30 Bananas a Day!

I am puzzled.

Firstly, my stool went from being well formed solid battleship bombs to what many here describe as fish food.

I was relieved when I saw a few others on here mention that their stool was also very watery.

Over time I noticed my stools change from watery fish food to chocolate soft serve icecream (lol sorry for the graphics)

Now whats bothering me is that I am back to playing "sink the battleships." They are back to being well formed and gigantic again.

When having a bowel movement it comes out fast and without much effort, that I know is a good thing.

So whats the deal? am I just dehydrated? what happened to my fish food?

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Hey, maybe your bowels are shedding their 'gunk' layers? If so it should be a good thing. I'm still in my first few months of this and my stools are kind of variable, depending on what I've eaten, anywhere from soft-serve to fish food. It took me two months just to get regular (I used to be constipated). The faster things go through, the less form they have. It's pure speculation, but I bet our intestines have some healing to do and may go through different stages.

I'm dealing with the same thing.  Just be happy that something is coming out easy everyday.  That's more than what some (if not most) people can say. :)

I guess everyday, around 10:00 am, I play a game of sink the battleship with my toilet too.  

Some people here claim the evacuate everytime they eat and or several times a day.  I go once a day, but when I go I go.  

It seems like  your body is finally regular and normal now and as others have mentioned, perhaps your intestines were just cleaning out old gunk.  Sometimes our bodies also have to adjust to making new types of enzymes as we change our diets and or our gut flora change too.  

Hopefully it will be smooth sailing for you from here on out;-D

Peace, PK

so pk which is the norm fish food or the firm gigantic atomic bombs?

I think the not well formed ones more fish food style is normal I would imagine.  But you will notice a lot of different kinds at first I think.  At least I am.  I think I have to give my digestion a full chance to heal and I think in time we will have normal whatever that is.  Just try not to worry too much about the differences you see right now. 


According to the Bristol Stool Scale:


You should be making atomic bombs that are between the number 3 and 4 listed on this chart.  People doing 811 and are well hydrated may be a bit more along number 4.  

Here is some more interesting info by Dr. Greger:

Dried stool material is actually up to 80% expired gut flora. 

Although not all inclusive, possible reasons people doing 811 may have difficulties with stool outside of stomach flu type of viruses and bacteria, could be the gut adjusting to new digestive enzymes, a need to repopulate healthy gut flora and or gut flora that feeds on raw vegan fruits and greens, not eating enough calories bulk and volume, not drinking enough, or eating too much fat or too much protein.  

Edit here, some people struggle properly digesting cruciferous veggies like broccoli and or veggies from the brassica family like spinach, kale, and chard too.  

If you continue to have issues or are feeling uncomfortable using the toilet, perhaps get a medical checkup and a stool analyses just to be sure everything is ok.  
Peace, PK

Oh interesting PK I thought normal was like fish food. I saw a video where Dr. Graham said it shouldn't be well formed and it should look like you dropped a bunch of fish food in the toilet. I am confused now, lol but thanks for info it is good to know

@Fruit of Life,

I am not sure what is going on with your situation.  May be your body is still adjusting.  People who have a past history of digestive disorders like Celiac, Crohn's or IBS, bowel cancer, or bowel surgeries, and or have lost their appendix, may take longer in adjusting to this diet.  If you have any discomfort I might recommend that you too have it checked out by a doctor just for your peace of mind.  This might just be normal for you right now.  

In my personal experience, and in dealing with many 30BaD members, on average, they seem to make long solid pieces which might fall between 3-4 on the Bristol Scale. 

Durianrider has been known to joke about needing a yardstick to measure some of his creations, and Freelee aka the Banana Girl calls them fluffy fruity floaters.  

I guess a good way to describe them is long, fluffy, solid, and somewhat able to float.  Because of weight and volume, the whole thing is not going to float to the top, but it might float from top down if that makes any sense.  

Sorry for TMI, but I think important info never the less:-D

Peace, PK

PK I have been on this lifestyle for six months. I have not had a history of any of the issues you mentioned, so should I be concerned that it is not normal still after this amount of time? Are you suppose to go only once a day? I do have a weird schedule. I wake up everyday at 3:00 am and I only get about six or so hours of sleep at night.

@Fruit of Life, 

Do you currently have any abdominal discomfort or discomfort going to the toilet?

Are you 100% raw and fruity?  Sometimes fruits do not play nice with cooked foods and or starchy foods like potatoes.  

As far as how many times a day you go, that is up to your body.  There does not seem to be one set way among our members.  So dont worry about that.  

I am not sure what is going on with you, and that may be normal for you to be producing fish food stools.  

One member cleared up the stool issue by adding more calories to the diet.  Vaguely remember they were eating lik 1500-2000 a day.  

A banana island for about 3-7 days may solidify things and or help heal any underlying or undiagnosed digestive issues.  

As Alex mentioned, it may self correct after a few more weeks or months on this way of life.  

Good luck and Peace, PK

No I don't think I have abdominal discomfort when going however sometimes are easier to come out then others and sometimes I literally go very little.  Like a few blobs or perhaps just one but it happens frequently throughout the day. 

I have been 100% since day one.  All fruits and lettuce greens.  I do all mono meals except my last meal is mono fruit with greens. 

I did a banana island for 2 weeks and wanted to go longer but had to break it due to running out of ripe bananas.  Then I have been into all the wonderful summer fruits so I haven't done another one.  But I didn't see much improvement on my banana island although I felt like I was starting to make progress.

I eat tons of calories a day.  I am a 5'4" female and I eat 3500-4500 a day sometimes more.  I have had a 6000 calorie day.  I come from a history of restriction and being severely underweight so I am eating unlimited amounts to try and heal but maybe I need to give my digestion a break and eat less about 2500 or so.  Cause I am just getting so frustrated at this point.  Maybe it isn't possible for my body to heal after all that I have put it through in my life.

@Fruit of Life,

Do you know what percentage of fat calories you are getting?  

Some people like myself are genetically wired to need a little bit more fat in the diet in order to keep the digestive system lubricated.  This probably helps on two fronts, promoting healthy cell and tissue growth as well as oiling up the pipes:-D 

On most days I eat 1-2 oz of nuts or seeds, and occasionally I eat avocado.  

And, another thing that helps is proper hydration.  I know if one has loose stools it sounds counter intuitive, but actually, again, having cells, tissues, and the pipes themselves properly hydrated, they will work better.  Water should mix with the soluble fiber of fruits to create a toothpaste like gel.  

I like to start my day with 2-4 cups of water, and make sure I am urinating clear and or my mouth no longer feels dry before eating.  

I also drink about 30 minutes before or after a meal and not with my meals.

When to eat for max life performance. « Durianrider's Blog



Peace, PK



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