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I do pilates reformer 4 times a week..

And i know that pilates sounds kinda soft and passive, but i do 50min and i do have all my muscles sore ( in a very good way!) they even feel like that the next day if i go up the stairs, etc.

My question is, should i give my body a rest and alternate the days? I do from monday to thursday ( due to my working schedule).. Is it better to at least skip a day and do 4 days but NOT in a row? 

I do sleep very well, so i give my body a proper rest...but maybe its better for the muscles to also have a rest day?

What do you suggest? :) 

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Yeah.  Regardless of workouts you need to take a break here and again.  Change things up.

But does it matter if i do 4 days in a row or alternate the days? 

As i dont do any exercise from friday to monday ( just walk here and there, kinda my weekend rest)

4 days in a row is a pretty good clip.  Eg, for me I try to work out 3 days in a row and take 1 day off, and then every couple of weeks take 2-3 days off.  And I struggle to maintain this.

4 days of anything significant in a row is fairly demanding.  If possible I would recommend 2 days on, 1 day off then try to stretch it to 3 days on 1 day off.  Or something like that.  There isn't anything too rigid about it, but just from what you've written it sounds like 4 in a row may not be the best approach.

i dont feel "overexercising", but i do feel much more my muscles.

im always stretching,  even so...as a hobbie... could stretching also be  the cause?

If possible change it up!!! I don't know if alternating days is better or not?? Try zumba or TRX or something you never did before if possible!!


ive been doing this for 2 weeks so that must be it!

i do all my muscles in one sit of pilates so its pretty balanced!

also i do feel my jeans tighter, is this caused by the soreness?

can retaining water be a consequence of soreness?

super interesting answer! thants!!!!!

make sure your getting the calories sleep water in 

maybe try mixing in walking jogging cycling dancing swimming   a different activity you like that uses different muscles 

something that gets your heart pumping moderately  like easy  jogging 

i would reaaaaally love to, but i dont have the time to do more stuff! 

Its 50min x 4 times a week... is it too little? I try and walk everywhere i can, i love walking... 

i also dance like a lunatic in my house when ive got time on my own hahahaha :) 

I do sleep at least 9hours a day.. and i drink a lot of water...at least...4lts a day...

I do eat a lot of cooked starches (butternut and sweetpo) and snack on tomatoes during the day, cause i love the salty-sweet flavour! 

Im I doing things ok?

looks perfect to  me   its plenty of activity 

check out cronometer.com   too see how many calories vitamins and minerals you get daily 

we are lifestyle of abundance   eat more to live more   shoot for 2500+ calories a day for energy and recovery and mood   generally eat all you want   & eat lots early in the day 

i did check it out! It show everything´s going great!

I do have veeery little vitamin D and B12, but i take supplements for both.. so.. as for now.. i guess nutritionally im fine :) 



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