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Hi everybody! :)

I was wondering if anyone experiences upset stomach after whole day of fruit meals? I used to have a different diet, my fav thing in the morning was oatmeal with fruits like bananas and nuts and seeds, and although there is a lot of info about how bad it is to combine fruits with other food, oats make you bloated and so on, this combination made me and my tummy feel awesome and i was never bloated or anything, not when i had my mixed smoothie or oatmeal and not when it was just fruit.
But as i made the transition to hclf and started drinking 10 bananas and dates for breakfast , other fruits for lunch and so on my tummy isn't happy at all :( i experience abdominal pain and sometimes cramps , bloating, gas etc and my body just doesn't feel good as it felt on my previous diet. I used to eat a lot of fruits as well but not as much as now and mixed with that stuff i said and i really felt great but now the thought of my morning smoothie makes me sick and breakfast was my favorite thing :( I don't come from a background of ED and i'm healthy so is it posibble that my body just like the mixed combinations more, or a rotation, one day pure fruit, other with grains etc.
Thanks! :)

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You're likely just getting used to all the fiber.

If the pain happens after meals it is called melon belly and there are a few things you should do to avoid that, namely eating more slowly, not eating late at night, SEQUENCING food properly which I think is way more important than combining (i.e. faster-digesting, lighter food earlier in the day), getting more sleep, hydration, and a little activity before meals

Try raw til 4 and see if you feel better. Also, it could just be a certain food that doesn't agree with you. I couldn't eat bananas for almost the first year I was on this lifestyle, my plumbing couldn't handle them.

When you say drink 10 bananas and dates for breakfast it sounds like you are gulping it down way too fast.  If you're going to eat smoothies eat them slowly and chew or slush it around in your mouth so you stomach knows what's coming. 

I prefer to eat my fruit whole slowly over a half hour or so. This results in more optimal digestion. 

Thanks guys :) I'm not sure, my body is used to fibre, because fruit and veggies are my staple food my whole life :)) and i'm not gulping it down for sure, i'm acctually a really slow eater, always last on the dinner table :D so i slush and chew my smoothies around, i take it to work with me and sip it slowly while i work. The thing is drink smoothies for quite some time and they were never a problem for me until i started raw till 4. Fruit always made me feel great, i looove bananas and now when i started eating it more its giving me problems. I'll try a couple more days and if the same thing goes on i'll try the breakfast i used to eat, with oats and see how i feel. I'm not going to push the fruity life style if it doesnt fit me

Sooo couldn't stand it and I ate a warm oatmeal with banana and coconut nectar this morning :) Now I'm going to drink a lot of water and wait for it to digest and than eat my banana-mint smoothie for lunch. I have to say that i feel great after the breakfast, like my body really needed it. I'm still in the 811 ratio though :))

So I seem to be sensitive to sugar in the morning for some reason.

First I thought it was because dates have so much sugar and 10 was too many at once.

But today I had just a cup of grapes and two apples and that was enough to give me an ache.

So it's not really an excess amount sugar, and it happens whether it's pulverized or not.

I've tried mixing in greens. I have to pay closer attention over the next couple days to see if that's helping.

Any other ideas I can try?

I've heard that it could be do to rapid gas expansion - maybe because it's first thing in the morning. I guess I'll have to test and see if an antacid works.

Sounds like a food combining issue to me. How far apart are your meals and do you snack in between? I had this problem if I ate juicy and/or acidic fruits too soon after my bananas (and sometimes too soon was still 2-3 hours later). Dates in the afternoon will give me heartburn along with a bloated tummy. I find the most soothing part of my day is to sit down to potatoes or grains at night, ahh sweet relief.

So I've had it 3 days in a row, and each time it's just been during the first meal of the day - 

Day 1 - 10 dates smoothie.

Day 2 - 6 dates, 4 bananas. Still happened but not as severe

Day 3 - Wasn't sure about my pre-meal water so I drank 32oz after getting up. Ran out of food (still learning) so I just had two apples and a cup of grapes and that was enough to cause cramping for about 15 minutes. So this time it was just raw fruit not in smoothie form.

I say try and stick with it for some more time, drink your smoothies and eat your fruit slowly. I had the same problems as you and now it's all gone, and I drink my morning smoothie with no problem, no cramps, no bloating, no anything :) So maybe it could be just your body adjusting.

But i have to say that I still eat my morning banana-oats porridge sometimes because it just makes me feel good and i listen to my body, i see no need sticking to strict rules if they make you feel bad and you find relief when your day of eating is over. Food should be eaten with joy and in abundance not with negative feelings :) Of course, give your body some time to detox and rearange and than decide your next move :))

Glad to hear you're not having problems anymore!

Yeah I'm with you in that diet is a learning process rather than something to follow 100%.

If it keeps up I'll keep experimenting to find out what ratio of greens or some other buffer is needed.

I like the oats idea.


 So yesterday I kind of mixed it up, first ate a banana-spinach smoothie than later that day apple-beets-carrot-dates smoothie and boy my stomach was not so happy. so i came to a conclusion that for me works the best when i don't mix it up to much till dinner, so only one kind of fruit and greens, or two kinds of fruit with no greens and so on....and i think dates work best eaten alone, for me at least. Maybe all this will change in the future but for now it's like this, and it's all a case of trial and error to actually see what works best for your unique body :)



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