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I cant stop this obnoxious cooked food binge, its the 3rd time its happened in 4 days, and always at night.  What do you all do if you slip up and eat cooked food, or if you're super stressed, or in a lot of pain (i have had chronic pain for 5 years with migraines, also with pain from endometriosis, severe IBS and digestive issues)  The pain causes me to stress, and idk why i reach for cooked food!  I know how bad it is for me, and how atrocious i feel afterwards, yet its the 3rd time i did it!  I was doing so so well, now i feel like i let myself and everyone who reads my blog and says it helped them out down, depression is kicking in from this horrible migraine pain, i tried deep breathing earlier, and it only made my migraine worse instantly!  


What do you do in times of stress, or if you feel like eating something cooked.  I always eat enough fruit, but if i stress and if im dealing with all of this pain..should i be eating more?  Thank you anyone who replies and offers advice, you guys are my only source for help and advice <3

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First option would be a supervised water fast, last become super strict with the 80 10 10 diet. Meaning follow the diet as prescribed in the book religiously.

Hope that helps.

but who would i go to or contact about a water fast?  shouldnt u be mellow and be able to relax the whole time? i work and im a full time student :-\
You should look up practitioners in your area, its best do to long term on rest but yo way be able to go short term while still working.
thanks so much, im gonna make sure i have some extra bananas tonight when i feel the urge
agreed. Going for run also does it for me.

I was speaking to the migraines, not the binge eating. My fault for not being clear about that.

The binge eating is clearly a conditioning thing, don't beat yourself up about it is all I can say about that. You been eating one way all your life don't think that your just going to stop all of the sudden its not that easy for most and dam right impossible for many ( even though its mostly in your head ).


That's interesting. I was just going to post about my craving problem. I have done about 4-5 rounds of lfrv, and every time I hit day 7-8-9 I succumb to the "need" to eat one of two foods I crave: chipotle's rice and black beans, or vegan meatball with steamed cauliflower. And lots of it. But before the craving hits, I am totally unfazed and 100% satisfied with the 9/5/5 ratio of lfrv. 


Tonight is the end of day 8, and was the day that the craving hit. The craving is like, I have enough calories for the day (just the same as any other day), and do not feel like I could eat anymore fruit. And of course it is always at the end of the day. This time around the craving was easier to handle though. I don't know how tomorrow it is going to go. I am willing to nail myself somewhere and wait for the 10 days mark to pass and see how it goes.


@Jennelle, I hope you work it out, you are very committed.

i was doing it perfect, then i had the 1st crazy cooked food binge. :(  its all of the stress and pain im dealing with!!

This may sound too obvious and maybe improbable to you.  But the answer to this is easy, remove the stress and pain.  Now getting there will take some work I'm sure.  Is the stress only due to the pain or is there other stress involved?  Could this other stress be contributing to the pain?  Have you explored medical options for treatment?  Have you explored alternative options for treatment?  I'm sure if you really look into it there are a number of ways to reduce this pain.  I like Dovima's idea of prayer and meditation.  I would also use affirmations (such as taught by Louise Hay).  Maybe Reiki?  Or maybe there's something else out there.  Seek and you shall find.  :)


well, this chronic pain, has been ongoing for 5 years, of course we've been trying to find things to fix it, but we havent gone to a homeopathic dr yet.  Thats our next step.  And trying to remove stress from a college student and 90% impossible lol.  Where are these affirmations by louise hay?

I think health should be our number 1 priority in life.  If the stress from school is effecting your ability to achieve the health you desire then I think it may be a good idea to reconsider how much effort you should really be putting into school right now.  Why not cut down your classes significantly?  Or even take a break from school for the next 6 months to a year?  If you took a year off and dedicated the next year of life to getting healthy on 80/10/10 I bet when you started school back up you would have overcome your health issues and achieve a lot more from school and really excel.  :)  I had a job that was preventing me from becoming raw vegan for the past couple years due to a hectic work hours and extensive travel, not to mention it was a very stressful job as well.  Although if I put exceptional effort into this lifestyle I'm sure I could have succeeded at some point, I just always used those things as an excuse.  When I quit that job within two weeks I started my raw vegan journey and haven't looked back.  And while that was a good job that kept me very financially secure it was recking havoc on my health and overall well being.  Now my financial future is uncertain, so far I'm getting by fine although at some point I may have to start sacrificing some of the luxuries I've become accustomed to.  But I'll never put myself in that situation again as I've learned that health, happiness, freedom, stability, well being and relationships are far more important then having material luxury's in life.   :)

Check out louisehay.com, any book store or library should have her books too.

Sorry to hear about the pain. Eating more fruit is the answer! :)


Definitely a good time to reach for a sweet banana date smoothie for a pick me up! In my experience, I just need to get through the relatively short need for instant gratification/comfort of reaching for an old habit (some sort of "bad" food I know deep down will lower my quality of life) and get my hands on a sweet smoothie. As soon as I get sweet fruit in me, the craving for anything "bad" goes away, and I feel better mentally that I am making progress towards happiness. Being able to push through and eat the fruit feels so much better than adding stress about food. 


Everything seems worse with low blood sugar, so make sure you're full of fruit! It's only enough fruit when you feel better! :) 


Wishing you the best.



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