30 Bananas a Day!

been on this diet for a year and a half and im still exhausted.  came from a past of extreme sickness and I have positives about this diet but the one thing I need the most id energy and I just cant get it....made a video about it:


any suggestions please post below. hugs.

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Sounds like your not exactly being a saint because of financial reasons etc.. welcome to the club I'll eat rice for dinner etc..

If you want to avoid the full full feeling graze and choose denser calorie sources (dates, rice, pasta if you have too). I went through a phase where I just could not smash in the huge smoothies so I'd spike em with ..... sugar! I cant say thats the best choice in the world but i wanted to get the calories in. 

You also cant over think it. eat if you want to eat dont eat if you dont want to eat. Shoot for the foods that you can eat the most of if rice is working for your ight now becuase of finances and appetite then lean on it till you can work yourself out of that rice rut. 

I'd also force a walk in or soemthing for some exercise if your not exercising. just get the blood flowing dont kil yourself its not a race just go out for 30 minutes and walk get the sunshine etc... do it daily dont comprimise etc.. 

You might have a 3500 calorie day and you might have a 2500 calorie day dont over think it. Try to eat a variety of foods as finances and appetite permit but get those calories in anyway you can. graze and nibble if you have too.

Orange juice is a good option but that could get costly as well etc..

Oh and make sure you got good ripe stuff too that really helps with the appetite.

as far as greens go I dont eat as much as i should because of finances I'm ok but I try and get them in as i can. 

thanks for the tips! orange juice is cheap for (boyfriend works at a citrus grovestand lol so I get 40 pound boxes for free hehe! I think that over thinking it is my problem. Because I see no energy results I don't bother eating enough because I think "well screw it, it isn't working anyways." Anyways thanks!

yeah if i could get free orange juice i'd go nuts with the stuff!

I over thought it a lot in the beginning. I have some fatigue issues myself but its too much worring and late nights with kids etc.. i had more energy a few months ago I'm also running more now as well too so that might be where my energy is going in my case. I keep pondering if i shoudl just eat more for more energy or cut down on the running I dunno which way to go.

haha maybe both, more food less working out lol I had a friend tell me to do a 21 day water fast and that this carbing up business is bs.....and I just find it so hard to believe that starving yourself of nutrition will be good for you ... maybe im lost lol.

A lot of people report doing better when they eat less because they have more energy since not all of the body energy is spent on digesting food. Someone can eat twice as more then someone else but because they don't absorb what they eat properly they never get the nutrients they need and force their body to do twice as more work on digestion, taxing the body reserves even more without being efficient, it sounds like a fast could help restore that.

Also many people report hating having to carb the f up because they dont have any desire to eat and just force food in and get bloated and feel terrible, it seems conterr productive, why force in so much food if you don't feel like it? Just because someone tells you, EAT A TON, doesn't mean that's what needs to happen. My whole family thought i needed to eat more at some point because i was so skinny, yet i was eating POUNDS of fat to the point of nausea and liver cramp and burns. my body wasn't efficient and wasn't absorbing any of it, this changed on this diet. I eat a lot because I am always feeling like im starving so for me I want in as many calories as possible, it doesn't change the fact that my body feel awful almost every time I eat a ton, I keep eating a lot because I'm so hungry and want as more weight but I do think that it would be better for my body if I ate smaller servings, I just cant cope with the hunger though. Sometimes less is more.

The other thing is out of the zilliosn fruits out there there are only TWO fruits high in carbs, bananas and dates and they are so because of their lack of water, perhaps nature though that the higher water content the better, so that we dont need to gag gallons of water and just get our water from high water content fruits. Can you imagine someone eating 350calories of grapes, melons, apples, without being so bloated? I sure can't. If nature wanted to have us carb the f up then why isnt there more dates type of fruits and why are fruits so devoid of high carbs?! Man thank god we got rice and potatoes! Also dates in their natural state are much more watery if eaten from the tree.

one thing i've done latly to avoid the full feeling as i wanna get a lot of calories in but dont have time to wait around for digestion is I'll do dateraid. its a lot easier for me to digest then a 10 banana smoothie.

you could try 3 or 4 bananas then suck down some orange juice or something.

Wow, free citrus, you are incredibly lucky. Take full advantage of that as long as you can. :)

Haha I know I probley one of the only fruitier that actually may move-in on a huge a fruit farm...I'm so blessed. Thank you for me realize something positive!

This is really good advice!!

I have really lousy digestion lately and so i'm leaning towards 80/10/10 and not just loading up on the fruit but making sure I get the greens.  Most people that are successful say the greens are super important.  I don't like eating them either.  Just mix them in with your smoothie. 

I would eat for energy before worrying about weight.  Are you saying that at 2800 calories you have more energy?  Also, are you consuming avocado's at all?  Some people will go to 80/10/10 and decide they don't like avocado or nuts and seeds at all and go overt free thinking that they want to lose fat.  But you can actually become omega 6 deficient if you don't consume overt fats.

Also have you had your vitamin d levels checked or do you supplement with a vegan d3?  you mentioned b12 but could be vitamin d.

I was watching this the other day that's an interview of Victor Rambuten by Megan Elizabeth re: nutritional holes on 80/10/10.


I do eat avos a lot porobley 1 to sometimes 2 avos a week because of my bf working on a farm so im a bit spoiled on fresh avos...they ar ehard to resist haha. vitamin should be fine for me I float in my pool in my yard for a few hours everyother day. and ok I will watch that vid! anything could help!!

Dennis I don't think that just because Victor claims that there is an issue with Omega 6 doesn't mean it is necessarily true.  Granted he is knowledgeable but there are others who hold a different opinion based on the research they have done.  No one knows for sure.  Unless you get your omega status tested there really is no telling.  And you can get omega testing done through a testing kit you can do in your own home and mail back. 



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