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So I went to my doctor for the first time today since the early 2000's to get my first ever blood test.  I've always thought about getting one, but I just kept putting it off.   I'm getting ready to move out of the U.S. and start spending some time visiting the tropics, so I figured that if I'm going to a blood test I better do it now.  


I called the doctor's office that I used to go to when I was younger and scheduled an appointment with my old doctor, "Dr. Baultees". (Pronounced "Dr. Ball Tease")  I remembered that he was quite overweight and that he was kind of old so I decided ahead of time that I wasn't going to say a word about my diet because he probably wouldn't understand it.


As soon as he saw me he said, "Jared, where on Earth have you been hiding all these years?  Haven't you been sick???"  I told him that I hadn't and he said, "Wow, you must be doing something right."


So as I said, I intended on not saying a word about my diet but as soon as we went into his office and we sat down he said to me, "Well Jared, after going this long without having to go to the doctor I've got to ask, "What's your secret?" 


How could I turn down an opportunity like that?  So I said, "Well, I'm a vegan and I...


As soon as I said the word "vegan" his eyes got huge and he stopped me and said, "What???  A vegan???  Why???  Don't you know how unhealthy that is???"


I asked him why he thought that it's unhealthy to be a vegan and he said, "Well for starters if you are on a strictly vegan diet you won't be able to get enough protein."  I immediately started laughing and said, "Oh..... Come..... On!" (I said it playfully and wasn't in any way trying to insult him, I just couldn't believe that he said it.) I asked him if he was being serious or just kidding with me and he said that he was "Serious as a heart-attack"... (I imagine that he uses that phrase a lot and that it's because he worries about his heart.)


He then said that it was also highly unlikely that I could get enough iron in my diet (according to Cron-O-Meter I usually get 3 times the recommended amount) and he suggested that we test for anemia.


Then he said, "Wait here." and he left the room and came back a few minutes later with a business card to a nutrition center in the area and told me, "As soon as you get home I want you to call the number on this card and tell them that you want to start going to them for "Vegan Counceling"  I said, "Vegan Counceling"???  What for?"  He said that if I write down everything that I eat in a day and bring it to them they will tell me exactly how much protein, iron, calories, etc, are in the food that I eat.  I told him that I aleady keep track of that stuff using "Cron-O-Meter" and websites like "Nutidiary" and "Fitday".  His response to that was, "You can't just use computer programs for that.  You need a real, living, and breathing human being who has a degree in nutrition."


He then asked me what was the last thing I ate and I was a bit nervous to tell him, but I did anyways...  "A head of lettuce." He seemed pretty puzzled and I imagined that he believed that I had "ortherexia" by now.  I told him that it was really good and he just shook his head in a confusesd manner. He then asked me what I ate for breakfast and I again felt pretty nervous to say it but did anyways... "12 bananas."  He then looked at me with a terrified look on his face and said, "12 bananas??? Oh my God if I ate 12 bananas for breakfast I would be constipated for a week!" I again broke out into laughter even though he wasn't trying to be funny.


After some further questioning about my diet I went ahead and told him that I was a raw foodist as well.  Oddly enough he didn't really seem that bothered by the "raw" thing and just kept going back to insisting that vegan diets are deficient in protein.

When he realized that I wasn't going to start getting "vegan counceling" he said, "Would you at least be willing to start eating red meat 3 times a week?"  I said, "HA, NO!"  (Again, I was completely shocked at what he was saying.)  He then said, "O....K.... Then I'm going to recommend that you start supplementing your diet with things like cooked beans and bread for your protein, will you at least do that?  I just smiled and shook my head "NO". 


At that point I said, "Don't you think that it would make sense to at least wait until my test results come back before you start recommending all of these changes in my diet and telling me that I need to get counceiling over it? 


What he said next kind of scared me...


He shook his head and said, "Well, we can't physically or legally force you to change your diet...   At least not before we have blood test results that show that the diet is deficient and dangerous..."


What did he mean by that?????????????


I seriously doubt that he could legally have me commited to a hospital against my will where I would then be forced to eat certain kinds of food against my will because my doctor labled me as an "ortherexic" who's too afraid to even eat beans because they aren't "raw", but I got the feeling that I better not say anything else about my diet or it will only make things worse.  (He was taking notes the whole time.) 


I was actually having fun debating with him at first, but once he said that it was obvious that he was pretty upset with the way that I was refusing every single recommendation that he was giving me and that I was even laughing at his ideas, and I sensed that he now WANTED there to be something wrong with my test results and that he WANTED to do something to get back at me and make an example of me.  (Even if I'm in perfect health I would expect something on the test to be "not average" if tests like these are based on the average person who is eating a S.A.D. diet.)


He spent the next 10 minutes or so talking more about how bad the vegan diet is and I could no longer find the words to debate with him.  (I was too busy debating with myself whether I should still get the test or if I should ask where the bathrooms are and sneak out to my car and just drive home.) 

