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I bought my first set of cases today. 1 case of juicing oranges for $36 and one case of pink lady apples for $75. Husband freaked out. "Why can't you have rice chex and almond milk every morning like me?" I'm sorry... but that's not good enough. I'm hungry, tired, and not getting enough nutrients. *sigh* who else is dealing with a sticker shocked SAT hubby who doesn't seem to understand that nutrients in now mean less medical bills later.

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Tell him if he can beat you in a race around the block you'll consider what he is saying...it will force him to watch you get fit and get fit himself to feel the difference...

Thing is he probably can. He's incredibly fit for not being fit, and I'm fighting genetics to get into shape. I'm a spartan in training but I recently got out of shape from injury and he could probably beat me in a mile... He's ex cross country and swimming... *sigh*

I'm getting off medications and my hormones are balanced but we can't put a price on that because it wasn't costing us anything (yet). He comes from a very cost conscious family where cost is over quality, and all illnesses can be traced back to something "not food related". It gets frustrating sometimes. Maybe ill take you up on your race offer in a few weeks when I'm back in the condition I need to be :) 

He tries to be understanding, but it doesn't stop him from getting sticker shock and "just having to remind myself and understand you're expensive". 

It's good to be frugal but NOT when it;s a question of the quality of one's food or one's preferences in food.(else bad digestion).

say you also save on cosmetics and fancy clothes and perfume,which most women buy and which are expensive and superfluous,so you save not only on medical bills.And there's many more products one saves on.Household cleaners,soaps and shampoos.Even washing clothes becomes just a preference,rather than a need as one does not stink or sweat into them.

I'm going to try only soaking the clothes in water for couple of hours and see what happens,perhaps using a brush and some hard soap on it if there're spots on them,so as to save electricity, water and powder from washing and rinsing cycles.

It's actually the small things that become the bigger savers in the end.One can save in so many things on this lifestyle.Or at least spend not more than spent previously.He must take a pen and paper in hand and calculate ALL of these things and see for himself and talk later.



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