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I cant stop this obnoxious cooked food binge, its the 3rd time its happened in 4 days, and always at night.  What do you all do if you slip up and eat cooked food, or if you're super stressed, or in a lot of pain (i have had chronic pain for 5 years with migraines, also with pain from endometriosis, severe IBS and digestive issues)  The pain causes me to stress, and idk why i reach for cooked food!  I know how bad it is for me, and how atrocious i feel afterwards, yet its the 3rd time i did it!  I was doing so so well, now i feel like i let myself and everyone who reads my blog and says it helped them out down, depression is kicking in from this horrible migraine pain, i tried deep breathing earlier, and it only made my migraine worse instantly!  


What do you do in times of stress, or if you feel like eating something cooked.  I always eat enough fruit, but if i stress and if im dealing with all of this pain..should i be eating more?  Thank you anyone who replies and offers advice, you guys are my only source for help and advice <3

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thanks so much, definitely going to have extra nanners tonight!
Perhaps go get a bunch of ingredients for a really good raw food dish? You could get the ingredients together, put on some music and go in the kitchen and prepare it, making sort of a fun activity out of it. Then when you're finished making it, you'll have something yummy and interesting to try, something other than just the same fruit you eat everyday. It may even feel like cheating but it won't be. Just an idea.
thanks, good idea!
Utilize the tools of prayer and meditation.
This seems rather pertinent in my opinion.

Nowhere to Hide
that was great, thanks for posting :)
No problem. I hope it helped.

Develop raw 'comfort foods' to eat in times of stress. 


A banana smoothie can seem very 'naughty' if you add dates, and nuts or almond butter  (Yes, I know - dreadful - high fat, dreadful food combining etc!) . Sweet, creamy - and even naughtier if you make so much of it that your tummy hurts afterwards.  That is of course an appalling way to abuse your body, but MUCH better than a Chinese takeaway!  And still raw!!

how many calories are you eating?
always atleast 2500

i hope youre only implying i am causing my stomach pain from the binge eating i was doing....and not the migraines ive been dealing with and trying to fix for years....migraines are different from ulcerative colitis.  And the only reason my migraines initially started (we believe) is from getting salmonella poisoning in 2006 from recalled peter pan peanut butter.  That is right when the migraines started.  The digestive system and nervous system are so linked, that its very likely.  We also went to a neurologist who said that they believe i have chronic daily persistent headache syndrome, and 30 something percent of people that have it have gotten salmonella poisoning.  This salmonella poisoning caused my digestive system to be messed up forever, diarrhea for about 2 years straight, non stop stomach pain as well.  IBS, also started lactose intolerance.  (In a way, this salmonella poisoning started me on the road to vegetarianism, then veganism, and now 811, so im grateful in a way for the poisoning...but the pain i experienced because of it was so hard).  Were trying to go to a homeopathic dr next.  I also deal with pain from endometriosis, that has only been controlled with meds.  I am meeting with that Dr next week, and getting off of the meds, because all of the side effects (not to mention the fact that it caused me to get acne) are just not worth it.  


Im strong for getting through all of this, and its still not over.  It all started in 2006, so i'd appreciate if i was not told i cause all of this pain, because clearly, i didnt.  I appreciate your words, but that doesnt help my progress.  I was told by an abusive boyfriend that this migraine pain is "all in my head" , like i was making it up.  It is just making me think of that.  I have been through a LOT....more than i care to share on here.  What i listed is just medical, i didnt go down the emotional route.  i hope you understand why i took the time to respond to your comment.  

I would see about talking to this guy.  http://www.robertmorsend.com/default.cfm  Dr. Robert Morse.  





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