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Hey everyone,
I thought I'd put up a discussion for anyone in or around south-east England to comment on and get us all together. Maybe we could meet up for a friendly fruity get together at some point.
I live in Hertfordshire and I am personally loving this lifestyle. I've never felt so contented and euphoric in my daily life, and I'd love to meet and chat with some people who understand how I feel.
Like how funny is it buying billions of bananas at a time. Sometimes I say to the cashiers not to tell anyone I have a monkey haha.

But anyway, I'd love to get to know some local fruit lovers, so please get in touch! 


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Yeh I have my bananas in my pantry out of the way lol not cussa the smell though I have the window open like 24/7 to keep them cool to stop from going too bad  also cuts down on the flys aswell. and yeh the time takes to eat i find myself making/eating/clearing up from meals from like 4-6 somtimes even 7 most days. After trying all sorts of combos over the last 9 or so months I'm predominantly raw til 4 although I dont restrict myself to waiting til 4 o clock lol. my favourite is a massive bowl of rice krispies with small amount of muselli and golden syrup and soya milk. sometimes i have porrige for breakfast or a jam sandwitch etc for lunch. I find i spend most of the day looking forward to the cooked carbs at the night and love having massive plates of potatoes, rice etc not to mention how expensive it would be unless of course u ate bananas for every meal lol. Also i find this fullyraw movement too limiting and I could imagine easy to fall off not to mention the sheer volume/time needed to get your calories in.

Hahaha banana dreams and monkey excuses.
This life style is just fabulous.
I love how excited i get when i notice a batch of ripe bananas after dinner and I'm like "Hell yeah!! banana smoothies tomorrow!!"
And i do a little banana dance.

I'm doing rawtil4 to the T lol. But when i have enough fruit i have a raw day, which at the moment is only once or twice a week.
I'd love to do it more because i keep getting really bad heart burn after my cooked meals and i'm not sure why, i eat really slowly. I thought it was the acid in the the tomatoes i like to cook for sauce but ive tried without and it still happens.
Its fine when i have raw food though, no matter how much volume. so i'd love to go more raw.

I wish I had a pantry to keep all my fruit haha! I just have a tiny kitchen so a lot of my produce lives on the dining room table most of the time! So far I've mostly stuck to not eating cooked food until 4 but thats usually because lunch takes me so long to eat I'm not even thinking about food again til much later in the evening!

Yeh raw suits some people perfectly but not others etc everybody is different. Not sure what could be giving you heartburn, you're not using vinegar or anything like that in the sauces are you? what kind of cooked meals are you having in the evening?

lol the main reason its in the pantry is cus my mum hates banana's and moans about the smell and the flys originally we had them in the kitchen lol but i think it has worked out better in the kitchen. yeh sometimes at weekends i get up a little later and just have like a brunch then dinner in the evening. On the weekdays I usually wake up and have 1L of OJ then a innocent smoothie or tesco's own make depending on if innocent is on offer lol then i make a 10 banana smoothie with strawberry's for lunch. My favourite meal of late is vegan burritos. Also I've started to drink water kefir, it tastes nice and i feel after around a month or so of having it my asthma is getting better and also in the mornings i would be stuffed up, thats going aswell. its good stuff you should look it up.

i dont use vinegar or anything, the only sauce i have is heated up chopped tomatoes. my meals are plain rice, plain boiled potatoes, gluten free pasta, homemade chips (no oil) and salad and veg.
The worst i think is rice, and i have it just boiled and totally plain. 

Sounds good dont think you're eating is part of why then, you seriously dont have to have foods plain though lol theres loads of nice fat free vegan sauces you can make etc or even buy. I've always found rice and potatoes the best digesting of the cooked foods. Do you drink alcohol, soda's etc? I found over xmas i had a few drinks and i got abit of heartburn, I don't usually drink alcohol though. 

Haha i love that the fruits have taken over your table brilliant.

i dont have anything but water, and juices sometimes in the day.
It's always after a cooked meal.
i know i can but in all hoonestly i dont really mind having it plain. im prett lazy cooking wise. i like to just wack on a big pan of rice and cut up some salad and im done lol.
plus i am a bit put off by the heartburn. it's bad enough with just rice i dont want to make it worse.
I have just had a whole cucumber and the heartburn has subsided right now.
I think it's just my body wanting me to go fully raw lol

Yeh fair enough, heartburns really horrible, hope you sort it out :) maybe a meetup in the spring would be nice when we have some mild and fine weather. In the meantime there is a group called skype chit chat you could find and chat to people on there, I'm on there also :)

hey guys,
I'm currently just sat here on my 13th banana after a hard run reading Durainriders "Carb the F up" and i am pissing myself laughing.
An amazing combination of being carbed up and hearing the truth put so brilliantly.
I'm cracking up. I love my life.
I thought you guys would understand ;)

haha, I'm reading that aswell really good book like your having a chat with him. Think am on chapter 22 or sumit what about u? I'm having a late lunch frozen banana and strawberry smoothie but the bananas hadn't unfrozen very well and its too cold to drink  also can only fit a 10 banana smoothie in my blender lol

I'm only on chapter 4, but i'm reading Freelee's book at the same time, so I'm just jumping back and forth.


I've actually just started crying reading Go Fruit Yourself.
I was an ethical vegan before i came to raw til 4. I watched earthlings and all sorts just to educate myself as much as possible on the truth, so i'm not really unaware of what goes on. Apart from this new bit of information said in Freelees book. As a mum myself the whole babies ripped away from their mothers thing always really really upset me, especially how the mums scream for their babies for days or weeks after separation. and i've just read that their babies, the ones they are still crying for, are often fed back to their mothers because the cholesterol increases their milk production.
I'm actually still crying over this. it's so sick, it's so wrong.
I just kissed my little girl goodnight and tucked her up into bed and i'm just thinking how lucky i am to get to do that. These poor beautiful gentle beings don't get to cuddle their bubies like i get to.
Sorry i just dont have many people to talk to about this, i just hits me so hard and gets me so emotional.



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