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Something feels wrong. Too wrong. Need some advice. Please!

*** I want to edit this discussion by adding [if someone is reading now] -- I added this discussion during March and now I feel better; I don't want to delete this discussion, so that I can come back and re-read and make conclusions: what have changed, how I've changed, and so on. Just for my own experience ::}
I want to thank everyone who spent their time and helped me at that moment! This forum is a blessing & truly my only vegan friend hahaha, that understands me.
Love all of You!

And for those who may get through some tuff periods -- there're people who'll help You and stand by You :}


I don't know where to start, and what things to mention..

It's going to be a year soon since I'm HCV. Yeah, not 100%. At the beginning I was fully raw, but as the autumn/winter came in I've been eating cooked potatoes or peas/beans, nothing more; no sauces//oils [live in a cold country -- no, it's not an excuse! I just stoped focusing my mind on percentage, and didn't allow myself to starve].

During that time there were some intense no-fruit periods, where there were literary NO edible fruits [just rare organic stuff with mind blowing prices] and by "inedible fruit" I mean -- frost-bitten bananas, apples full of chemicals [can feel by the taste], the same with pears, moldy pineapples.....You name it! [There were unsulphured sun-dried figs/apricots/raisins though, and sometimes I ate them as much as I could buy.] During december/january the oranges came in and during january/february -- fresh dates. It was like blessing, I was soooo happy, I could literary cry of joy. But now I'm out of oranges & dates too. Bananas are still terrible, so I mostly just force myself to eat some of them.

[I don't eat any fats. My nut intake is less than once a month. Carb intake 85% or more.] ~Month ago I started B12 shots. I couldn't explain for myself *what changed*, but something most certainly did. I felt better. Not like BETTER better, but even these small changes blew my mind. Less insomnia, less light-head feeling, better concentration, started reading books again [couldn't do that for moooonths], little bit of smile here and there, stronger muscles [even tried to move more; started "Insanity" workouts; no dizziness; waking up in the morning with no alarm and in a good mood].

But ~2 weeks ago everything fade away. Mow I feel "drugged" and spaced out, I feel week. From one side I feel strong and willing to move/workout/enjoy life, but from the other side, there is this feeling as if my body has gave up. Before that I had no problem with doing stuff, but now I'm even afraid to *push* myself too hard [in terms of excercise for example]. I have this feeling of hurting my body if I'd get too demanding.

All this [almost] year I tried not to think about weight, but think of health instead. But now it worries me too. I mean, I didn't have much to lose, but hello?? A year? Not a single pound moved off? I think that shows too, that something is not 100% right with my body. I have B12 deficiency [did shots] + I have a bunch of Adrenal Fatigue symptoms [not quite sure what to do on this one]. I want to mention, that it's not just some "oh, I can't lose weight" post, or "i'm too lazy to move my butt and exercise", I really think I need some advice. I don't know...I could get some money somewhere and get online with some knowing person, if there are a "specialist". If so, please write to me!

Also I have "stuffy nose" feeling/not so easy to breathe as it used to be & lymph nodes under the jaw seems swollen too. Therefore right now there is this weird feeling in my head/frontal part/also in the eye area and also in/around the nose, in between cheeks. And I did have dark circles under my eyes, but....last week I actually started to notice that I look as if I was all beaten up. Super, super dark circles. I don't want to see a doctor, 'cuz I already know the "answers": [1] eat meat [2] get some pills. But..

But now it really feels, that I *need* a person, who could help. Right now I feel like going to hospital, 'cuz I can't remember a time when I felt that bad/sick/weird.

SORRY, really, really sorry for the lenght of this post. My english is not that good, so it's a bit hard to write everything nicely and shortly, and -- un-messy. + the nausea is making this writing even worse.

Anyway, if You have similar experience or..... anything, anything else You have to say, PLEASE do so! I'll listen to anyone who has some ideas!

THANK You in advance! I mean - really THANKS!!!

Much love

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Forgot to mention that I haven't had any greens for maybe 10 days ::/

Hey there! I'd lay off of the 650 cals of beans/split peas. That could be giving you too much protein and throwing off your percentages for 80-10-10. Sometimes for dinner I'll eat a huge bowl of rice (like 900-1200 cals depending) and then add like 100-200 cals of lentils to it. It will give it a nice flavor and keep the focus still on carbs. Especially in the cold make sure you are eating enough (I do best in the winter with around 3000 cals since I'm not exercising as much as in summer) Try to keep away from the specialists!! I spent so much money seeing wholistic doctors and none of them told me the simple solution was fruit!

Also, just a suggestion but what about ordering a box of dates online? I was watching a video from Jessica from FortyandFitonFruit and she lives in Sweden and orders a box from Bard Date Company as a fruit backup. Maybe her videos can inspire you.xx

And PS don't stress too much about the OJ. Obviously fresh is best but I haven't noticed any problems from drinking Tropicana!

good response

I'm checking the percentage all the time. My carbs are at least 85%. But I did consider beans/peas as one of the possible issues. It's just that I don't like any grains, even rice. I guess I should try potatoes alone and ditch the protein [peas/beans].

I think I'll go to hospital now. I don't know what I'll do there, what I'll say when I get there, but something feels too weird and wrong in my body/mainly head.

