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Something feels wrong. Too wrong. Need some advice. Please!

*** I want to edit this discussion by adding [if someone is reading now] -- I added this discussion during March and now I feel better; I don't want to delete this discussion, so that I can come back and re-read and make conclusions: what have changed, how I've changed, and so on. Just for my own experience ::}
I want to thank everyone who spent their time and helped me at that moment! This forum is a blessing & truly my only vegan friend hahaha, that understands me.
Love all of You!

And for those who may get through some tuff periods -- there're people who'll help You and stand by You :}


I don't know where to start, and what things to mention..

It's going to be a year soon since I'm HCV. Yeah, not 100%. At the beginning I was fully raw, but as the autumn/winter came in I've been eating cooked potatoes or peas/beans, nothing more; no sauces//oils [live in a cold country -- no, it's not an excuse! I just stoped focusing my mind on percentage, and didn't allow myself to starve].

During that time there were some intense no-fruit periods, where there were literary NO edible fruits [just rare organic stuff with mind blowing prices] and by "inedible fruit" I mean -- frost-bitten bananas, apples full of chemicals [can feel by the taste], the same with pears, moldy pineapples.....You name it! [There were unsulphured sun-dried figs/apricots/raisins though, and sometimes I ate them as much as I could buy.] During december/january the oranges came in and during january/february -- fresh dates. It was like blessing, I was soooo happy, I could literary cry of joy. But now I'm out of oranges & dates too. Bananas are still terrible, so I mostly just force myself to eat some of them.

[I don't eat any fats. My nut intake is less than once a month. Carb intake 85% or more.] ~Month ago I started B12 shots. I couldn't explain for myself *what changed*, but something most certainly did. I felt better. Not like BETTER better, but even these small changes blew my mind. Less insomnia, less light-head feeling, better concentration, started reading books again [couldn't do that for moooonths], little bit of smile here and there, stronger muscles [even tried to move more; started "Insanity" workouts; no dizziness; waking up in the morning with no alarm and in a good mood].

But ~2 weeks ago everything fade away. Mow I feel "drugged" and spaced out, I feel week. From one side I feel strong and willing to move/workout/enjoy life, but from the other side, there is this feeling as if my body has gave up. Before that I had no problem with doing stuff, but now I'm even afraid to *push* myself too hard [in terms of excercise for example]. I have this feeling of hurting my body if I'd get too demanding.

All this [almost] year I tried not to think about weight, but think of health instead. But now it worries me too. I mean, I didn't have much to lose, but hello?? A year? Not a single pound moved off? I think that shows too, that something is not 100% right with my body. I have B12 deficiency [did shots] + I have a bunch of Adrenal Fatigue symptoms [not quite sure what to do on this one]. I want to mention, that it's not just some "oh, I can't lose weight" post, or "i'm too lazy to move my butt and exercise", I really think I need some advice. I don't know...I could get some money somewhere and get online with some knowing person, if there are a "specialist". If so, please write to me!

Also I have "stuffy nose" feeling/not so easy to breathe as it used to be & lymph nodes under the jaw seems swollen too. Therefore right now there is this weird feeling in my head/frontal part/also in the eye area and also in/around the nose, in between cheeks. And I did have dark circles under my eyes, but....last week I actually started to notice that I look as if I was all beaten up. Super, super dark circles. I don't want to see a doctor, 'cuz I already know the "answers": [1] eat meat [2] get some pills. But..

But now it really feels, that I *need* a person, who could help. Right now I feel like going to hospital, 'cuz I can't remember a time when I felt that bad/sick/weird.

SORRY, really, really sorry for the lenght of this post. My english is not that good, so it's a bit hard to write everything nicely and shortly, and -- un-messy. + the nausea is making this writing even worse.

Anyway, if You have similar experience or..... anything, anything else You have to say, PLEASE do so! I'll listen to anyone who has some ideas!

THANK You in advance! I mean - really THANKS!!!

Much love

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I have feelt like this before are you on any pharmaceutical drugs? exersise HELPS or it helped me, along with eating reguler meals around the same time every day with little or no snacks, meditation and prayer are also helpful.Good luck sweetie!

I haven't had any drugs for maybe 4 years [if I remember correctly]. And haven't had alcohol for about 3 years.

But yes, I feel MUCH better if I eat 3 big meals, and no snacks. I never liked to eat between meals.

And there is one thing for sure -- I MUST dig into meditation. I just haven't find that "right" way how to do that, You know? I mean -- sometimes it takes time, until You get that "klick!": "Yup, this is how it has to be done". I just wander around *that way* all the time, and haven't found that "klick!". ::]

Thank You for Your reply!

It has taken me almost three years to finally feel good.  You know it takes years perhaps two to five years before we can re-mineralize  the body.  In my case I had chronic fatigue since I was ten years old and I came into this lifestyle when I was 47.  It just takes time to heal.  

Try to ditch the cooked food.  Can you do banana smoothies?  I know for myself when bananas are not good to eat making them in smoothie form makes more palatable.  Adding frozen blueberries and strawberries makes all the difference for me.  I can't stress enough to get the greens in!  Juice them if you can't eat them.  Our bodies need the minerals first before our bodies can use the vitamins in our fruit and when we get out of whack in that department it causes health issues and we become deficient.  Be patient and give the suggestion a try that your community is giving you and you will pull through in due time.  Remember this, we didn't get sick overnight, so we won't have stellar health overnight, it takes the time it takes.  When you do experience great health as a result of feeding your body you will truly cherish it and you will never let it go.

Oh, I'm trying to ditch the cooked food, but due to money & fruit options in my country it's impossible. The thing is that I've never been sick or in poor health [maybe some minor flu once in a year or two and some issues with my lower back + skin allergies I guess from enviromental causes], therefore it's even more confusing. Now I'm hoping that this thing I was experienced during April will never happen again ::]

But, ohhhhh happy days, the summer is around the corner, so it'll be possible to munch only on fruits for maybe 3 months. And it makes me super-mega-happy :}
I don't own a blender [haven't had money to get one], but I'm looking forward to it.

And it's so amazing to hear that You've stayed on this lifestyle despite maybe some struggles and feel good!

Hi friend-  I didn't read the entire thread so I don't know if anyone else mentioned this, but there's something in potatoes called solanine.  Research it; it's a low level toxin.  I'm sensitive to it; some people are, some aren't.  I feel like utter crap eating potatoes, some of the same symptoms you have.  

        And I'm also completely intolerant of grains.  I get an inflammation response to grains and pseudo-grains.  When I eat cooked carbs, I mostly will eat winter squash, sometimes sweet potatoes/yams.  This took so much experimenting and researching to figure out what I could tolerate.

     Please let us know how you're doing.  Also, I think you got some good advice to max out your fat consumption to 10%, not less.

Before HCV I didn't eat potatoes at all for like 6 years or so. Soo....... maybe maybe potatoes could be the issue??? But since I don't eat grains after read "Grain Damage" [no issues with grains, but I just don't feel satisfied after grain-meals] and yams are an exclusive item in stores in my country -- I see them really rarely, and they are most of the time sapless and sere, so I don't buy them. I'm trying to figure out how to replace potatoe-meals.

And, yeah, since all the comments on fat-intake, I've started to eat 1-2 handful of nuts per week [for about two months now].

But I'm looking forward to ditch the potatoes boooooooohhooo.



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