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People on facebook are being haters. And they are so uninformed that I don't even know what to say! Look!

I shared that picture from freelee's facebook that says "here lies the 'humans need meat' argument"  

This is what I've been getting.

  • Oran Psh yeah right...
  • Maria LaMacchia .......ignorance.
  • Oran I'm just saying why not have meat it's great.
  • Maria LaMacchia you might think it tastes good but it destroys your health.
  • Oran  Well I am in the best shape of my life 
  • Maria LaMacchia you might feel that way. But you could be even better. you're living for the now, but you are at risk for serious problems.
  • Sarah  Anything will do destroy your health if you don't balance it.
  • Grant Meat contains all essential amino acids and protein, iron, minerals, Vitamins A,B and D etc. Meat is part of a balanced healthy diet. To get all essential amino acids for muscle repair and a balanced diet you must eat meat. Or a whole freaking lot of eggs (still contain the souls of unborn chickens). With nuts you can get some but not all. By not eating meat your body takes longer to heal wounds and repair it's self, also you are more likely to become sick.
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  • Maria LaMacchia that is completely untrue. people can heal diabetes candida and even cancer with a plantbased diet. it has already been proven that plants already contain all necessary amino acids and 10 times the vitamins and nutrients of meat.

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Yes. People are cruel. I have the same problem with coworkers&friends. I feel isolated.

more experts that have done little to no research on the topic

Ignorance is bliss as usual.

Hey guys. I'm not upset about it. I was just looking to see if anyone had some scientific sources that I can show them, or something I can tell them of the truth.



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