You are absolutely right about the fruit! It IS a solution indeed! Therefore I will DEFINITELY check out that date company! Thanks a LOT for mentioning. I'd love to order online, but after all the researches I've done so far, there ar no companies which do shippings to my country. Will check out that girl's channel too! Thanks again!

juice carrots. carrots and beets are available pretty much everywhere. They dont have to be organic but raw juice is high in calories and really tasty. Drink a lot of juice in the morning and then eat cooked. 

you to think about your health, the weight will come off when you least expect it. concentrate on having good digestion

Thank You for Your reply!

- My sleep is getting better slowly. I mean - I always sleep as much as I want, usually 10hrs; but only within last month or so I've been going to bed earlier and earlier. That's the thing I'm working on. The spring comes in, the sun rises earlier and naturally it's been easy to go to bed early. And it feels better than during the winter.

- I'm drinking good amount of water all the time. My pee is clear all day, every day.
- I have been active all my life, but that "low energy" period was devastating. Even my everyday walks [~8 to 15km] was a struggle, and some days I just stayed in bed. First "low energy period" was about year ago, second -- last autumn.
Right now I only do modest walks, actually I'm afraid to work out. I felt really good before that, so I started "insanity", but on that ~March 30th everything went down big time. It was as if my body just shut down. The annoying part is that mentally, emotionally I *want* to do stuff, to ride my bike, to walk, whatever, but now I'm afraid that physically something would go wrong again.

- Well..I don't consider my life as stressfull. Four months ago I quit school for a semester, 'cuz I couldn't overcome my depressive dispositions, which sometimes makes it hard to do ordinary things. Yeah, it's not that I'm stressed, I just have depression.

I just step on the scales -- I'm 69kg. And I'm ~177/178?cm, I guess. I don't weight myself, 'cuz kilograms are not my goal. This was the first day I step on scales. But I do measure myself perioducally -- for me it's just more "objective" than kilograms. And within these 13 months being high carb, mostly raw, I have gained, according to those measurements. Well I just can't fit in my clothes ::D and it is not a pleasant feeling.

How much SUN are you getting?

I get super-super low sun. I'm pale as ice. The winters here are.....it's an Ice Age. Even autumn is unbearable in terms of sun. Finally the spring is here, finally!!!! And I'm spending at least 30mins per day in direct sunlight for last couple weeks. In nearest future I really think I need to re-locate my life, I need to get somwhere warmer.

I (still)  live in a cold country and this winter was exhausting.

I ate some vegan cooked food ( lentils, chickpeas ) and a lot of nuts and seeds.

It think it's the lack of variety and the lack of SUN that brings me down.

I still eat a lot of nanas and dates but still ... I have dark circles too.. and at one point I thought I was going crazy (crying all day).

I added MORE lettuce, baby spinach, celery and it got better.

I miss the sun and I think you will feel 10x better once there is warm again.

I also noticed that on cooked food I tend to gain weight.

Ohhhhhh, I DO understand You soooo much!

The lack of variety + that sun thing is miserable indeed!

For last maybe 5 days I just ate heaps and heaps of grapes. And I know they aren't organic, therefore -- loaded with chemicals, but I just couldn't resist! And it felt soooo good to have something else.

Hah, it feels like I'm the only chubby person on this lifestyle! Plus -- my cousin went vegan, she wanted to try out that "weird thing"; she started high-carb, but couldn't stick with that; she eats all that fatty-vegan-junkfood and she gets slimmer everyday and I'm like: "FRUIT YOU!!! Hahhaha! Just get out of my sight, you skinny thing". We allways make fun of each other. But it's nice to have one vegan friend in real life ::]

During last months I had two blood tests -- everything was very good, I would say - perfect, except for B12, so I did shots. But I haven't had tests for vitamin D, so I'll try to do that sometime.

But now, when it's finally sunny outside, I'm trying to be in the sun every day.

Oh MY FRUITNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel so bad since I wasn't replying to all of you, but THANKS to ALL of YOU, guys!!!!!!!!!
I read all of those responses, but that was all I could do that day. I felt soooooo bad, I couldn't even read stuff on my computer. And even thought of TYPING made me sick.
I have NO idea what was *that*.
This is the +/- 1st week I feel ok. No, not OK, I feel bearable.
So I went to hospital that day. I waited there for two hrs, then they did bloodtests; everything was nearly perfect, no problem there. Then I waited for FOUR more hours, the nurse came in. Well, she just came in to do nothing hahaha.
After SEVEN hours of waiting they sent neurologist to check up on me. She did some random manual "tests". I had super-super-firm, even hard neck under my ears, she said these are muscles so I shouldn't be worrying 'bout that. [Dispite that it hurt a lot.] She said that eye dryness, redness, faint-like feelings, disorientation and balance-loss, nausea, breathlessness and palpitations ...... are most likely from some kind of overload. She prescribed me vitamin B6 for 20 days [did that] and some pills for nerves [I don't take them].
Well, there are days, when I feel OK. My sleep is better, had maybe 2 or 3 sleepless nights. But I have this buzzing sound in my head/ears all the time, and some days I still feel that loss of coordination, balance. But at least I can sleep now.
I don't feel good, but at least everything seems bearable.
Again, thanks to ALL of you out there!



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