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Okay, I've only been doing the raw vegan thing for a few weeks, so maybe I'm in "detox mode" but I've been feeling really run-down lately and currently have a fever. Also been under massive stress/anxiety and sleeping erratically or not enough, so that's probably a huge factor, but I'm trying to get well ASAP. I have a hard time with citrus but attempted to eat most of a pinapple for breakfast before it made my tongue hurt... are there any fruits that are great for offering immune defense? And can someone please deliver them to me? (just kidding) ;P

Also I've been doing the raw-til-4 thing so far, but maybe even steamed vegetables is bad for now? Thanks for any advice!

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lemons warm spring water :)

Thanks! I forgot about lemons for a bit... buying more tomorrow :)


Yes, working on these two... it's all cumulative I think! Basically forcing myself to go to bed early, so hard!

haha yaaa make ittt strong strong like 2 or 3 lemons strong on a mt tummys :) n just let them go to work fora hour or so swear lemons will allways help :)

Hopefully it's ok to add stevia powder... I always use a little whenever I drink lemon water!

Well sorry about your not feeling well.  

This reply might get a little long, but I believe it will help you both in the short term and in long term success.

Here goes your own personal mini blog:-D 


Some people including myself have allergies to latex and or pineapple, so I might recommend skip the pineapple for a while.  

Fever:  Oranges and Or Cherries and Almonds

I am a big fan of ripe raw oranges as mother nature's pharmacy.  Oranges are high in natural pain relievers, are antihistamine, and antiinflammatory.  If you can stomach them, I recommend one monomeal or snack of about 5-10 oranges a day.  

If you cannot eat oranges, then cherries provide the same benefits.  

Oranges, cherries, and some nuts and seeds like almonds are high in the pain reliever salacyn which is similar to that found in willowbark and or aspirin and can help with fever and or aches and pains.  Eating about 5-10 almonds can help too.  

Other high vitamin C fruits include mango, papaya, avocado, .  One mango almost fulfills our RDA of vitamin C! 

Dont forget to add 1/2-2 heads of lettuce greens such as raw romaine a day.  Lettuce greens are high in vitamin C and are mother nature's vitamin and mineral supplement in a head of leaves!

Detox or Side Effects?

While some people may go through some detox, what  many members here actually experience is side effects from eating suboptimum veggies or cooked foods.  

Focus on getting most of your calories from whole raw, ripe, juicy fruits:

How does ripe fruit look, taste, smell and feel? Add your fav fruit...

Best Raw Foods

Supplement with 1-3 oz of nuts or seeds a day.

Eat about 1/2-2 heads of lettuce greens a day.

30BaD FADs: Benefits of Lettuce Greens - 30 Bananas a Day!

However, lettuce greens should not be confused with cruciferous and brassica veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, chard, and spinach.  These are high in indigestible cellulose, and even though they appear high in nutrients, are bodies cannot actually absorb many of these nutrients.  

These veggies are also high in anti nutrients such as oxalic acid, are  considered to be goitrogenic, and may contain other irritating compounds: There are many side effects from high oxalate consumption. 

30BaD FADs: Oxalate Health Impact - 30 Bananas a Day!

Many cooked foods and or starchy foods are also high in oxalates, and may have other antinutrients such as phytates or have little or no essential nutrients such as vitamin C.

30BaD FADs: Starchy Foods vs Fruit n Lettuce - 30 Bananas a Day!

The Raw to 4 program is a great transition tool and or a great emergency method for those times when we cannot access raw fruit.  However, we all agree here that it is not an optimum diet, and Freelee continues to tell people eat fruit as much as possible.  

In conclusion:

The following formula works well for long term health and success:

Diet in a Banana Peel 

Eat a raw frugivore diet where most carbohydrates and calories come from whole raw ripe sweet and juicy fruits like oranges, papaya, or mangoes, supplemented with about ½-2 heads of lettuce greens a day (not kale, chard, and spinach) and about a handful of raw nuts or seeds a day. Eat simple meals but a rainbow of foods over a period of time.  

Eat enough on a daily basis with at least 2500 calories for females and at least 3000 calories for males.  Drink 2-4 quarts of water a day and pee clear. Get 8-12 hours of sleep as needed. Exercise about 30 minutes a day 5-6 days a week with at least one day off for rest and repairs.  Get about 30 minutes of sunshine a day on your skin for vitamin D, mental health, eye health, and healthy bones and teeth.

For more science behind how to this diet optimally for long term success:

Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon! - 30 Bananas a Day!

Peace, PK

great post PK! :)  

we are finally getting some ripe Valencia's in St. Louis! :D  I think it will be OJ for lunch!

Yes, thank you for all the info, PK! :)

It IS strange that eating pineapple (more than a cup at least) makes my tongue feel tingly/pain, like it was stung by nettles. I love it though! I've always felt that oranges were too acidic for my stomach, but it could have been a combo thing with all the other foods I used to eat. Maybe give them another shot :)

This morning I ate my first mono-meal, donut peaches from the local market- because they were too good to stop eating!! I am really trying to eat all-raw, but I'm finding that at dinner time I make a giant salad (butter lettuce or romaine, celery, tomatoes, radish, carrot, some seeds, etc), but then I'll have half of a rice tortilla (toasted) or some corn pasta to make me feel "complete". Or if I steam vegetables, it is usually a small sweet potato or some baby red potatoes. Is the key to eating full-on raw just to stuff yourself with fruit beforehand so a salad suffices? I am also so used to eating starches that it might take some retraining to wean myself away completely. ;)

I didn't know cherries had a high C content, they are a favorite! I also love mango but it's so hard to tell if they are good inside (and they are expensive). The pain reliever effect in fruits/nut is interesting too... I knew almonds had this quality but not oranges! Trying fresh-sqeezed juice asap. :)

Thanks again for the tips!

Also, I've had at least two friends tell me I'm sick because of this "crazy diet" and need to eat more PROTEIN, haha! Unfortunately I didn't have the energy to get into a big discussion about this... :P

Ha, that is a great response, "ya I am so weak from no protein that I cannot even respond to you right now", lol! ;) 

you could always add..."but seriously, let me write down the name of a book or video for you if you are really interested in learning more."

For reals... that is a good option- especially without an encyclopedic memory of references and data for all my skeptic friends! ;)



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