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Yes, I know that you've had to deal with weight gain post after weight gain post, but this one is different from the majority of those since I've been on this lifestyle for 2.5 years now. I could really use your help here, fruities--I don't know what's wrong!

I am currently in my freshman year of university (as an architecture student), and I've gained a significant amount of weight since arriving. I don't know how much because I don't have a scale and don't weigh myself regularly. I'm still eating a fruit-based, basically-raw (some pasteurized juice and dried fruit here and there) diet, although it's changed slightly in terms of types of LFRV foods because I live off the included meal plan and whatever I can buy in one grocery trip a week (some bananas, some salad fixings for when the dining hall isn't open, and maybe one other fruit). My mileage is equal to or slightly less than before school started (heavy architecture workload), with me running/cycling usually five days a week instead of seven. I get anywhere from 5-9 hours of sleep per night, depending on my studio work. Seven or eight hours is probably a good estimate of the average. It's impossible to complete my projects and still get enough sleep each night.

Below is an example of a day's food (today, for example)

Breakfast: 2 pineapples (600-700 calories)

Lunch: 4 plates cubed honeydew/cantaloupe (all the cafeteria usually serves in terms of fresh fruit), maybe 3-ish cups per plate or the equivalent of 2-3 cantaloupes? (400-600 calories?)

Snack: large Jamba Juice fruit smoothie (400 calories)

Dinner: Another 2 plates melon, + 1 cup raisins, + 1/2 cup strawberry jam, + 4 toppling plates salad w/ tomato, cucumber, carrots & cabbage (600-700 calories?)

Late-night snack: 100% pineapple canned pineapple chunks (400 calories)

3-3.5 L water

I have, on a few occasions, eaten a few things that I wouldn't normally eat--whether by accident or not: a few tablespoons of peanut sauce (on a salad), some pickled carrot and radish (thought they were raw), and some salted/steamed veggies (didn't know about the salt). However, I doubt that this is the cause of my substantial weight gain.

I usually drink anywhere from 2.5-3.5 liters per day, and I often feel thirsty. I think that this is because I'm originally from Florida, and I've moved to Austin, Texas. I distill tap water with a pitcher-type (carbon) water filter.

An example of a week's exercise:

Sunday: 5-mile trail run

Monday: very brief walking/cycling to and from studio (less sleep last night)

Tuesday: 5-mile trail run

Wednesday: 6-mile trail run

Thursday: 4-mile bike to grocery (less sleep last night)

Friday: 5 or 6-mile total equivalent "Brick" workout--about 40 minutes spinning and 25+ minutes running

Saturday: 10-12 mile long run

I have noticed a steady increase in body fat: my thighs completely rub all the time now, whereas I used to have a slight gap between them; my arms are a bit thicker, although perhaps not all of that gain is fat; my boobs (well, mostly one boob, haha) have grown noticeably. What's up? (At least, what do you surmise is up?)  Is it the food? The exercise? The sleep? I don't want to keep gaining weight--that might drive me back into depression (recovered soon after beginning this lifestyle). 

I greatly, greatly appreciate any advice--especially evidence-/science-based advice!!!

Much love,


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I suspect the same. They could have some nasty chemicals in them that I'm not aware of. I'll try cutting them out.

calorie wise its not that much. 2400+ cals.
plus u do a lot of cardio.

check ur thyroid. maybe its sluggish and ur body
requires less cals coz of that.
or maybe u r even doing too much cardio
which causes too much stress , which causes weight gain.

or maybe u r even doing too much cardio
which causes too much stress , which causes weight gain.

I have to wonder that. In my case i've been sick the past week as a result my runnings down. and well my weights also dropping. granted tho my calorie intake is also down some as well from lack of appetite. But I have read this and that about over exercising cuasing the cortisol levels to rise and cause weight gain.

Hmmm. But I was doing the same/more before. It's an interesting idea, though.

did u mention how tall u r and what u used to weigh / how much u weigh now????

I'm 5'6, but I don't know my current weight (I don't have a scale). I just know that I don't fit in most of my jeans anymore.

I think you need to eat more calories. You do a lot of physical activity as well as attend university. Both of those activities require an increase in calories, above the already recommended 2500 minimum. Have you been steadily gaining weight the whole 2.5 years? I started off 100% raw for 3 months then switched to raw till 4. I initially lost weight, then gained a bunch, and then finally very slowly began to lose the weight again. I am 1 yr 8 months in now and am still up about 15 lbs from my starting weight. My highest was about 25 lbs who my starting weight. I eat around 3,000 calories a day and feel it really helps speed things up to give your body those extra calories to have the energy to do what it needs to do. My suggestion is don't be afraid of calories and the more the better. This is the best lifestyle ever...the more you eat the better :-) smash in the carbs!
Yep I agree- eat more and if you can get an extra hour or two of sleep.

I did used to eat more calories--it's gone down from 3000-3400 since then. I'll try this for a month or so and see if it helps! I'm a bit scared, though, because now my body might be used to significantly less, so maybe I'll increase gradually.

The other issue is that, with a busy schedule and trying to mostly eat in the dining halls due to budget, I often don't have enough time to eat a significant amount, especially since the only fresh fruit that the cafeterias serve is cubed melon. I need to figure out a way to carry lots of bananas on my bike! 

Also, the weight gain didn't start until I came to Austin, although I did gain a bit of weight when I first started the diet because I was finishing off recovery from anorexia. After that, though, my weight was pretty much constant, around 110.

Get a blood test and get everything checked... hormones, thyroid. 

I don't have a doctor here, but I'll figure out if the school health department can do full blood tests! 



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