30 Bananas a Day!

Just trying to get started on the LFRV diet and have a few qustions to get starting. 

1: Is it ok to start the day with bananas? I want to get as much calories in as possible in the start of the day, doing 15-20 bananas on a 3000kcal total day. What are to pros and cons of starting with bananas instead of other fruits i see more common in people breakfast menu?


2:What is the best way to make a lafy green smoothie? The biggest problem i have is getting 600g of for example spinach of celery down. Is there a good way to make a smoothie out of this? And if it is can i make it in the morning and have it for lunch or will it go bad if i leave if out for a few hours?


3:How do you guys living on the nothen hemosphere get ripe cheap fruit every day. I find i impossible to always have good fruit at home and if i try to eat anything else then perfectly ripe fruite i pay the price :(


Hope i can get some help and if there are some spelling you dont understand tell me :)

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Yes bananas are the easy food, the always ripen but i have failed horribly with Kiwi, watermelon,  peaches etc and have probably thrown away 15kg of fruit this way. Do you just let them lay on the table until you find them eatable or is it a special process?


How is it that when you buy your fruit in the store they have been picked long before they where ripe, in the wild humans would only eat ripe fruit from the three. In what way are the fruits affected by this? 

Not all fruits ripen after picking. Watermelons definitely don't.

If you can, find a local wholesaler and buy cases of bananas.  You should be able to go through a case within a week if you are eating 20 bananas.  Actually it would be about five days and if you buy them in a box it is usually cheaper.  If I go to the wholesaler I can get a box which is 40lb or around 18kg for $20 or less :)  


But please make sure you get enough calories throughout the day and lots of water!  It will be the difference between a steady progression forward of a rocky crash sooner then later!

Best of luck on your journey, Enjoy all the beautiful people on 30BAD!



"Drink lots of water"? I thought i did not have to drink much water on 811 since the fruit gave me all the water i need?
Sounds good, so about the dates, i find them hard to get a hold on fresh, they almost always come dried och packed in some plastic bag. Is this what all 811 eat or is it possible to find them fresh in the store?
The website version of C-o-M says it's 74,9 grams / 100 grams.

Hi Henrik,


welcome to Fruit Paradise! ;)


I buy in bulk at a organic wholesaler. As a weekly staple we order bananas, mangos and medjool dates, and then what's in season right now: peaches, melons, figs.... We're a family of 4, and that way we spend about 150 - 200 € on food/week.

Best of all, all that goodness gets delivered to our door! :)

You can easily find out a wholesaler in your area, and if bulk boxes are too much for you alone, share with neighbors!


I don't have green smoothies because I actually like to chew my greens. I'll usually have arugula, corn salad, or a head of romaine or ice berg salad with tomatos and cucumber stripes for dinner.


All the best from Berlin!


Hi Katharina,

I live in Germany, too. How did you find organic wholesaler? I have searched the internet but could not find any who would sell in bulk to a reseller?



Welcome Henrick, bananas are a fine way to start the day.
Sometimes I blend greens in smoothies, other times I prefer to eat my greens at night, but lately I have been juicing a lot of greens and veggies. Working for me at the moment.
I've heard of people making green smoothies in the morning and taking them to work.
Best of luck to you.

Hej Henrik!



I started this diet about 2 weeks and get most of my calories and carbs from dates. I get these ones usually from ICA or COOP: http://www.fontana.se/sortiment/farska-dadlar/. I think willys are selling some other brand but i perfer these. They only cost around 30SEK so you could basically get 2x boxes a day 1.2kg and get 3200 calories. 2boxes are still around half the price of 1kg medjool.

Im still rolling with 1 box a day, making my datorade for breakfast then take the rest in a gym bottle and save for lunch. then fill up the rest with bananas and other fruit and veggies.


2. banana spinach smoothie is great.


3. well i could use some tips here as well :p

Hi Tobbe, i guess that would still count as "dried" dates and not fresh? But since there are only two months a year when dates are in season it would be hard getting a year long supply using only ripe fresh dates i guess?
They are fresh! but you have to keep them in the refrigerator so they last.



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