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This 30BaD post is for support and inspiration. IT IS FOR EVERYONE. (Yes, you!) Everyone (you) can use it either as a daily exercise journal, a place to post sporadic exercise episodes or events, sources for valuable exercise information or injury prevention, or a place to simply chat and cheer everyone on. It's a place for everyone (you) to feel accepted and loved and encouraged.  It's a place for everyone (you) to feel at home.

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Hey, where's Jo? Yesterday I went for a snowy walk and did 100 squats. Been a while on the squats, feeling a bit stiff today!

Si, donde esta la Jo?

Understandable there's some cobwebs to work out then.  Soon this will just be a warmup number, Mary!

Reverse Wall Walk with Push Up – 40 Reps
Strict Pull Up – 50 Reps

broken into 10 sets of in 4 and 5

finished with 50 alt pistols

1 hr yoga

Hopefully with Jo it's LOVE!!!

ooo, don't keep us in suspense, Jo!

*edit* we're friends on FB, and she says "Hi!"

Tabata x2 - 8:00
Superman Hold 
Superman up and down 
Plank Hold 
Plank Walk 
Banana Hold 
Banana up and down 
Straight-legged sit ups with arms overhead

METCON: Barbara 40 
5 Rounds for Time (RFT) 
20 pull ups 
30 push ups 
40 sit ups 
50 air squats 
Rest 3:00 between rounds

Work up to a heavy 3-Rep each set on power clean and shoulder-to-overhead (same weight/bar); not necessarily MAX, but heavy 
successful 135.  145 cleans, but no s2o.

Minute work @ 95#
0:00 5 power cleans 
1:00 5 shoulder to overhead 
2:00 3 power cleans THEN 3 shoulder to overhead 
3:00 5 power cleans 
4:00 5 shoulder to overhead 
5:00 3 power cleans THEN 3 shoulder to overhead 
6:00 5 power cleans 
7:00 5 shoulder to overhead 
8:00 3 power cleans THEN 3 shoulder to overhead 

METCON: For Time
800m run 
30 Deadlifts @ 225

Row 30 calories 

Tabata x 2 
Superman Hold 
Superman 3 second hold 
Plank hold 
Plank Walk 
Banana (hollow) Hold 
Banana up and down 
Arm overhead/straight-legged sit ups 

Work up to heavy set of 3 (@325), then some singles, 
maxing @ 345, tying PR

EMOM5, 5 reps at 225

3 Rounds for Time 
50 Double Unders 
30 Air Squats

Holy cow. You two are still here!! You guys must be jacked. I'm still a running machine. Ran 1400 miles in 2016 and 1400 miles in 2015. I set PRs in my racing last year. This year I'm trying to increase to like 1700 miles a year and just be consistent throughout the year which comes out to 145 miles a month or so. Did 145 for for January and 143 or so for February. I've been getting sick to my stomuch more. For a long time I've been consuming tons of calories from mainstream heat juices that don't have the fiber. I started strength training last year before my 4th marathon. I hit my goal of sub 4 hours. I set this dream for myself in 2013 when I was on this board a lot more. I accomplished this May of last year. I had a gf and fell in love and then a few weeks after the marathon she left me. I think I didn't really show her how much I appreciated her and how special she made me feel until after she broke up with me. I have accomplished 30 pull ups at one time this fall but haven't worked on the push-ups in awhile. I can squat my own bodyweight and I have been working on my broad jump. I bought a sweet bike when I was with my ex and I really like it just have noone to ride with now. I am planning on signing up for like 5 cycling events of at least forty miles so that will force me to run and bike and maybe workout twice a day if my body will allow. Jumping back on a high raw diet. Was eating a lot of kale and collards raw and my appetite disappeared. Turns out goitrogens can mess with your thyroid. I had been consuming some millet bread. I haven't been working out at this week as my appetite is gone. I have a 5k race this weekend. I think I should be able to fake it Sunday but not sure if I can run 40 miles this week. I've only done one. Those are my workout and life updates. I'm also unemployed. Contract job ended and I haven't applied or called for another job yet. How have you guys been both fitness and otherwise? Before and after photos? :p

Hey Dennis, time to revive the old thread, but afraid my workouts have been pretty sporadic, still walking every day, doing a bit of yoga every night and today I did 100 reps with 10lb weights, haven't visited my weight bench for a while. Working like crazy all the time, building an online business and l love that - have a stand up desk which is good and I work from home which I love.

Don't wanna let this die down, so here's my training log for the day: 15k easy run, 10 min ab work, stretching, foam rolling. Loved it all :)

Same as yesterday, but ran 18k today :P

Post your Stravas peeps. https://www.strava.com/athletes/7984813 



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