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This 30BaD post is for support and inspiration. IT IS FOR EVERYONE. (Yes, you!) Everyone (you) can use it either as a daily exercise journal, a place to post sporadic exercise episodes or events, sources for valuable exercise information or injury prevention, or a place to simply chat and cheer everyone on. It's a place for everyone (you) to feel accepted and loved and encouraged.  It's a place for everyone (you) to feel at home.

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P90X Day 5: Legs and Back+abs

CC Week 10: Horizontal Pull 3x10/12/14

                     Squat Step 2 (forgot the name) 3x16

Could that be a fresh pic I see of my Luv? :)

Was it the recent biblical house flood that inspired to you now chug wawa by the gallon?  A good idea, that.  Don't be surprised if one hot, active day you polish off the last drop, and go looking for more. 

Hope you've paid off that sleep debt with no problems.


While away, I stayed bizzy bizzy with much running, on dirt tracks and often through the woods, coupled with body weight moves solo and on bars and plyos.


At the close of week 9, CC stands at:


Pullups, step 2, incline pulls:  2/11, 13


Bridges, step 2, straight bridges:  3/40, 40, 40 (will repeat)


HSPU, step 3, wall handstand, a hardfought 2:00 twice in a row


Abs, step 3, flat bent knee raise, 3/20, 20, 20


SQ, step 3, supported sq, 3/30, 30, 30 (time to move on)


Pushups, step 3, kneeling, 3/20, 15, 15 (these are no joke when performed at the correct speed; made my delts sore)


One highlight I'll share of my adventures was sledding at White Sands National Monument.  Would you believe the gypsum content keeps the sands at a comfortable temp regardless of the sun's intensity, with actually coolness evident just an inch or two below the surface?? 

I initially tried the sitting-in-the-saucer recommendation of the store clerk, but this style works mo bettah :)






today was some barefoot walking around an outdoor concert venue (the fabulous Mothers Favorite Child)


and this morning's vid:


woh, that looks like fun! ;D) - (funny how clearly we can hear the camera man chewing gum!)

The last time I was on a sled was yearrrrrrrrrs ago.


Ya, I would say I had about 4-5 days of really good (well, much better than before) water intake, then I got busy & distracted & slacked off again (this weekend because I was visiting friends out of town). But for sure having my gallon jug in sight works, because by the end of the day I know where I stand & there is nothing to count or remember! :)


So happy that you are back! ;D) Xx!

Hello everybody :)

Did 2 yoga classes this morning and the taichi sequence.

This afternoon will be taking a walk in the forest/heath with my sister in law, haven't seen her for ages :)

So that will be the fun today. 

Have been keeping up daily morning yoga training, mostly an hour or more. Saturday evening did some heavy lifting, bringing cupboards upstairs and lots of their contents. Still have one week to clear away other stuff before the workmen come for the renewal downstairs. 

Will see how I can keep on doing yoga the next few weeks. Maybe shift to a day from 5:00 to 21:00 so the mornings are free until 8:00

Have a great week all of you! Will keep coming back for reading your WO's :)

Nice to read you again WL! 

what a great welcome apple! ;D)

Hello beautifull all!



High plank: 1:15 min, x2

Low plank: 1 min (dude, this kicks my ass)



Insanity Fit Test 2.

my morning core work out looks a little like this...

Good burn no doubt.  So it's really more than 90r as you've got to double up for each side in some of the sets.


How'd the Fittest go, Geek?  Improvement, I bets.


Mmm, thankee Sita.  That was a yummy welcome apple :)




Play:  morn


3+ mi bare run on black/white

also bare the whole time on playground and sand


with plyos, one and two leg, hoping and jumping up stairs, onto a table, and forward for distance.


various pulls and chins, including:

CC:  Step 2 Incline pulls

The equipment available necessitated a more tabletop-like form with calves perpendicular to ground, enabling 3 sets of 17/12/15r.  The lactic acid really burns in this one, so hitting 30r is still aways off, methinks. 


Eve:  my first ever instructor-led yoga class for one hr at a local REI.  A fine experience. 



I'm getting inspired by your progress with CC. Keep it going! I am trying to find my groove to fit it into my days. Right now I am more focused on Insanity and my new love, planks. :)


You can jump onto a table? Wow.


Glad you had yoga with a instructor. I haven't had too many yoga classes, but some were amazing, as in crying amazing.


My Insanity Test 2 results:

Switch kicks: 41 (from 31)
Power Jacks: 30 (from 20)
Power knees: 77 (from 62)
Power jumps: 22 (from 0 (as in, zero). I fell down gloriously when I tried it.)
Globe jumps: 6 (from 3)
Suicide jumps: 10 (from 6)
Push-up jacks: 5 (from 5, I still suck at it) (touched the floor a little beat, what a cheat I am :) )
Low plank oblique: 33 (from 22)

cute image :D
This looks great. It is also like 100 crunches, so any 100 crunches would set your abs on fire!
I will try it!



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