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Standing on the verge of an emotional breakdown it feels.

I've been almost 100% Raw for the past 5 days, and starting yesterday I started feeling a deep(emotional) hole within me. I've been distant, blunt, feeling lifeless and completely unmotivated (especially at dance school - I've even missed classes, and I really don't want to go tomorrow!).

I feel as though I want to separate myself from every other being on this planet. Complete isolation. I've heard that a part of transitioning into Raw is facing the emotions that have previously been suppressed by a numbing caused by cooked foods. Could this be what I'm experiencing? If so, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can bring these deep emotions up onto the surface to feel them in their entirety and then release them?

Thanks for your support! x

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you have to have the breakdown in order to have the breakthrough... it's no fun, but it's part of the journey. don't be scared. best not to try to force anything - not the physical and not the emotional detox. just observe what's going on. rest as much as you need to - your lifelessness and lack of motivation could just be tiredness that you haven't allowed yourself to feel before. rest, breathe, get lots of sunshine and fresh air, eat plenty of calories, journal, feel your feelings as they present themselves to you, and trust that what will keep you well will also make you well. we're here for you.
Hey Clare,

Hey, I'm sorry you're going through this, but you're totally not alone - people here aren't like those in consensus reality - I think we really do care about each other, the way humans are meant to. I'm sending the vibes anyway.

I've been going through the same thing - thinking particularly that I'll never get married or have kids because of this different diet (that many don't like) and this different outlook. And at the moment, I feel like that's actually what I want - which is similar to your need to separate yourself from people.

Anyway, I WAS wondering if I was missing out on certain nutrients or something...and I'm still not 100% sure but at the moment I'm thinking it's actually just adjusting from having those numbings foods to suddenly just having reality. I really used to pacify myself with food - thinking back, food would make me happy when I was feeling down about something...so it was a bit like a drug. Now I look forward to foods in the same way - but they're not the opiates cooked foods are.

I think this constant sharp awareness that raw food gives you is like a very harsh light being shone onto your life. And the isolation comes from the fact that it shines a very harsh light onto the society around you. I think the best thing to do is to get out walking in nature when you can, continue to eat the good foods - the tryptophan in bananas helps me feel good quite often - and just take care of yourself like you're your own mother. That's what I'm doing at the moment - not sure if it's working but every now and then I do think - "Hey, I'm a bit better than I was" and I'm just letting that trend continue.

I LOVE your last paragraph!!! :)
It's so overwhelming, feeling comforted and understood by people you would usually consider 'strangers'. No one in the 30BaD community is a stranger, we're all equal members of a spirited, supportive and loving family.

I can't express the immense gratitude I feel for your encouragement and support. I will take all of your advice on board. And again, thank you. You have no idea how warming your responses have been.

Love, grace and peace,
me too, think i'm over the edge actually... see my blog
no words of wisdom, just sharing that you're not the only one
That's a great quote!
clare, what are you eating each day?
what time are you going to bed and what time are you getting out?
how much water are you drinking?
how much sunlight are you getting?

when we stop doing stimulants etc, we get in touch with how tired our body really is from that lifestyle of abuse..

so how much of the above are you getting? are you experiencing detox? or just dehydrated, underslept and undercarbed like 99.9% of society that just keeps on driv'n with coffee and game show television..
It's likely that I am suffering from sleep dep. and dehydration. I'm usually have a green smoothie every morning for breakfast and when I get to dance I eat about 7 bananas, half hour before I start training. At lunch I might eat 4 apples and celery and carrots, in between I snack on dates to keep my energy levels up. When I get home I will have a fruit of choice, maybe oranges or honeydew, or a big salad. Being very fresh to the Raw lifestyle, I have had two cooked meals throughout my transition. On both occasions this was steamed pumpkin.

I try to hit the hay around 10, but I've been staying up later than usual because of my over-working mind. Of which I should handle with meditation and breathing techniques.

I'm not sure if I'm detoxing or possibly eating too little, or the wrong combinations? It's hard for me to tell.

Thank you kindly.
How about drinking?
You might feel like you are getting a lot of water in your system just by eating the fruits and vegetables but it's important you drink a lot. Especially if you are physically active. (I almost typed physically attractive :s
bad me ;)
I've tried downloading the 'cronometer', it's a great idea/suggestion - thank you! The only problem is that I'm not sure which application I can use to open the program up... I'm using a mac if that helps?
There should be a mac version of the program.



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