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This 30BaD post is for support and inspiration. IT IS FOR EVERYONE. (Yes, you!) Everyone (you) can use it either as a daily exercise journal, a place to post sporadic exercise episodes or events, sources for valuable exercise information or injury prevention, or a place to simply chat and cheer everyone on. It's a place for everyone (you) to feel accepted and loved and encouraged.  It's a place for everyone (you) to feel at home.

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Thanks, Jo.  Hope your run goes well.  I do 100 squats usually at once and jacks 50 at once.

Hope your son heals soon, Mary.  I think I remember he's vegan, but what does his diet consist of specifically?

How long has he dealt with this condition, and what have you noticed seems to make it flare up?

You got this, Jo!  I've been wanthing to share a running breathing technique with you I learned in Runners World that's been helpful to me.  They even voted it their tip of the year:

Play with it if you like and tell me what you think.  You too, Dennis, wherever you is!



began the day with what might be the nastiest Cassie yet.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB3637w-5_M

some biking and a couple hours on the mountain trails, including time spent watching a real rock climbing crew, with rope, clips, belayer, and everything.  Cool subculture that is, with a bunch of their own terms and communal climbing strategies.  

came home to 20 min yoga for runners


I take it back!  This was my intro to Cass about a month ago, and second time around I'm confident it's certifiably her evilest routine by far!  

But something must be working, as I think I rested less tonight than a month ago.  She, of course, is Miss Chatterbox throughout XP 


Hey WL, cool I have something new to learn about, 'Cassie'

My son is vegan and  high carb cooked with lots of fruit.  His diet is so clean.  The only thing processed is gluten free bread and I also use rice pasta with the kids.  He eats a lot of glut free oatmeal, squashes, sweet potatoes, fruit, greens, rice, potatoes.  I wonder if nightshades are a problem- when I make a veggie soup for him I usually add tomato puree (organic frozen from our garden).  

His asthma only flares up when he catches a cold.  And it's charactarized by a really bad dry cough and some difficulty breathing.  He's had some health issues  since birth, he was the twin on the bottom and had a weak suck and I couldn't get him to nurse effectively (tho he nursed all the time) till he was about 6 mo, at that time Dept of 'Human Services'  had come a knocking because I had brought him in to Dr. because he wasn't gaining enough for my nor my midwives comfort, wanted to make sure there wasn't some sort of blockage, and that's when I was turned in for neglect for having homebirthed twins.  Probably more info then you wanted!!!  All was unsubstantiated but I was ordered to supplement which I did for a few weeks until he had enough strength to nurse better.  I was nursing twins around the clock and there was nothing to pump.  So he may have an issue from the formula.  He also saw a cranial sacral guy for when he first started walking because he was SO bowlegged and after going to him his legs straightened right out and the therapist said it had been caused by an insufficient first breath at birth, which made his diaphram out of whack and as result his pelvis/hips.  Fast forward 8 years, he is an athelete, he's on a select hockey team, a baseball allstar and sports is his life and dream.  He's going to play hockey today but he seems much better, and sweating always seems good for him.  Whew! that was a bit long winded, eh Windy?

Oh WL! 2x Cassie in a day! Torture! haha I have done the second routine you mentioned.  Tough! I will have to try the first one later this week. Thanks for the breathing article!  Very interesting. I wonder if I tend to exhale on same side when I strike.  May be why my right hammie and foot cramped up on me.  I will pay attention on my next run :)

Wow Mary you and your little boy have been through a lot! Was he a preemie?  OK so I don't feel so bad bc I can only do 50 JJs at once too! :)

So this morning I got a late start bc my alarm did not go off...or maybe it did but I turned it off in my half sleepiness.

The weather was great today. Cloudy with a little misty drizzle. 50 degrees. Started my run at 7 am. Ran 22 Miles Pace 12:35 I did it! Whew. Like I said my right leg cramped up from hamstring to calf to top of the foot! Boo.  Anyway, overall felt pretty good and strong. Had my water and some agave syrup packets, raisins, sunflower seeds and some buckwheat that I cooked last night.  Ran out of dates :( Feeling pretty good though. 

Rest now!

Jo-He was not a preemie - 30 minutes before the due date:)  

Have a good rest - and glad you got such a cool day for your run

Mary, while obviously not HCRV optimized, your son is on an amazingly healthy diet.  Especially considering his age, when most kids don't even know where food comes from, much less which of it is worth eating.  I know this is something that he believes is important to; working together, you're setting him on a great health path through life.  

We all have weak points in our systems through which illness manifests.  The fact that asthma flares only during acute sickness, says that he must be pretty strong in general, as evidenced by his athleticism.  You might try experimenting with subracting the various cooked elements at different times, sort of an elimination diet.  People respond do foods in different ways.  But even gluten free grains often don't sit well with some.  

