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Hey fruitlovers!

So.. I've got a little kabocha squash that has been sitting inside my cupboard for over two weeks. I've been eating 100% raw for two months now. I REALLY DONT want to throw my squash away (even though it goes to compost..I know its okay)


I don't want to break my 100% raw habit, but at the same time I don't want to waste healthy, little, yummy squash. I am so tempted to cut it in half, take the seeds out, poke some holes, sprinkle some cinnamon on top and pop it in the oven, bake it and eat it for dinner. I KNOW I'm never going to get another squash at the store because I haven't had the craving for it.


What should I do guys? should I just eat the squash and move on with my 100% raw life, I mean its just ONE little squash.. OR should I just stick to my diet, and raw habits and just toss it? I'm afraid that eating something cooked will NOT do me good. But at the same time, squash is healthy... its a starchy veggie that just needs to be heated.


HELP??? what would you guys do!!!???




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