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Sometimes I think the extinction of humans isnt such a bad thing after all

i know its a bad thing to say but you did not see what I saw last night:(

man I dont know if all the fruit is making me soft but before today i really didnt think much of saving the animals and protecting the forest blah blah

but after last night I feel like crying.... it was so sad:(

My dads friend went hunting and killed goats and pigs on his hunt. I was thinking.... what fun is it trying to shoot goats and pigs, they are kinda easy targets aren't they??? I can understand the sport in shooting birds but goats??? anyway so I was looking at the pics this idiot took on his hunt, it was on this particular photo a rush of thoughts crossed my mind..

"wow we humans are such a dangerous and cold species...." he was standing over the pig, one foot on the pigs head, the pig had the most frightened look on his face before he died with his tongue sticking out:(

and then I saw the next pic, i feel so sad just writing this:( I saw him feeding the most cutest most beautiful baby goats with a milk bottle...apparently he killed their mother and took the babies to raise himself...

what is this world I am living in....

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Buddha called this plane of existence Samsara translated as "the sea of suffering".  Reading about the teachings of the Buddha has helped me with such unbelievable situations as this.  The very best Buddhist book I have found is a biography written by Thic Nat Han called Old Path White Clouds.

Thank you Edn, to be honest I am not coping with the images in my head still from last night. I feel like there is no peace left in me toward these people, I only burn with anger..

I totally agree with you. Sometimes people forget that animals are able to feel , love , and to live in a community with their peers. People just aren't conscious of that, they just believe they are there for the consume of others or for getting "fun" like a sport. I think it just show how people are just dependent on food that only gives them temporarily satisfaction , acting like drugs, and don't allow them to think clearly or at least have compassion for the other animals and for themself. Because eating food that at the end will kill them with so many diseases , destroying the planet where humans live and  doing a kind o "sport" that actually doesn't give them benefits at all(maybe just walking after the animal, but then  if you compare it with basket ball, tennis , foot ball, those are really sports, there is a big difference if we talk about physical activity) is not smart at all. I'm glad we changed our mind and now we became part of a new group of people who want to change the world and make the difference.

"Animals have done us no harm and they have no power of resistance. Cruelty to
animals is as if man did not love God. There is something so very dreadful, so
Satanic, in tormenting those who have never harmed us, who cannot defend
themselves, who are utterly in our power." Cardinal John Henry Newman

and take a look at gary's video too:


he touches on the extinction idea somewhat in terms of the beneficial pragmatics.

however, we don't really need to exterminate the entire human species, imho - only the oppressors,  who threaten all species including the human one.

(possibly someone, may be you alex, might want to move this thread into a more appropriate category such as off topic or speak up for the animals).

in friendship,


Take solace in the fact that humans will become extinct, nothing surer, the world does not need to be saved by humans and our arrogance thinking we can is kinda funny.


It will be too late for your dad's friend, but as a species we will get it in the neck in time.  

its painful to see how some  things are alex     i can relate to how you feel    do all we can    then after a while  try to think of other happier  things as this world  is not only suffering &ignorance    

this is my way  otherwise ill be an angry bitter dude  that serves no one

after feeling these lousy things  get into some /joy /adventure /sex/ reading   what ever cranks your motor   keep your gift of humor bro  do not let the world steal it away ...rawk on 

I would plainly state that you have no interest in viewing such horrific pictures in the future. Your lifestyle does not support cruelty. I had a co- worker try to show me her deer hunting photos once. She never attempted to do that again as I made it clear that killing animals was not a sport or a talent. I suggested she take up wrestling if she needed to exercise her aggressive tendencies. Maybe I was a bit mean. :)

Bravo Amanda! :)

I think if we don't learn from our mistakes we are actually causing our own extinction. I think if everyone of us was fruity so many of the worlds problems from violence, drugs, war, destroying our environment, wasting of resources, greed, our need for excess and the list goes on and on. That may be naive but I seriously think it is true. People can't think right when they don't eat right. People eating death feel like death and they take it out on the world and people around them.

But sadly I understand how you feel. I get overwhelmed with sadness and a feeling of frustration when I see what pain, anger, violence and lack of resolve for life, nature and others people have. The destruction that humans cause to themselves, to others, and the planet is overbearingly sad and frustrating. The act of war and violence is sickening. I want to cry. I just get so upset and think why can't we see how useless violence is. Why can't we just be peaceful I don't understand. I see people screaming and yelling at each other. Getting into physical fights. It is all so disturbing. But then when we turn that violence on to helpless animals just to feed our own egos that takes the tragedy and heartlessness to a whole new level. I can't bear to look at it or think of it. When I see images like this without thinking my natural reaction is for my eyes to close or to turn my head. I literally can't bear to look at it. And maybe that is a bad reaction maybe I need to truly see it to try and figure out a way to fight it, if I even can, but that is my reaction. There is truly something wrong with someone who can do that to another living creature and feel nothing.

Sometimes I feel weird cause if I find a bug still alive in my lettuce I walk outside and put it in a bush. If I find one that has passed I double check that they have passed before removing the bug and disposing of it cause I don't want to accidentally kill an alive one. Lol Now sadly I have probably unknowingly killed several but I wouldn't do it intentionally. Maybe this makes me weird but I would rather be weird then violent, hurtful, capable of killing another living being with lack of remorse, and heartless

well said:)

Extinction of Money and Capital would be enough.


Its so bad what your dads friend did. I watched a documentary once called earthlings it made me really hate the human race (not hate everyone but I guess those people that are like minded to those in the video the ones who torture and kill the animals) Humans should learn respect animals and view them equally to the human race. Every living thing has just the same right to live as humans do.



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