You could also study some lung strengthening techniques.  Perhaps breath holding strategies, like free divers use.  Or those of expert singers.  

But give the young man a high five for me.  I'm impressed by his go-getting, life curious attitude :)

Nice miles, Jo.  You're ripped and rarin' to go!  

Lol, the zombie hand that slaps off our alarm while we're unawares ;)

Iknowhuh, that Cassie!  We should report her to the Geneva Convention!


With a running clock set for nine minutes:
2 minutes of Burpees
2 minutes of Sit-ups
2 minutes of Inverted Burpees
1 minute of Burpees
1 minute of Sit-ups
1 minute of Inverted Burpees

R1: 36, 48, 15
R2: 16, 22, 7

Now while Jo's 50 degrees sounds appealing, I wouldn't trade it for my 75 and clear!  Alternated running a few miles with yoga in the grass with plenty of backbends, one leg wheels, inversions, front and side crow balances, and handstand practice.  Also mixed in more strength and technique with high 30" bench jumps, clutch flags, muscle up progressions, pole climbing, and even cartwheels.  Like a kid again!

WL-I never thought of breath holding strategies, thanks.  I'm also looking into more acupressure points, we use one spot that really helps him get deep breaths but I know there are more.

Hello all.  Still marathon training here. I had an easy week.  8 mile run Thursday night at 10:23 pace.  Today I did a 15K race at 9:15 pace.  I'd like to average somewhere between 10:15-10:45 for my marathon in May.  Two weeks ago I did a total of 44 miles at an overall pace of 10:40 with an 19 mile run at a 11:15 pace.  This week my goal is to run 46 miles.  I'm going to run 10 miles at 10:15 pace, 16 miles at 12:18 pace, as many Bart Yasso's as I can do.  (Basically take your marathon goal pace and make that your pace for your 800's.  My goal pace lets say is 4:30 so I need to do an 800 in 4 minutes and 30 seconds (an 800 is 0.5 miles) and then run that time 4:30 as an easy jog before I do a half mile at that pace again and do as many as I can until I cant do another 800 in 4:30 or complete ten of them.    I will do one 8 mile run.  And then one other run will depend on how many is left to hit 46 after I do the Yasso's so I know what's left to hit 46.

Tomorrow is going to be hell.  I have to drive into Boston to make it for 7:30 or 8am for a work function and I am supposed to be there until 8:30pm.  I have no idea what they are going to feed me. I just put vegan (no meat or dairy) and so I have no clue what will be there for me.  I will have to smash down the oj and bagels in the morning in case.

Your supposed to run .25 mile during recovery jog right with Yasso 800s workout?

aaaah I miss yoga in the grass in Costa Rica! I got to play with cartwheeling out of my handstand attempts without hurting my toes when I land on the hard floor in yoga studio.  Grass was like a pillow out there.  75 degrees! Lovely! I do miss the sunshine of CR too! Withdrawals! I want to go back like right now right now!

Mary, Since asthma is an inflammatory disease I would definitely try the elimination method that WL suggested and see what if any foods are triggering it.  We all have weak points and it seems twins struggle more with health when they are young but overall he sounds like a champ! The cold weather can be a trigger as well since I do think humans have to be nuts to live in the tundra as you do my snow loving fruity friend! Make sure he doesn't exercise in the cold and if he does have to breath in the cold air wear a face mask.  Now I wish I had this when I lived in Wisconsin !This will keep his lungs warm!

Dennis, Wow! Great mileage! After last years marathon training and overdoing the mileage I definitely feel better and stronger now since cutting the mileage to 28-29 per week with a long run on Sundays. I like to do at least one run at a faster pace to work on my speed and have never heard of the Yasso workout until now.  Thanks!  I need to try it! It is a little late in my training I think to add anything new but for my next race I will give it a shot. Good luck in Boston! Pack your own lunch! :)

So I hung out in my forever lazy all day haha   LAZY!!!

Later in PM went to visit a kiddo from my job in the PICU.  Brought him a toy and gave him a big hug. Poor baby no family visits him :(

Later did 40 minutes of a relaxing supine hip opening Yin practice 6 poses total with looong holds.

My legs feel really good after 22 miles today.  Wow last year I would have been limping.  So cool to see my progress living 811 :) Carbed up and active loving life! I think I will run the next marathon in under 6 for sure! Watcha!

Sweet of you to share your time with the yute.  I'm sure it mean a lot to him.  Whoever should be visiting him, is surely missing out on a special kid.  

Can't afford a Lazy, so I'm saving for one of these:

hahaha :P Mine was another one of the perks to my divorce! I don't mind looking like a dork. Single lady with no need for sexy lingerie! Warning: If you have a gf/wife don't buy her one of these you will  have to unzip the butt part to get any action during the winter LOL



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