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Hey everybody! So I got obsessed with this lifestyle a while ago, but nobody I know understands it. They all think it's just a weight loss thing. I won't lie, I would LOVE to be skinny and athletic, but that isn't my whole focus! I want to be HEALTHY. I'm sick of feeling tired after doing something easy. I guess my question is, how did all of you stay true to the raw vegan lifestyle before it became "your normal"?

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better to stay true to yourself and just go with the flow

I am new to this too so sadly can't help with advice, but am suffering the same problem as you. Everyone I know doesn't quite get it, don't get me wrong I at least don't have people actively trying to hinder my progress, but sometimes I think it would be nice if more people "get it".
I am in the middle of the china study and am struggling to sit still and not run around knocking milk out of people's hands. Especially my families, but I have to sit here and realise they are letting me do my own thing, I have to let them do theirs. Perhaps in a year or two they will see the changes in me and make changes too.

This is exactly how I feel about it. People keep asking "Are your SURE you don't want ice cream (cheese, eggs, steak, and on and on)?" SoI politely say no thank you and go chat with somebody else. Hopefully once I've been doing this for a while they'll stop asking and just accept :)

hahahaha my grandmother gets my mom to buy her Cheetos and ginger ale along with all of her pharmaceuticals, its so sad!

A lot of internal work - the more you love yourself and learn the imprinting of truths the easier it becomes.  Be patient and dedicated with yourself and enjoy the journey. That and knowing where and how to get good quality and variety of fruit :)

I eat cooked stuff sometimes, but I've never veered from the vegan path after I made the final push to quit dairy.  It's been 10 years of happiness for me.  You just have to recognize that most people have no idea how healthy and happy they can be.

Definitely helps me stay on track when im eating as much as I want, no calorie restriction at all just good old carbs!

your ont he right track seek health and then a mountain of other benefits fill in all the cracks. I cant speak for this lifestyle I've only been doing it for a few months. But generally when i do something like this after about 6 months its the new normal. tho I took to this pretty easily prior to this i kept gravitating to it and backing off wondering if iw as eating too much fruit and veggies. after i found this site and read some books i was like really i can go this nuts and eat this way? I was pretty easy to go for it my biggest struggle is keeping the banana rotation and supply in check. It feels normal now but I think it'll be more cemented ina  few more months. I have the road trip obstacle coming up that i'm planing how i'll tackle and stay on this path. If i have to eat rice while driving so be it but no one says i cant stop at a grocery store along the way and pile in some fruit for the drive!

This is exactly how I feel about it. People keep asking "Are your SURE you don't want ice cream (cheese, eggs, steak, and on and on)?

What they're saying is do you want fat, fat, fat, and fat? shall i kill an animal in your name? NO! the fat you eat is the fat you wear.  if you're craving other foods. you're undercarb'd. cahb up cahb up!

Idk... maybe about six months?  I still had cooked food slips till I reached two and half years.  I stayed true by focusing on optimal health.  I was never healthy and I wanted to know what it felt like to have great energy.  I may not be where I want to be at the present moment, but I'm feelin pretty darn good, and I'm so excited about my future : )  All the best to you and congratulations! 



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