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This 30BaD post is for support and inspiration. IT IS FOR EVERYONE. (Yes, you!) Everyone (you) can use it either as a daily exercise journal, a place to post sporadic exercise episodes or events, sources for valuable exercise information or injury prevention, or a place to simply chat and cheer everyone on. It's a place for everyone (you) to feel accepted and loved and encouraged.  It's a place for everyone (you) to feel at home.

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EEEK! That girl is a beast WL!

Good job Strat! It is amazing to see you progress with your fitness on all levels! So proud of my fruity Sista! Keep it up and good luck on that goal! You got it!  Curious too,  why that #?

Well I had a pretty active day too bad no one willing to pay me for it....

Today ran 20 miles with my running group Pace 13:01.  Keeping a nice marathon goal pace :)  AND NO KNEE PAIN!  Felt strong!

Lied on couch for a while and ate some yummy fruit after that.  Finally finished Hunger Games.  Good movie!

My sister wanted to do the Ab challenge #14 so managed 75 crunches, 50 leg raises, 45 bicycle crunches, 60 sec plank and 45 second side planks.  Those leg raises suck :P Working though cuz I see some definition in the lower abs...Finally! Pic to come soon

Had some energy later and went to 90 minute Level 2-3 hot power yoga with Lisa.  I returned that expensive crappy yoga mat and went back to my 10 buck mat.  Much better no slipping.  Took it easy in class today during Sun Salutations modified my usual intensity and put my knees down during transition from up dog to down dog and skipped the usual pushup in between. Too sore from yesterday's class and pretty beat from 20 miles!

Hi guys, Ain't been around much but I started walking again and did 5 miles the other day. I have been doing an hour of basic yoga every other day and feeling great because of it. Sometimes I go on my vibration plate to improve my lower body circulation.

Today I have  been decorating so no extra exercise today. :D

Where the hell do you get so much energy from Jo? I mean you almost ran a marathon and still had time and energy, for more :D

Tc Peeps

Good work dude!

Yoga is majority of what I do for exercise but I sometimes switch it up, like today. In the morning before school I ran 5 miles and in the afternoon I will be doing a 60 minute power yoga vinyasa class with backbends and headstands.

Wow! Meredith-that's inspirational!

Hi guys.  Today was 50 and sunny woo hoo!  So I spent an hour or so outside chipping ice in the driveway and then shoveling the pieces.  What my older son found amusing was the fact that after we chipped that layer away to some dirt we discovered another layer of ice underneath the dirt!  But at least the driveway isn't so hazardous.  Yesterday was my rest day and I went on a walk/ice waddle for 20 minutes.  I have lost one of my ice walkers in all this mess.  Boy though, the sun felt good today.  Later today I'll do either cardio kick or squats etc.

You must be building up some endurance, girl.

Impressive efforts, evrbody!  Good to see you all out and about, even in the weather, accomplishing your goals.

Kids make those bridges look so easy O.o



This (embedded for Jo's enjoyment ;) along with some rumble rolling and perhaps some yoga type practice later is enough for today.

Too late WL!!! I already got my Shaun T for the day!

Andy! Fruit is a powerful energy force! :)  Although I am feeling it today. Gonna crash hard. Surprisingly I am not sore at all from that run. Yoga and fruit are so strengthening together really have improved my strength and endurance. I am sure Samantha agrees!

Go Meridith tackle that mountain! When I tackled Mt. San Gorgonio I did dried fruit, dates, tamarind and ate as I walked.  Worked out well and only stopped for 15 minutes when we got to the top to take pics and eat and drink a little. 12 hour hike total.

Did the new T25 workout "Cardio DVD"  (25 minutes of non stop jumping around) with my co workers. Shaun did not take his shirt off though! Grrrr!   They all started a weight loss competition at work which I did not join of course.

After work did 25 minute Brazilian Butt Lift Mat workout with resistance band and 1.5 lb ankle weight. Booty burn baby.

Any good movies on netflix worth watching tonight?

What kind of movies do you like?

She likes anything with Tatum Channing and Chris Hemsworth...

Watched the first Machete last night with Danny Trejo.  Pretty ridiculous, but pretty fun.  Like how Rob Rodriguez has kept his gritty, low budget El Mariachi style.

And gratitude to him for including Jess Alba, Michele Rodgriguez and most of all Cheech Marin :)

Play:  morn

first 20 min of my Tony Horton yoga disc

arvo:  Group CF

Alternating x 4
a. 30 sec Max Rep Shoulder Press @ 75#
b. Max strict Pull Ups (without dropping off bar)

alternating Tabata Burpees & One legged Plank Hold (8 min total)



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