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starch-based foods are a fall-back food at best. how could it be otherwise, when starch is tasteless, and all starchy foods must be embellished by salt herbs, spices fats, etc.  surely starch on its own would taste amazing if we were "starchivores", like mcdougal claims. it seems ridiculous then for anyone to defend this claim.

any opinions on starch rotting on your tonsils, in your throat and in your stomach causing bad breath? http://www.curezone.org/faq/q.asp?a=3,85&q=352.  

could mucus production triggering the common cold result from rotting starch stuck onto the walls of the stomach, that the body periodically  mobilizes itself to eliminate through mucus expelled through the mouth and nose.  could coughing up mucus during a cold be the result of mucus originating from the stomach that is pushed up through the esophagus and leaks into the trachea?

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Personally, I am raw. But some folks feel great on Starch Solution, so let them be happy. They aren't killing any animals and are doing well, so it's all good.

Sweet potato, sweet corn, jicama, plantains, sweet peas, lentils fava beans... don't taste "tasteless" and don't need "embellishment". I eat them raw.

McDougall's claim that we are starchivores comes from the fact that when we developed agriculture roughly 10,000 years ago, we mostly sustained ourselves with starch (fruit trees take years to produce fruit).

Frantz, in the case of sweet potato sweet corn plantain sweet peas, these are not your classic starchy foods, theyre tasty because of their sugar content not because of their starch content. some members of the legume family can be sprouted and eaten raw, their taste being largely umami which comes from their high protein content. they taste not unlikely some high protein leaves, like the tropical katuk. our tongues i suspect are deceived into thinking we're eating the latter.

yes that's right about mcdougal. i dont deny that, i just hold that we're not starchovores cause if we were, starch itself would taste like something, which is most certainly doesnt. also we have a limited ability to digest starch, producing only amylase to do so whereas true starch eaters secrete many such starch-splitting enzymes. 10000 years not a very long time but of course we were eating starchy foods as foragers before then, still our adaptation was minimal probably because we can never adapt to cooked foods, since there may be no biochemical pathway to do so.

starch-- a second rate food that mostly must be cooked and embellished

I agree-accept corn is a classic starch. As a raw vegan, I would like to think that we are not as well adapted to cooked foods; but since we've been cooking regularly for about 350,000 years, I know some people some strongly disagree.

that's if you accept that we descend directly from the savannah lineage of homonids.  tony wright's  book, return to the brain of eden, suggest the very real and surprisingly overlooked possibility of homo sapiens evolving from a rainforest primate lineage that emerged onto the savannah 200 000 years ago, which is when fossil evidence for our species appears.  fossil evidence is largely absent from rainforest environments given the rapid deterioration of bone due to the heat and humidity. in other words, we became homo sapiens in the rainforest, evolving independently from savannah hominids which emerged onto the savannah much earlier then we did. if this is correct then we are not direct descendants of homo erectus as orthodox anthropology claims.

let's not forget the toxins and carcinogens cooked food becomes laden with during the cooking process.  are we adapted to acrylamides and nitrosamines, not to mention the denaturing and damaging of the macronutrients themselves? i think it was more degeneration that took place, not adaptation.  when you look at all of life, it evolved over hundreds of millions of years to function within biological temperature ranges  (i guess extremophiles are the exception).  and then a highly intelligent frugivorous ape comes along and learns how to heat its food to non biological temperatures. what could go wrong? 

I don't know. Some people seem to do well on starches and when you live somewhere cold and/or poor, you don't have a lot of options. But I'm not 18 anymore and I did some damages to my body in the past, like we all did. So no matter how much I'd like to eat potatoes sometimes, I just can't digest them properly. I really don't agree when people say that "everyone is different and unique and sometimes you can eat meat and stuff" because we have the same type of digestive system. But when it comes to cooked vegan and raw vegan food, the level of your health really could make a lot of difference.

I eat mostly starches as a fall back food. I absolutely love it! I'll back a big batch of potatoes with no salt or oil and don't dip it in anything. It's delicious! same with sweet potatoes. Oatmeal when made with almond milk is good for me and tasty but I mix in some bananas to get some simple sugars into me.

Personally I find a lot of starchy foods to taste just as good as fruit. 

Yes, fruit may be ideal, but a lot of people don't have the same access to fresh fruits and veggies as you. It is a great fallback and still much better than any standard diet. Starch provides plenty of energy, is filling, and when eating simple starches (potatoes, oats, rice) is perfectly healthy.

I feel better on starch because fruits where I live are not cheap and I'd have to not eat as much as I'd like. 

All depends on the circumstances :) as long as people are vegan I'm happy. Animals lives are saved and both lifestyles are different path to the same goal (health!). :D

Although I know not a popular opinion, I agree that a starch based diet is not the solution for long term health.  Emergency foods sure.  Keep up the calories and energy.  But long term, not healthy.  

Just like an animal based diet might cause problems such as being high in cholesterol, not all plant foods are our friends.  Potatoes high in solanine which is a neurotoxin and oxalate acid, some starchy foods and grains high in oxalate acid and phytates for example.  

I have written a little bit about it with science references here:




The closer we are to our natural diet, and the more raw foods we eat, the better.  

Peace, PK

Agree that definitely mostly raw is ideal. Sometimes it's not possible and starch is a good second behind fruits :)

Potatoes are tasteless? Rice is tasteless? I eat all starches plain, without any condiments or seasonings and I love them all.

Any kind of bean, rice, oats, barley, millet, quinoa, potatoes, pumpkin, yams. I love them all, and to me, none of them are tasteless. They're actually pretty yummy.

Agreed. Blindfold me, and serve me a Russet, Yellow, and Red potato, I would easily identify which one is which at first bite. I remember Graham making the "starch is tasteless" claim years ago. Load of bollocks.

To people who've been eating a standard fat and salt laden diet at first it might taste like nothing but once your body adapts to clean eating things like plain potatoes are delicious



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