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If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is a sore throat - I had cronic sore throats as a child, to the point where my parents were going to get my tonsils taken out - but they didn't. Anyway, what should I eat? I was thinking of fasting this morning but those honeydews just looked way too good, so I ate em. I don't feel affected by it - shouldn't we be feeding our bodies as much mono-fruit meals when we are sick in order to up the vitamin C percentages? Can I eat bananas? I really feel like them, I love bananas. :( Water fasting doesn't sound appealing...maybe juicing. Any thoughts?

Ps. I live in the arctic (canada, manitoba), and sickness is a common thing up here when its cold. 

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more water, more fruit, more sleep. :P

i would say so. listen to your body. in my experience "colds" are simply a detox symptom. the natural course of the body renewing itself. like if you eat some cooked foods that cause acid and bad bacteria to proliferate, and then eat raw foods for the next day, you might end up with a sore throat as part of the renewal process. this is my experience.

As kevin said, colds are a detox symptom. You will not suffer after you follow this diet for a whle and your body automatically detoxes. Then you will only suffer if you get back on crap food again!

I have not suffered any suffering symptoms of "cold or flu" for at least seven years in a row now. And I have not had a sore throat in at least 20 years. I used to get terrible sore throats and congestion every three to six months for my whole life before that. (I am 52 now). It's all diet and this diet is the best. Fruits and greens can not be improved upon.

If you eat melons you are not going to get worse.

As horrible as it feels (believe me, I know!) it's actually a positive sign of your body working in your best interests. 

This 'splains it well:


I do hope you feel better, Carly, but only when your body's ready :)

If there is one thing that salt is good for it is gurgling with a salt and water solution when you have a sore throat.

Hate to disagree, Hailey, but even in this case we can't recommend it. 

Having done this plenty of times myself in my earlier years, there's a strong chance of swallowing at least a bit of the solution. 

Also the mouth is perfectly capable of absorbing certain substances through the skin; it would not be good to intro salt to the body in this way. 

Finally, while salt might temporarily make the pain symptoms lessen, in reality it's likely just irritating the tender tissues of the mouth and throat, which isn't conducive to complete healing.  It's just one more distraction from the cleansing the body is doing its best to conduct.

I gargled with salt yesterday and it felt good, I knew today was going to be the worst, I can track my sickness length, this will be gone by thursday.

As much as it is advised against on this website, I ate some raw garlic, as I always do to fight off colds. I normally avoid ever getting a cold by eating like 3 cloves of raw garlic, but this viral strain was just too killer. What started as a cough turned into a crazy sore throat - never saw that coming so I didn't eat any garlic, but it snuck up on me. For MY body personally, this method works.

I just ate honeydews all day, had a green juice in morning and night, and some oranges. My throat feels much better already, lemon really soothes it I find.

When I eat Honeydews, I get a reaction that mimicks a sore throat.  I eat them once in a while because I love them, but I always end up regretting it.  I haven't had a full blown cold in 3 years, and I used to get to get them 3 to 4 times a year like most SADers.  When I started down this path, I would get some cold symptoms, but they would always go away within a day.  Now, that doesn't even happen any more.  I just feel good all the time.  Carbs, Greens, Water, Sleep, and you'll never be sick.




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