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Still Not Thriving on this lifestyle -10 months into HCLFV

Hello Everyone,

I've just finished a ride and burst into tears. So I though it must be about time I ask for some much needed help.

After 10 months into HCLFV I am not thriving I'm not feeling like I should be. I'm tired most of the time my skin keeps breaking out my mental clarity feels pretty average if not worst most days. I stuff in the fruit during the day and then potatoes and veggies at night (rice does not digest well) averaging about 2,000 - 2,300 a day, I drink at least 3lts of water each day, and I always feel over full and gross there is no way I could fit another bite in. I was never overweight and now I am which is very disheartening.

I exercise 6 days a week riding, running and strength training. Im always moving.

I'm at the point where I think I may have to reduce the amount Im eating. 

My man has been vegan consistently for the last 5 months is feeling the best he has ever felt, he eats less than me with a higher fat % in his diet which includes grains and bread. He has lost and is losing more fat and gaining heaps of energy everyday.

Has anyone out there had these issues and overcome them?

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Thanks for your advise Ashlee - I've upped my cals, reduced activity and gone raw this is only day 4 however I am starting to feel a little better :) I will keep you posted.

Thanks MistyRaw Ive done it gone raw day 4 and feeling like this is going to make a huge difference. Thank you for you help :)

I think the first couple of posts from my blog could help you (plantsandlogic.blogspot.com)...

Drop me a PM if you have any more questions...

Hello there =) I'm just going to answer based on my own personal experience. I'm also a very active person, and was having some trouble with the life style as well (lack of energy, bloating, being hungry all the time and dreaming about my cooked dinner). I believe plantbased low fat diet is the best, but I also think we have to adapt it a little to our personal needs. So, I've been experimenting a lot and so far concluded that I feel my best when I have some flaxseed or an almond the night before, and I get a higher energy level when I eat more starch. I love fruit and all, but I've done the monomeal thing and would always get nauseated after (dunno why), and yes, I was eating enough calories. But if I just have fruit for breakfast and snacks, and eat starch for lunch and dinner, with a little more fat (usually still around 10-15%), I feel awesome. Honestly, listen to your body and try different things, eventually you will find out what is missing.

Sounds like you may be missing 1 or more critical nutrients that perhaps your man is getting.  Try using a tool like Cronometer (it's free) to get an idea--you'll see right away if there's something you come out low on consistently. 

I think you're majorly under-eating for your activity levels.

Your man eats more that's why he has more energy.. he is not afraid of calories.. why don't you try the same.

That's very hard to bielive.. maybe less volume but most likely more calories.

What is your typical diet like every day, meal by meal?  Are you getting most of your calories from the veggies  (potatoes etc.) at night?  As others have mentioned, you're definitely under-eating for your activity levels; even at your max 2,300 calories, that's still considered calorie restriction here.  Freelee has an interview on Dr. Graham's website here:


Do you ever have cravings for cooked foods or gourmet high-fat raw foods?

Rarely! If I undereat on fruit regularly (which means less than 2,500 calories a day) then cooked food can start to smell appealing but never irresistible. On very rare occasions only I do have some salt-free raw flax crackers, but that is the extent of my gourmet indulgences.

So she eats a minimum of 2500 calories a day, and I read somewhere that she eats as high as 5,000 calories a day depending on her activity levels - sometimes two to three thousand calories a day just from dates!  So going back to the original question, what do you eat during the day, and also, when do you eat?  When I first started, I did fruit and then tried Raw Til 4 and would really pork out on potatoes at night to the point where I didn't really feel good the next morning.  I learned a couple things from this:

  1. I do better getting the majority of my calories from fruit than from veggies
  2. I do better not eating too close to bedtime (stop eating solids at least 2 hours before bed)

Your water intake is great, so I wouldn't worry about that.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

on most days I have a aprox on average

  • 900 cals Green Banana smoothie or Oranges for breakie
  • 900 cals Berry Banana smoothie for lunch 
  • 200 - 500 cals from potatoes salad and/or veggies for tea
  • Snack sometimes includes dates, plums, grapes

Writing this down now is making me think I'm not including much variety. I did try a all raw day yesterday and feel a little better for it so I will defiantly keep that up. I upped my cals in my smoothie this morning and skipped a work out. 

It would be torture for me if you forced me to eat that little...

I always feel over full and gross there is no way I could fit another bite in

I think one issue you're experiencing, other than under-eating for this diet, is that you're taking a lot of calories in at once.  I have a really hard time eating a 10-banana smoothie (1000 calories) simply because it's an awful lot to choke down.  Instead, I split my meals in half so that I'm eating 6 smaller meals instead of 3 larger meals.  Definitely helps me not feel like exploding after I eat!  Hahaha.

In your case, let's say you target 3000 calories (which should probably be the minimum based on your activity levels).  That would mean that you should eat a much smaller 500-calorie meal every few hours, rather than huge 900-calorie meals spaced further apart.  Also, as one additional thing to try, start out with mono meals and keep the greens for later in the day.  Here's a sample meal plan:


  1. Breakfast: 5-banana smoothie (no berries, just bananas)
  2. Morning Snack: 500 calories of OJ
  3. Lunch: Seasonal fruit (500 calories of mangos, plums, whatever is available)
  4. Afternoon Snack: 1 cup of dates (fresh or hydrated, unless you can handle dried)
  5. Dinner: 5-banana smoothie with greens (chard, kale, spinach, etc.)
  6. Evening Snack: Baked fries or veggie platter (baby carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) with hummus (500 calories worth)

Also, how is your sleep?  I require ridiculous amounts of sleep on this diet, which is one of the few things that I don't like about following a fruitarian lifestyle.  My current schedule doesn't allow for 10 hours though, so it's rough!  Haha.

How much sleep are you getting? What time do you do to bed and when do you wake up? 

Sleep is just as important as diet and hydration on this lifestyle. Get to bed as early as you can, ideally around 7, 8, or 9, and definitely before 10pm. Sleep effects everything - digestion, energy levels, and just overall health.

You will notice a difference FOR SURE if you start getting enough sleep (8 hours at the very least), and start getting early nights and early mornings :)



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