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I woke up today with a sore throat and I've been guzzling water but even that hurts.

I'm pretty hungry but nothing sounds good to have because my throat hurts so badly. I'm wondering if it's better to make myself have something or just skip food??? because the thought of eating seems terrible.

Normally I would have a smoothie but cold stuff is painful  :'P If I feel better later I'll have potato yam ginger soup. 

I had a sore throat since yesterday but I could barely feel it until I woke up this morning. I was standing outside in the cold last night and it was pretty windy so I'm guessing that's what did it.

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I am sorry you are feeling under the weather. Are you able to get plenty of water down? 

Have you been able to look in your throat? Does it look normal, red and irritated, or red swollen tonsils with white spots on them? It could be a lot of things including detox or a cold/virus. I know when watermelon came on last year the first week I had a scratchy throat, because I was not chewing enough and I had increased the quantity I was eating so significantly.

Gargling with some warm salt water can help sooth with the warmth and the salt water will help with bacteria or fungus if present. There are a lot of home remedies. 

Adding ginger would be good... or if you need to steep some ginger and drink the ginger infused water while it's warm. An herbal tea with ginger?

I usually try drinking orange juice when I have a sore throat, but there are times when my throat is more irritated than me being sick that this does no good. There are some places say that this could cause more irritation to an irritated throat. 

Oh I didn't see this reply before. It turns out I have oral thrush on my throat. Bumps with white spots all over. I've been drinking plenty of water, though it still really hurts. 

I'll try gargling with salt water and the ginger, since it's definitely fungus. Thank you

I HAD THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPEN... It scared me... I don't think they actually ever labeled it. I had to go on antibiotics I hadn't eaten in nearly a week and a half, it was so painful and swollen. Water even hurt. This happened during the initial "detox" phase.

Yesss... it's so painful. I'm wondering if I should go on antibiotics because it even hurts when I talk or breathe. :| But yeah I figured this is all part of the detox so I shouldn't blame any of the things I ate lately. 

Might not help you feel better, but this may give you some mental comfort:


Uncomfortable yes, but your body is doing what it needs right now.  Maximize your rest, hydration, and if you don't feel like eating for a day or two, that's fine too.  If you do have something, make it as simple and moisture rich as possible.  

Thank you, I'll check that link out

I've been guzzling water and smoothies if there's a  little lull in the pain (if that makes sense) What I'm missing out on the most is sleep. 

Yeah, that link helped me out when I had a cold last week. I second the tips u gave, plus fresh air and sunshine. And if u eat, eat fruit, not cooked stuff!

yeah I ate fruit at first but cold stuff really burned. Yesterday I had some vermicelli noodles because for some reason it didn't hurt so much to eat those. Then this morning I tried to have some banana but it was too painful so I'm not sure I'll eat anything today, I'll just try to drink water. 

Ive been feeling the same way...

I usually gargle with sea salt, cayenne pepper, and apple cider vinegar :) that usually does the trick..

If its a cold/flu your dealing with, I normally make a juice like this:
-1 bunch of parsley
-1 cucumber
-3 oranges
-2 green apples
-6 leaves of kale
-1 inch piece of ginger
-4 ribs of celery

Blend it all up and enjoy!

that sounds like a great juice to have once I'm feeling a little better. I've been drinking ginger tea and chewing raw ginger.

So this is the 3rd day and the thrush is still there, it looks like there might be less white stuff but it's more painful today. I've been drinking water and ginger tea. My mom told me I should stay away from sugar until this is over? But I didn't know if that was actually good advice?



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