ?
I'm not fully raw for sure but I don't use salt. lemon juice freshly squeezed is occasionally appreciated ;=)

I've also gained some weight everywhere, I've been in the lifestyle for 4 months now. How long did it take before you started losing Hollyann?

Raw foods forced me to chew more and or open my mouth wider.  Within a few weeks, I had muscles grow on the sides of my face around my ears and cheeks.  

It is also possible for someone coming from a background of malnutrition and or ED to add fat to the face as the body regains its natural shape.  

Peace, PK

Hey PK,

thank's for your message ! I think my cheeks are pretty strong as a result of a long partnership with the company of the world's greatest chewing-gum fans ^^
I think it's more of a general body-weigh gain as you mentioned. When you say "add fat to the face as the body regains it's natural shape": are you talking about rebuilding muscle and hamstring tissues for instance, which would cause the unusual weight gain on face as opposed to other unhealthy situation of weigh-gaining ?

Thank's again and Peace to you ;)



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