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Hello everyone! :)
Are there any advice out there on what an ideal ratio between sodium and potassium would be? Is there even one such? And is it even something necessary to consider in terms of health (especially on this lifestyle)?
Thank you!

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I think if you consume enough leafy greens, ripe preferably organic fruit, some veggies, some soaked nuts/seeds, avocados - you should be fine :)  a balanced diet is the key :) 

it is important to alkalize and to listen to your the body, sometimes i just crave a green juice (cucumber, celery stalks, fennel) or citrus fruit :)

Jessica, why is being 100% raw not possible when you have adrenal/metabolic damage?

Sam's ratio is spot on.  Ratios in minerals are more important than individual levels themselves, as they represent homeostatic balance.  The potassium/sodium ratio is so important that it's referred to as the Life-Death ratio, so make sure on this naturally high potassium lifestyle you're taking the necessary steps to ensure adequate sodium intake, in whatever form works for you.  

If you search around the threads on this forum, you'll find loads of people suffering from potassium/sodium ratio imbalance, which manifests in many ways and if left unaddressed for long enough, can lead to death.  That's what happens if your sodium to potassium ratio is off, whether it be skewed towards too much sodium or towards too much potassium.  On this lifestyle, we naturally consume more potassium, so need to be really mindful of ensuring adequate sodium intake for balance.

Adrenal fatigue requires sodium to heal, as you know per our PMs, and the addition of salt to your diet is soothing the adrenals, reducing the amount of cortisol they produce when not required, hence improved sleep.  Once you've attained balance and your adrenals are in a better state, depending on how much potassium and water you choose to consume, you'll likely no longer need the salt.  If you skip the salt right now and eat a diet with too much potassium to sodium, your AF will get worse.

Is that what you were asking?

i don't buy it.. or that ratio has a huge range.. cause i would've already been dead for too much sodium back in the day ( i used sea salt as dip sauce for my french fries for example) and now too much potassium compared to sodium.

Well you obviously don't die immediately (unless you drink sea water).  Your body will do all it can to manage on sub-standard living conditions/nutrition etc (such as pulling calcium out of bones if you don't consume enough of this mineral, or producing excessive stress hormones in people with low thyroid function - the list is endless).  But your health will gradually deteriorate, without doubt, hence those on a high-sodium diet having health conditions as they get older and the constant messages we have to reduce sodium in our diets, as the average person on the SAD doesn't consume enough potassium.  And those members on this forum who eat mostly fruit, and therefore ingest high levels of potassium, but claim to feel better/cure some sort of health complaint with the addition of either salt or lots of sodium-rich food to their diet.

Buy what you want mate.  That's the irrefutable science.  All minerals have ideal ratios, and to remain outside of those ratios for a prolonged period of time (exact time-length depends entirely on current health, pre-existing health conditions, the extent of the imbalance, duration of consumption etc) will result in ill-health of some kind.

i accept that it will build up over time (if it matters), cause everything does unless you take straight out immediate kill poison, but where's the "irrefutable science" that the ratio between those 2 needs to be perfect?

Are animals in nature running from one food to another in panic of getting their ratio's right, or is this a benefit of human knowledge, that we can increase our health by measuring the ratio's of minerals we take in?

And maybe those people that claim to feel better just needed sodium.. what is the link with potassium?

I take it you refer to that it's the sodium-potassium ratio found in blood tests that matter, yes?

Not dietary ratios as found on CRON-O-meter? As in, for example; 12000mg (Potassium) to 500mg (Sodium).

salt as a dip sauce, did you mean you dipped your fries in seawater? ew!

nehh.. i threw a bunch of sea salt over the french fries and on the bottom of the plate there was always a lot of sea salt and when i was eating i pressed the french fry on the sea salt.

Yeah, I did wonder - thought I'd been helping you out and you were consequently having some good results, but then got a bit confused myself!

But totally understand my love, it's always good to speak to as many people who've been through what you're going through, and to learn as much as you can. Just sorry for you that you got my opinion again...!

And what's the deal with CHLORIDE? Where do we get chloride from if we don't eat salt? (I guess from fruits and veggies, no?) Wouldn't it be that people who say they never eat salt actually do get salt via the water they drink? And that sodium in the water is inorganic - so it is then SALT, the same mineral that some people use to "remineralize" their water. Do we need TINY amounts of inorganic salt, even if some people claim we don't need it, but they themselves in fact do get TINY amounts? And here I'm only talking TINY, TINY, TINY

What water does Durianrider drink? Reverse osmosis? Does that remove all salt?



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