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Hey everyone- My name is Nick, I'm from the US, and I've gone through phases of being a vegetarian and then vegan.  I ended up falling off of it because I was not educating myself fully, and ended up malnourished.  When my attention was brought to a raw diet, I was immediately intrigued, and felt that it made sense to me. I've struggled endlessly with digestive issues, and want to feel good knowing that I am doing my body good.

It has been about two weeks on a mostly raw/raw til 4 style way of living.  A lot of people say that this lifestyle does not have to be expensive, but I find myself spending quite a bit of money.  Yes, granted, I did stop huffing on an electronic cigarette (saving me about $60 a week), and I'm not going out to restaurants, so these little bits definitely help keep some cash in my pocket.

It seems that I'm eating a lot of oranges in the morning, usually followed by a banana smoothie, and then I bring about 64 oz of smoothie with me to work. When I get home I'll have a cooked meal, hang out, and then sleep.  Yes, there are issues with the way my day is setup.  I work in the restaurant industry as a server (no, not ideal, but it has to work for now), and my schedule is more like wake up at 11am, and be at work from around 4pm to midnight or so.  

I'm here looking for advice, tips, tricks, helpful/intelligent conversation, and whatever else we all may have to offer one another! I'm currently reading Doug Graham's 80/10/10.  Some issues I find are: cravings for sweets (cakes, cookies)... also things like ranch dressing... It has been about 2 weeks, but I feel like it's breaking an addiction!

Thanks, and looking forward to meeting all of you!


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Welcome! congrats on you're transition xD

For sweets cravings I would suggest really stuffing you're self with sweet fruits, and maybe try some vanilla in you're smoothies, it can really make them taste a lot sweeter some times. Soaking some golden raisins makes in the fridge makes them tasty, and they are pretty sweet.

For ranch dressing you could maybe find a powdered vegan salad dressing, and just add it to you're potatoes or something haha. Basically just make sure you put prioritize being 801010 vegan before being raw, and also prioritze calories before rawness. Or as Durianrider puts it "Shoot for gold (raw) and when you need to fall back go to silver (cooked)" cause gold and silver are still awesome and super freakin' healthy, but the next option is like... not even a medal, its like... poop! lol

boom! i found some vegan ranch https://www.google.com/search?q=vegan+ranch+dressing&rlz=1C5CHF...

*head explodes*

HaHa :D not even a medal, it's like poop!...you are funny William :) 

Hey William, thanks for the welcome and the suggestions! And I like the shooting for gold, fall back on silver idea- that helps. Obviously wouldn't fall back to a animal product diet, that's just out of the question at this point. I did make a cashew-based ranch, but that's probably too much fat to be eating on the regular. I'll explore some more options. But that is what I did! I put it on potatoes!  Thanks again! :)

Welcome Nick :) It sounds like you are doing great! It is early days and you will get it sorted. Thank the stars you stopped huffing! Keep coming in to visit 30BaD...so many great people here. Dates certainly quell cravings for sweets and you can make many raw dressings in a blender with simple ingredients. There is a forum for low fat raw vegan recipes on here...I am sure they will have some dressings for you. Tannyraw on youtube has some amazing ones and if you haven't checked him out already... for a few laughs and some inspiration check out Vegan Gains on the youtube also. Good luck Nick!! Stay vegan <3 

Hi Georgia- I know, the eCig was the worst thing for me.  Sure, the cigarettes were worse, but I truly did not smoke all that long. I'm 25 now, but I smoked for about 3 years, then 2 years on the eCig. Lets hope there's no real damage from that! I'm so glad to have found the community, and you all seem very welcoming. I'm looking forward to exploring further into the threads and meeting more people! My friend in California turned my attention to this lifestyle, and she also showed me Vegan Gains, he's one funny dude!! And true, down to earth as well. Thanks so much!

Oh good on your friend! Tell her 'you go girl' from me :D You will heal from the smoking damage and glad you like Vegan Gains...he is funny and clever too. Good luck and stay carbed! <3

p.s. My mums' name is Nick too :)



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