I ended up deciding to stay and get the test and he walked me to the room where a nurse was going to take a sample of my blood and he told me to wait there for the nurse to show up.  When the nurse finally came in she was holding a clipboard with information about me and the blood test that I was getting and she set it down close enough to me that I was able to lean over and get a quick look at it while she had her back to me and the first things I saw was...

NAME: Jared Six




So I guess that being a vegan is an illness now...  When it was over I was happy to be out of there and away from that doctor.  Not that I disliked him (bless his heart) but I haven't been that uncomfortable in long time.  In his defense he may have just been repeating what he was taught about vegans in medical school 40 years ago and maybe my test results will change his mind, or maybe not...


As I was driving home I couldn't help but think that if I took even half of what the doctor was saying seriously I would now be saying, "Yeah, I was raw vegan for a while, but then I went to my doctor and found out that I was deficient in protein and that I had to start eating meat again or I was going to become anemic."  I imagine that just about anyone who hasn't taken the time to educate themselves on the vegan diet and connect with other vegans out there would easily have given in to the scare tactics he was using on me.


I'm still in disbelief over this experience and I've got to ask if anyone here has ever had a similar experience. 


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I agree, people always seem to tend to go towards the known over the unknown, or new (change) and even when what is known sucks, people will cling to it. I have to fight that urge myself sometimes.

Ok your story got a tad bit scary at the end…Funny I studied nutrition and attended many professional conferences were I was the only one eating a plate of fresh fruit.  It took the kitchen 30 minutes to make me a special plate of raw fruit…I digress…Anywhooooo the professional nutritionist were chowing down on processed cakes, cookies, soda and brown and yellow colored meat covered in "gravy"… Naturally not all nutritionist/med docs eat this way just in my example (smile)

Just so that you are aware, as I teach law (not licensed), you can ONLY be committed to psychiatric care once you have been given a medical examination by a licensed, competent certified psychologist. You can also be hospitalized and medicated against your will, on behalf of "the state" if you have been examined, voluntarily, by a licensed and certified practicing Doctor who feels you are in danger, based on his own "medical opinion". Do not EVER go to these people, they are brainwashed and very dangerous people who have legal standing once you allow them to become involved in your life. There is a war on against proper nutrition, raw foods, and anything healthy. Look up Codex Alimentarius or Agenda 21 on the internet. They take notes because that is now a matter of  record and can be used against you just the same as if you were to talk to a police officer.....who takes notes.

Dean C.

Wow, that is really scary, Dean. Messed up #$%^.

P.S. If they label being a vegan as a mental illness, which is quite likely in the near future, you can also be forced into "treatment" like any other illness. The war on Raw Milk, Vitamins, and healthy eating is very plain in the newspapers and schools. If was no joke that the Doctor made that comment that he could only do something about it AFTER you consented to a blood test. Anyways, on to lighter material, I go full bore with trying the fruitarian diet today, finally!   :D

Dean C.

Heading bush was a plan I had years ago with the law movement, when we were all being hunted down and thrown in prison for fighting the legal system. It's not a solution, educating people and getting more people on your side while exposing the fraud is the answer.....and that's why I'm here! Hahaha. That's what tipped the scales for us, and that's what will secure your rights in this arena also. I love seeing people get motivated. :D

Dean C.

Truly amazing story Jared!

Something not dissimilar happened to me when I was in the hospital a couple years ago for the first of a succession of mystery illnesses that have been cropping up. I was 103lbs and dropping weight fast. I tried to eat as much as I could, but cooked food gave me terrible acid reflux, and I just wasn't able to eat more than 1300 calories in a day before having to stop due to the discomfort. I tested negative for any intestinal disease. It was the food itself that was killing me. I asked them about possibly switching to a more easily digestible vegan diet.

In response they forced me to see a "dietician" who gave me a prescription of (this is for real): 3 cans of Ensure per day between meals, a glass of milk with every meal, alfredo sauce or cheese on everything possible, a serving of red meat per day and bodybuilder weight gain shakes for snacks. I'm ashamed to say, like a trooper I tried this for a few months (minus the weight gainer and Ensure shakes, eew for ick!), and I was sicker than ever by the end.

The happy ending of course is that I've stopped that madness and the day before I switched to 80/10/10 was the last day I ever had another symptom of acid reflux. I'm gaining more than a pound per week, too, something I could never do on the SAD.

Although your horror story is a sad one, it does tell me something funny.  Your dietician put you on a SAD diet (plus Ensure and weight lifter shakes).  REALLY?  Does this not tell you something?

Anyhow Eric, I am glad that you were able to find your way though all of that confusing advice.  Amazingly, I am losing that pound a week.  Seems that 811 actually finds what we need to be at our best.



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