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Sometimes I think the extinction of humans isnt such a bad thing after all

i know its a bad thing to say but you did not see what I saw last night:(

man I dont know if all the fruit is making me soft but before today i really didnt think much of saving the animals and protecting the forest blah blah

but after last night I feel like crying.... it was so sad:(

My dads friend went hunting and killed goats and pigs on his hunt. I was thinking.... what fun is it trying to shoot goats and pigs, they are kinda easy targets aren't they??? I can understand the sport in shooting birds but goats??? anyway so I was looking at the pics this idiot took on his hunt, it was on this particular photo a rush of thoughts crossed my mind..

"wow we humans are such a dangerous and cold species...." he was standing over the pig, one foot on the pigs head, the pig had the most frightened look on his face before he died with his tongue sticking out:(

and then I saw the next pic, i feel so sad just writing this:( I saw him feeding the most cutest most beautiful baby goats with a milk bottle...apparently he killed their mother and took the babies to raise himself...

what is this world I am living in....

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yep if i go out for the day an leave me buderigar in her cage soon as i get home she squaks at me lol ,like ive committed a crime  aw shes so adorable  i just wish shed stop tryin to kiss on the rabbit  ew

I feel like we cannot let the human race go extinct because someone needs to repair the damage done by the last couple of generations.

The Earth will repair the damage, it will exist for another 4 billion years or so and we will not last that long. Any damage we do will be corrected, it will probably be precipitated by the place becoming uninhabitable, then it will rebuild in the inevitable way it has in the past.


The glass is always completely full, it is just the ratio of water to air that changes.

I'm not sure where you are getting 4 billion from. It could last another 6-8 billion when the sun finally goes out or it could last only another couple of years as we could be hit by a gigantic asteroid. Nuclear reactors don't shut themselves down. In the hypothetical "the human race goes extinct" scenario everyone forgets that if that were to happen nuclear reactors would after a few weeks when they run out of back up diesel overheat causing massive nuclear explosions and a nuclear winter. This could possibly kill every species on Earth. I'd much prefer the human intervention of shutting down these reactors, figuring out what to do with all the nuclear waste we've already created, as well as attacking the whole global warming issue. Yeah the Earth can heal itself but the question is, how big of a mess are we going to leave it in for nature to repair. 

Hi Pixie,

In fact you are incorrect regarding nuclear reactors. I work at one and can assure you they do in fact shut down with no human intervention whatsoever. There are many safety systems built into nuke plants for just this purpose. If any of these systems detect a problem, they 'trip' the reactor, which is basically an immediate shutdown. No human reaction required.
Secondly, a nuclear plant is incapable of 'exploding' as you mentioned. The fuel in a reactor is not bomb quality. Would require much greater enrichment and a much different configuration than that required to produce electricity.
Finally, in response to the OP. wishing for the extinction of a whole race due to the actions of a few doesn't sound too enlightened to me. Spend some time amoung wild animals, especially predators then tell me how benevolent you think they are. Case in point, mother bears routinely have to protect their young from the fathers who will kill and eat their own progeny so that the mother will want to mate again. Nature isn't nice. I don't condone cruelty to either human or animal, just as I don't believe in condemning a group, species or race because of the actions of a portion of that group.
I don't agree with you here Jim Pilrose. Other animals don't kill out of ego, pride or greed. They live within the balance of nature. Humans live outside the balance of nature and do nothing but cause destruction and waste. Because we live outside the harmony of nature we are on the outside looking in an of course some elements might not make sense to us but in the larger balance of nature it fits or makes sense. But there is no cruelty in other animals actions, it may seem cruel and barbaric but it follows a natural design in and works in the larger balance. Humans throw off the balance and we are paying the price. With disease rates climbing and a host of other issues. We think we are above nature but nature will win and at some point if we as a species don't learn then nature will get rid of us somehow.

Of course I have heard of those. Pixie stated that plants would explode, which I pointed out was incorrect. Neither of those plants "exploded". If you have read on Chernobyl and Fukushima, you will see that in fact it was human intervention over riding the built in safety systems or more specifically (in the case of chenobyl), the ignoring of the systems that allowed events to get as serious as they did. If you really want to worry about something, chemical plants and transportation means have very little in the way of safety mechanisms. Think about trains that transport chemicals. Just the piercing of 1 tank on some of those could wipe out a whole city in minutes with no visible (to the eye or smell), indicators or warning.

what do you think of the current situation with Fukashima?

"While the amount of radioactivity released into the environment in March 2011 has been estimated as between 10 percent and 50 percent of the fallout from the Chernobyl accident, the 400,000 tons of contaminated water stored on the Fukushima site contain more than 2.5 times the amount of radioactive cesium dispersed during the 1986 catastrophe in Ukraine.

So, where has this huge amount of highly contaminated water – enough to fill 160 Olympic-size swimming pools – come from? In the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the reactor cores of units 1, 2 and 3 melted through the reactor vessels into the concrete. Nobody knows how far the molten fuel went through the containment – radiation levels in the reactor buildings are lethal, while robots got stuck in the rubble and some never came back out.

More from CNN: What Japanese leaders can learn

The molten fuel still needs to be cooled constantly and the operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), injects about 400 tons of water into the perforated reactor vessels every day. That water washes out radioactive elements and runs straight through into the basements that were flooded during the tsunami. By 2015, over 600,000 tons of highly radioactive liquid are expected to have accumulated in temporary tanks, some underground, many bolted rather than welded together, and none ever conceived to hold this kind of liquid over the long term. The dangerous fluid is pumped around in four kilometer long makeshift tubes, many of them made of vinyl rather than steel, and plagued with numerous leaks in the winter when the above ground lines get hit by frost.

TEPCO’s account of the discovery this month of the leak of 300 tons of highly radioactive water showed a frightening level of amateurism:

“We found water spread at the bottom level of tanks near the tank No.5... Therefore, we checked the water level of this tank, and… confirmed that the current water level is lower by approximately 3 meters than the normal level.”

TEPCO reportedly admitted that only 60 of 350 tanks in that area are equipped with volume gauges. “Inspection” is done visually by a worker with a radiation detector. Meanwhile, the soil around the leaking tank delivered a dose per hour equivalent to the legal limit for nuclear workers for five years. No remote radiation measuring devices, no remote handling.

The tank leak is just the latest in a long list of signs that things are going fundamentally wrong at the site of what could still turn out to be the most serious radiological event in history. And the situation could still get a lot worse. A massive spent fuel fire would likely dwarf the current dimensions of the catastrophe and could exceed the radioactivity releases of Chernobyl dozens of times. First, the pool walls could leak beyond the capacity to deliver cooling water or a reactor building could collapse following one of the hundreds of aftershocks. Then, the fuel cladding could ignite spontaneously releasing its entire radioactive inventory."


I'm assuming all of these backup systems are dependant upon computer systems and electricity correct? In the event that there is no electricity, no back up systems or these backup systems no longer work because there is no one to maintain them, then what happens? 

ugh, i totally understand the feels bro. humans do not coexist. they take over, demolish, and then bitch about the mess they made while trying to turn a blind eye to it. 

I am frustrated with humans. Now with this situation in Syria and the US most likely getting involved. Where does it end? Unbelievable. Oh and I just learned that elephants are in immediate danger of going extinct because of poaching. Elephants ONLY predators are humans. We kill them for ivory in their tusks. This is freaking disgusting. These are intelligent, gentle creatures and we kill them simply for our greed. Wow



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