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Get warm by moving more or snuggling more! Why food to get warm? Food doesnt really make you warm, just digestion uses energy that would otherwise go to make heat. 


To me there's always something festival and gooey about pineapple.  Maybe served with some brazil nuts.  And a reminder to myself that everything in past that's warm, buttery and sweet is fatty, and certain to cause gastric distress!

Consider this. You always in a tropical temperature even though you may not live in a tropical climate all the time. Your house is usually almost 70 degrees in the winter, especially if you wear a sweater and nice warm sox and/or your uggs. Then there's the fruit: Like A narcho fembot (love that) said, "why warm up to food? It is digestion that warms you up anyway". I second that. Whenever I actually eat a good amount, unless it is cool watermelon, I usually warm up pretty darn quick. Sitting with the feet up for at least five minutes helps digestion a lot, and I have done this for 30 years almost every time I eat, especially dinner. (I always loved to make my bodybuilding more efficient since gaining weight was always super hard for me even cooked).


But the key is to remember that smoothies do not warm you up as much. Not me anyway. Not as much as actually EATING the fruit (Even though I always chewed my smoothies)...


Oh. And remember. Always be in a relaxed state of mind when you eat. Or doing anything as sacred.


Yeah baby yeah!

I just had a rice porridge binge :( Reminder for me to KEEP RAW FOOD STOCKED IN MY APARTMENT (all I have are dates which I've also been going to town on)

Meditate more, makes you warm, just ask the guys who practice tummo and raise their body temps enough to dry a wet towel! 

I also find visualization helps, as in visualizing yourself somewhere warm with the sun bathing your body, or any situation in which you are warm.

Surprisingly the cold was never a problem for me with here in NYC. I never understood the its winter argument.

Raw all winter hey?  Well it can be done.  I live in Northern Canada, in a small town, with an itty-bitty small grocery store, that does not stock organic, rarely has nice produce, and what it does has costs a Fortune!! Winter can last for MONTHS.  I can grow things from May to September and that is it.


  If I can do it here, anyone can stay raw. 


I am fortunate to live on 3 acres and I grow some fruits (mostly berries) but what I can’t grow I buy in season and freeze.  I practically live off of smoothes in the winter.  I can always get oranges, pineapples, dates, apples and mangos. Grapes can cost upwards of 5.00 a pound so it is rare I eat those (not like they look edible anyway). Say peaches (which I can’t grow here), I will buy, slice and freeze on cookies sheets and then toss in bags for the winter.


For greens I grow micro greens in the winter, like sprouts and pea shoots and sunflower sprouts. I do buy lettuce from the store. I do buy toppings for my salads.  I do juice vegetables & greens.  Yes, I know it is kinda Taboo in the LFRV world but it is the only way I have found to get my minerals in the winter. I grow a big garden in the summer; I can store carrots and beets in my basement.  Things like cucumbers, Swiss chard, spinach, ect, I juice (in season) and then I freeze the juice in ice cube trays and add it to smoothies or as a second (or third) ingredient to my carrot juice. Until I can move to a warmer climate…..it will have to do.


Hope those ideas help some of you.





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