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When I found out that 811 diet is the only thing that makes all of the symptoms of my neurological disease go away (and I tried everything before), I decided to go with. But here comes a problem: now, every time I eat anything, I get fever and become extremely weak. It's been over 2 weeks now. In my week '0', I ate mostly greens and was increasing fruits. Did anybody experience something like that?

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I might try eating only fruits and greens that you know agree with you for a few days to see if this helps. And then adding one fruit at a time to see if you have an allergy.  I might also try eating only one fruit at a time for easy digestion.  Putting your greens in a blender with some fruit is much easier on digestion than eating your greens in a salad, maybe try that.  And staying well hydrated is important for digestion too. 



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