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I feel like since I started 80/10/10 all I've done is feel like rubbish. About 2 ish this afternoon I started feeling really headachey and tired and bloated. By the time it was 4pm I started feeling faint.

I managed to walk home but was exhausted by the time I got home and I had to have a nap.

I've just awoke and still feel really tired, a bit nauseus and headachey and generally fed up.

Today I've eaten a banana, date and blackberry smoothie (Total 1162 calories)

Lunch was 3 mangoes (604 cals)

Then later 5 satsumas (around 220 cals)

Could this be 80/10/10 side effects or should I be worried? I just seem to have felt under the weather a lot since starting it and my energy is really low. I'm going to be eating dinner in an hour and today that will be a baked potato with a large salad to bring my calories up to about 2500 cals, which is what I aim for daily.

I'm starting to get a bit worried but am reluctant to go to the docs as they are pretty crappy tbh!

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Thank you, I try to get 8 hours sleep a night and always drink plenty of water. I upped my food intake shortly after posting this and I feel loads better!

I'm weighing everything out and using the cronometer and taking B12 supplements at the moment and I feel right as rain!

I know there will be tough times ahead but for now I feel good again!



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