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Is there anything almost everybody seem to like except you? Maybe some special food, a fashion trend, some kind of music or movie...? Let me know =) 

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Papaya.  Many people here and that I know personally love them.  I hate the smell and taste of them even though the color is appealing.  

Cant stand most sitcoms on tv.  I prefer the boring TLC, Discover, and History channel stuff where we actually learn something.  At least in the old days we did. 

Peace, PK


Do you hail from the 17th century friend?

no and the kind of slavery you're thinking about (direct physical slavery) nobody liked (except the slave masters), these days most is done through mind control, and the slaves think they're free and think the lack of slavemasters is chaos they're full of fear they complain a lot about the symptoms in the world and come up with ideas to treat the symptoms, but they have no idea about the cause.

like the merovingian in the matrix said:

"You see, there is only one constant one universal. It is the only real truth.


Action, reaction. Cause and effect."

"Everything begins with choice." - Morpheus

"No. Wrong. Choice is an illusion created
between those with power and those without." - merovingian


"Causality. There is no escape from it. We are forever slaves to it.
Our only hope, our only peace, is to understand it, to understand the why. "Why" is what separates us from them... you from me. "Why" is the only real source of power. Without it, you are powerless. And this is how you come to me, without why, without power. Another link in the chain." - merovingian

The merovingian by the way represents satan, the powers that be, dark occultists, (dark) illuminati he represents carnality and base desires and he represents manipulation and deception

Daaaamn! I'm glad I thought I'd be clever and got you to clear that up. Well said

I read some recipes and looked up some raw food pics on Instagram. Actually I get creeping horrors when I just see dates or pineapple because their taste is just disgusting to me. 

@PK: I wanted to try a Papaya once, but it tasted and smelled like soap. 

The only papaya I've ever tried and liked was at the woodstock fruit festival......little strawberry papayas with fig butter (just blended figs actually) is delightful!! All the big papayas you get at the store around me are pretty flavorless and unsavory, you must have the same problem mellow 0.o

I have more interests than I have time. I have a very hard time spending hours of my life on things that have zero benefit to who I am, things that don't change me, or make me smarter or stronger.

-I much prefer living my life and going out and challenging myself and experiencing things rather than WATCHING MOVIE, WATCHING TV, or watching ACTORS, do FAKE THINGS on a screen. I hugely prefer real relationships, real adventure, real connections, real drama. 

-I much prefer getting outside and training, running, cycling, hiking, swimming, or other sports, RATHER THAN WATCHING OTHER GROWN MEN RUN AROUND ON TV. I FIND WATCHING SPORTS TO BE SO BIZARRE. I will watch sports more if I ever being disabled and can no longer use my legs. 

-I much prefer CREATING AND WRITING MUSIC, rather than listening to music!!!

Facebook. Snapchat. Adam Young.

TV!! Can't stand just sitting and watching television. Or playing video games for that matter. Just not rewarding or entertaining to me. Has to be a really good movie in order for me to even be capable of forcing myself to sit still through the whole thing. Normally I can't help but find myself thinking about all the things I'd rather be doing, or all the things that would be more productive, and getting up and doing them.

Frustrates my boyfriend to no end sometimes but I honestly prefer it that way. Why would someone want to be entertained mindlessly and motionlessly, watching when they could be engaging with life and reaping the benefits of their actions??



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